Of Random Things #220

*blowing dust off surface*

Aloha! It had been more than a month since I last wrote anything on this personal space. I haven’t been writing much aside from the occasional post on my other co-sharing blog which I shall reveal when the time deems fit. In the mean time, I shall remain discreet about it in spite that some who knew me in person had known about it.

I had intended to blog about a mini foodie meet up which I had with @wandergirleats, @igcomesfirst and @venturingfoodie last Friday evening. Sadly speaking, my memory card broke down on me and I lost all the pictures! Lesson learnt, I should save them into my computer as soon as I could to avoid it from happening again.

Guess what? My less than one year old notebook almost crashed the other day. It took ages to boot and we found out that my D drive had corrupted. I had to send it back to Singapore for a hardware replacement because I did not purchase an international warranty. Another lesson learnt, remember to purchase international warranty if you are buying expensive gadget outside your residing country.

Anyways, enough of rant! Let us get today’s business rollin’.

As usual, this post is a write up of the drama series which I had been downloading recently. Despite I had been downloading quite a bit, I am more of a YouTube watcher recently. I love watching daily vlogs and especially the ones that involve meal preparation (I don’t do meal preparation though). LOL!

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

My Absolute Boyfriend

The Secret Life of My Secretary


Her Private Life

The website which I had been using to download Mainland series no longer updates. I had been looking for other links which allow me to download high quality Mainland series. I found two but seeds are slightly limited and the quality wasn’t as good compared to the ones I had before. Have you got any other websites to recommend?

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The Brightest Star In The Sky

My True Friend

Love Journey



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