22042019 / Kofe Bar

Kofe Bar, nestled inside HIVE Boutique is a locally owned cafe. The cafe has been around for a while and it was only recently I frequent them more. I had been to Kofe Bar some time last time and I had their Signature Iced Coffee. I must say that I only felt neutral about it? Perhaps cheese with coffee didn’t work out for me?

I was out running errands yesterday afternoon. The weather was freaking HOT and I was desperately in need of something COLD. Texted San Diann and he recommended me Choc Avocado Coffee from Kofe Bar. I was skeptical at first. Avocado with coffee, who doesn’t? Or was it only me? LOL!

Choc Avocado Coffee | B$5.70

As I don’t intend to sit back and relax, I requested my coffee for the go. I believe the drink looked so much better in this transparent plastic cup than their usual glass mason cup. Don’t you agree with me? Choc Avocado Coffee was served with iced shaken espresso and milk, topped with a heaping tablespoonful of their very own avocado crema and chocolate swirls on the side up of the cup.

This was how the avocado crema looked like in the drink. It was dusted with some cocoa powder. So, how does avocado with coffee taste like, you may ask? I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that both of them worked wonder together. I loved the texture of the coffee. It was smooth and tasted creamy at the same time.

Sugar level can be adjusted by further reducing the amount of avocado crema. And boy, I was glad that I didn’t request for less. The avocado crema was delicious. It wasn’t overpowering and it blended with the coffee just nice.


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