Review: Yellow Cab

I had my pre-Chinese New Year manicure and pedicure session at Mook & Jasmine yesterday evening after work. I didn’t get them done last Sunday as I thought that they would be too early. I called Mook & Jasmine in advance to secure an appointment but I ended up having to wait when I arrived as there was a customer before me.

I went for dinner at Yellow Cab located across Mook & Jasmine after I was done toiletries shopping at Amway. It was pretty quiet at Yellow Cab yesterday evening when I walked in but the place gradually filled with more patrons around 9PM. I guess the locals are used to having their dinner late?

As the branding says, Yellow Cab is an almost yellow themed restaurant. They have yellow walls and paintings. The table surface was made of stainless steel (I think) with their branding embossed at the corner. Honestly speaking, I find stainless steel table top is easier to maintain as compared to the other kinds of table top.

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta | B$8.90

tender chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms and roasted peanuts sauteed in a spicy oriental sauce and garnished with spring onion

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta is Yellow Cab own creation of pasta flavor. I was surprised at the portion when the plate was placed onto the table. The portion could feed two pax just fine in my opinion. I only managed to finish half of the pasta and brought the leftovers home.

Taste wise, it was well seasoned but tad sweet for my liking. The sauce tasted sweet and yet spicy at the same time. The roasted peanuts were a let down in my opinion. They weren’t roasted long enough for the natural taste to come out and I find them quite raw for my liking. The combination was well thought out in my opinion but it would be nicer if the peanuts were roasted slightly longer.

Yellow Cab
Unit B6, Ground Floor,
Shakirin Complex,
Simpang: 88,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-3339999


11022018 / The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Times Square

On last Sunday evening, Mom requested me to bring her to Times Square as she wanted to buy some bowls from Super Save so that Dad to bring home during Chinese New Year. We managed to get some bowls and I got myself a pair of transparent bra straps so that I can wear with the halter dress that I got for this CNY.

I was easily tired on that evening so I suggested to Mom that we have a cuppa at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf before heading home. As I don’t drink coffee as often as I used to anymore, I ordered my newfound love – Moroccan Mint Tea Latte.

Moroccan Mint Tea Latte | B$5.20

My usual go-to drink at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is their Chai Tea Latte. Having tried their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte some weeks ago, it is now my new love at CBTL. I like the minty taste of the tea and it was mixed with chocolate. As usual, I requested for skim milk. I’m not sure if they added sugar syrup but the drink tasted rather sweet for me.

Pear Pie | B$3.90

I was craving for sweets the other day. The cakes on display could’t tempt me so I went for their Pear Pie. The crumble on the top wasn’t as crunchy as I anticipated them to be and the texture was floury in my opinion. I find the pie crust to be slightly too soft and floury for my liking. I prefer soft crust with savory fillings but hard crust for sweet fillings.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Unit G26, Times Square Shopping Centre,
Simpang: 13-29, Kampung Jaya Setia,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

11022018 / Swensen’s, The Mall

While I was arranging my wardrobe yesterday evening, I came to realize that the clothes which I had bought for this Chinese New Year were all work attire. I only have like a blouse and two dresses for casual wear? It looks like I have to wear my old clothes for this coming holiday.

I did my hair at the salon yesterday morning. My appointment was for two weeks ago but my hairstylist cancelled on short notice as his wife was due for labor. The entire hair straightening process took more than four hours. We only touched the roots this time round as my hair ends were still pretty straight from my last treatment in September.

I was starving by the end of the hair ordeal. Intended to do eyebrow threading before lunch but the hairstylist whom I requested for was attending to another client. I was being told the earliest available slot would be 40 minutes later. So, I took the extra time for lunch at Swensen’s.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice | B$12.20

spicy chunks of curry chicken baked with savory rice

It didn’t took them long to serve despite the crowd at the time. To be honest, I was rather disappointed with what I had yesterday. The chicken was indeed curried but the flavor wasn’t strong in my opinion. The rice was rather dry for me. I’m not sure what crackers were those atop the baked rice but they tasted slightly bitter to me.

Unit 2.34 – 2.36, Second Floor,
The Mall,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Gadong, BE3519,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2451864

19012018 / Hot Point Restaurant

This is a way overdue food blog entry. The day before Jennifer’s wedding dinner reception last month, I drove to Gadong after work as I needed to run some errands. Despite it was before month end, the queue getting into The Mall from the traffic junction was horrendous. It was quite late by the time I was done with errands. So, I didn’t bother to go far for dinner and ended up having dinner at Hot Point Restaurant located at The Mall.

American Fried Rice | B$5.80

I settled with a plain ol’ American Fried Rice and I requested for no mixed vegetable in the rice. It came with cheese breaded chicken cutlets, vegetable salad with Thousand Island dressing,  sunny side up and fried rice. The fried rice was aromatic in my opinion. I liked that the rice was fluffy in texture. However, I didn’t like the breaded chicken cutlets and I think it was due to the cheese.

Hot Point Restaurant
First Floor,
The Mall,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE3519,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Of Random Things #132

I am currently on the final episode of I’m Not a Robot. I find the series quite boring in the first quarter but it got funnier halfway through. I intended to continue with Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me after finishing the current one but I switched to Confession Couple instead. The latter is shorter with 12 episodes only. The former can wait till Chinese New Year.

Confession Couple

I had been downloading one of the recent Taiwanese drama series – My Dear Boy in HD format. I was able to download the first four episodes in HD format but the quality for the recent releases weren’t in my favor.

I came across a few websites which provide links for 1080P download but you need to be a member in order to do so. Sadly speaking, you need to be given an invitation code to be eligible for membership registration. It’s like a premium website for high quality download.