About Me 101 (Updated!)


A warm welcome to you readers on this humble space of mine. You might be interested to know the person behind this space. So, here is an updated version introduction of myself. I will be deleting the old introduction page as I intend to use this as my “formal” introduction from now on.

Some time few weeks ago, Jia sent me an old picture of myself over Skype which she copied from this blog. She told me that it is time that I change the display picture which I posted on my blog’s introduction page. I had previously drafted a new introduction but it never got posted as I never gotten round to complete drafting it. I think today is the day as I had nothing much to do for the night apart from catching on Doctors.

In case you are wondering how I look like in real life (for those first timer readers), here’s a picture of myself. LOL!


This was not how I looked like when I started off this blog space. I was a lot chubbier back in the days until I decided to lose weight for good around June 2015. It was not due to any emotional reason when I decided to shed off some pounds. It was due to personal health reason.

A lot asked if I underwent emotional trauma or equivalent. I still find it hilarious when I hear it. Well, they obviously did not ask me in person but through good friends of mine and they relayed the message to me. Well, a few close friends did asked if I was going through a major heartbreak or some sort at the time of losing weight.

Do let me clarify one thing here. I did not go through any heartbreak or emotional trauma that led me to who I am now. It was purely due to health reason. I experienced sharp pain on my right heel some time last year. I was thinking could I be having high uric acid level in my body to have caused such pain. I consulted a doctor for diagnnosis and he assured me that it was not high uric acid level in my body which caused the pain but more likely due to misalignment of bones or some sort.

It took me approximately half a year to shed off approximately 16 kilos in total. Some mentioned that my weight loss was extreme. Thinking back, it was indeed extreme but I am glad that I went through the process. It was tough at first as you had to refrain yourself from the food you like. I am not a salad person before but I am okay with it now. When I feel like eating light, salad is my go-to meal.

If you had been following my blog for some time, you might have realized that I am a food person albeit trying hard to keep in shape. Well, I think I am expanding in diameter recently. So, it is time to control myself from all the food temptation. After I started losing weight, my addiction towards coffees grew even stronger than before. Hence, why I had been getting caffeine fixes very often.

I love traveling too and I had just returned from Shanghai and Tokyo less than a month ago. I still have a bucket list of to-go places which I have yet tick off. I intend to return to United Kingdom (UK) and travel around Europe one day when I had saved enough. I studied in UK for a year approximately 8 years ago. Being a broke student back then, I did not get to travel much.


Shanghai 2016


Tokyo Disneyland 2016

One of my favorite past time apart from food hunting is baking. I was on a baking hiatus for more than two months and I had just picked the hobby back this afternoon. One of my proud achievements is being a self-taught amateur baker through YouTube and blogs.


The satisfaction when you dislodged a perfectly looking chiffon cake from the baking pan. I used to sweat bulk whenever I tried unmould a chiffon cake as I always accidentally tore the sides until I mustered the skill of dislodging the cake with bare hand method.

Oh yeah! If you are wondering which camera am I using for the pictures, it is SONY NEX-3N I am using as I had been asked a few times.

So, this basically summed up my introduction. Hope you enjoyed my brief introduction.