Of Random Things #113

I had completed watching My Sassy Girl 2017 before I sleep yesterday and it took me almost a month to complete watching it this time round. But in my defense, I had also been watching other Korean and Cantonese drama series at the same time.

If you remember, I had previously mentioned that I broke the SanDisk iXpand while on the way back to Brunei from Singapore. I was having trouble transferring drama series into my iPad back then due to iTunes problem.

So, I got Sister to get another new one for me from Taobao and it was way cheaper than what I was paying in Brunei. I paid B$82 for 64GB previously but I now got double the storage capacity but at the same price!

I contemplated whether to get a new one or not in the beginning. But thankfully, Sister found out that it was way cheaper to purchase from China since the one I bought from Netcom previously was also made in China.

Love, timeless

There were quite a few Taiwanese productions made in the year of 2017 whereby they engaged new actors and actresses which we are not so familiar of. This was one of them. I managed to download the series in high resolution and I still had three episodes pending in download due to seeding issues.


Skincare Buys #12

I accidentally broke the lead of my Shu Uemura Hard Formula this morning. It was sharpened not long ago when Mom went to Shanghai at the end of July. I had not been using it long but I find it easier to use as compared to Shu Uemura Brow:Sword.

The downside of having Shu Uemura Hard Formula is that it is hard to get it sharpened over the counter as we do not have any in Brunei and the closest ones are at Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. I am hoping that Parkson, Miri will be bringing in Shu Uemura soon.

Without further ado, let me show you what I had only purchased from Watsons, Miri last week. They were not much and I only purchased two new facial cleansers. I had only realized that I stocked up more on makeup removers than facial cleansers.

Shiseido SENKA Perfect White Clay | RM15.21

Shiseido SENKA Perfect Double Wash | RM15.21

14082017 / Sui Heng Restaurant

Parents left for Limbang early last Monday morning for their annual body checkup. As they were required to fast before they got their blood drawn, they left the house without having breakfast. So, I told Mom not to prepare my breakfast as I could head out earlier and get my breakfast sorted outside. I intended to go Tien Sing Restaurant but settled with Sui Heng Restaurant instead since it is nearby my workplace.

Pork Stuffed Beancurd Rolls

My favorite go to dim sum dish whenever possible. This was good as the pork filling was generous. There was not much flavor in the broth but it was a lot better than the 酸甜竹卷 which I had from Chua Café last week.

Kuching Laksa

I am not much of a regular Laksa person as compared to Vegetarian Laksa. I was craving for something hot and soupy on that particular morning. To be honest, I think this was only average. I think I will go for their Fried Mee Hoon next time as my colleagues said the one which I ordered for them was good.

Review: Cha For Tea

This is a way overdue blog entry from last month. I had heard of Cha For Tea from San Diann quite some time ago. However, I also heard that they were selling savory Japanese pancakes but they were no longer available when I was there last month. I think they had taken it off the menu and they are now focusing on beverages only.

I am not sure if Cha For Tea is a franchise business from abroad but there was no further information available online. So, I can only assume that it is a locally made brand. It is located on the same block as Pho Hoa Restaurant. The shop may not look like one which sells bubble milk tea but a convenience shop selling imported Japanese and Korean snack goodies.

This is the menu of what they are offering in overall. I am assuming that they are using Hokkaido Milk for their beverages as the Cashier told me the Hokkaido Milk were meant for display only when I asked. I wanted to purchase a packet (if they were selling) as I thought it will make a good Hokkaido Milk Loaf.

Wintermelon Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese | B$3.00

I was craving for something sweet and salty at the same time so I made do with this Wintermelon Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese. The one I had from infinitea X I Say Yatta! before this did not fix my craving. The Wintermelon Tea was extremely sweet and I wondered if it came from the packet ones instead of freshly brewed. However, the taste of cheese was not as distinctive as compared to the ones from Share Tea.

Cha For Tea
No: 7, Block B,
Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2232898

Review: Food Messenger

Food Messenger was previously operating on a home based basis with door to door food delivery service. I first heard of Food Messenger through San Diann and they were still doing door to door delivery service at the time. However, they recently have their brick and mortar premise located at Menglait, right across NBT Toyota Showroom in Gadong.

Jennifer and I had wanted to try Food Messenger for quite some time since their opening but could not make time to do so. Their business hour is only until 7:30PM in the evening and they are close on every Friday. So, our only available timing is on Sunday. We arranged to meet up yesterday afternoon for lunch as I wanted to pass over the toiletries which she requested Sister to purchase from Shanghai.

Despite having decided on Food Messenger earlier on, Jennifer was asking if we should try out Bake 250C as well. So, I thought we could do Food Messenger for lunch and Bake 250C for high tea. Jennifer got the arrangement mixed up. She waited for me at Bake 250C while I waited for her at Food Messenger. We had a laugh about it when she finally arrived at Food Messenger.

Food Messenger was crowded at the time when I arrived yesterday afternoon. There was a large group of patrons standing outside and I wondered if they were waiting for tables. Seeing the big group, I decided to go inside the restaurant to wait for Jennifer instead. I was 20 minutes earlier than our arranged time. Prior to going Food Messenger, a colleague highly recommended me their Sweet Potato Balls.

While waiting for Jennifer to arrive, I took my own sweet time to browse their menu (though there was not much to begin with) before deciding on the top few which I would like to try. And we resorted to the following few …

Soyamilk | B$1.80

I had Soyamilk as it was freshly made to orders. You can choose in between sweetened or unsweetened. I obviously went for the latter. It was good to be honest. The soyamilk was smooth in texture and you may get the beancurd layering if you leave it untouched for a short period.

Sweet Potato Balls | B$3

I had only realized that I had forgotten to take a picture of how these Sweet Potato Balls looked on the inside and please do not be deterred by the color. I have to say this is my top favorite dish at Food Messenger. There was no filling on the inside and they used purple sweet potatoes which were naturally sweet. They were best eaten when served piping hot but be careful lest you will be burn your tongue and lips.

Egg Roll with Chicken Floss | B$3

Egg Roll is one of their bestselling. The lady who served us highly recommended us to try their Egg Roll with chicken floss as add on. It was indeed good as the chicken floss added taste and texture to the egg roll. The egg roll tasted rather bland to me but the flavoring from the chicken floss compensated it.

Braised Chicken Rice | B$4

This is one of the highly recommended street food in Taiwan. However, the original version was made with pork. As Food Messenger is a Halal restaurant, they made do with chicken instead. It was okay in my opinion but I think I like it better with pork. However, I do have to say that this is entirely subjective to personal preference.

XL Fried Chicken | B$6

We ordered this as we saw that it was an almost staple dish on every tables. If you are wondering, the portion is good for three. We were rather disappointed with the texture. It was not as crunchy as I anticipated it to be. We only managed to finish one third of the XL Fried Chicken and Jennifer had to bring the rest home as takeaway.

Food Messenger
Unit 3, Simpang; 98,
Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7319775