Of Random Things #104

It is pouring cats and dogs outside. Such a nice weather to sleep in, I would say. LOL! I am finally getting my day off tomorrow. Have not decided what to do for tomorrow apart from having lunch with Jennifer. Perhaps I should bake some bread since it had been more than two weeks since I last baked one.

I bought this gluten and wheat-free granola bar from Supa Save, Mata-Mata earlier this month. Now that I see this picture, I could not recall where I placed it. It was nowhere to be seen in the kitchen but I am certain that I have yet consumed it.

Of Random Things #103

I am finally getting my day off this Sunday after more than 10 days of full day shift. It was Jennifer’s birthday yesterday so we will be going for lunch on Sunday as a birthday treat from me. We have not decided on the venue as she has not come up with one yet. Since it is her birthday, I let her choose the venue. So, where the venue be would depends on her craving on the day. LOL!

Anyways, I had finally tried the new Dairy Farmers dessert yogurt which I bought from Supa Save, Mata-Mata the other day. Supa Save had brought in three new flavors – Golden Caramel, Chocolate & Raspberry and Chocolate & Coconut. I got myself Chocolate & Raspberry.

Texture wise, I think it was not as creamy as the regular ones from Dairy Farmers but it was definitely not as sweet as the Yellow Box Honey which I usually buy. To be honest, I think I prefer their regular yogurt as compared to this dessert yogurt. However, this is definitely a healthier dessert option when you are craving for ice-cream.

26042017 / TCVH Vegetarian House

I had been on a vegetarian diet for the past three days. One of my colleagues mentioned to me that she decided to go on a full course three days vegetarian diet from Monday until Wednesday. I decided to follow suit since we share lunch together at workplace during meal time. Much to my surprise, I was able to last until yesterday despite being hungry most of the time as no meat was consumed in these three days.

Yesterday was the first day of lunar month. So, the both of us decided to go out for vegetarian dinner with Jennifer at TCVH Vegetarian House. We arrived half past seven to find the restaurant half packed with patrons. We both love the food served at TCVH Vegetarian House but serving time could take a while especially when they are busy. I suspected that it could be due to lack of manpower in the kitchen.

咖喱什菜饭 | B$4.00

It is almost the time of the month so my craving for hot and spicy food kicked in again. I had wanted to order a bigger portion of this to share but my colleague was unable to consume spicy food at the moment. I resorted to ordering myself an individual portion. It was good. The broth had the amount of spicy kick which I craved for. The long bean was however raw to me. All in all, this was a good bowl of vegetarian curry if you are craving for one.

Can’t remember what this was called but it was blanched cauliflowers with mushrooms and tofu? We remembered that the waitress mentioned to us that there was homemade tofu in the dish. However, we all thought that the homemade tofu tasted more like homemade seafood cake. Despite so, I still thought that this was a good option if you are looking for something light and healthy at the same time.

Mongolian Chicken Rice

Jennifer ordered this for herself and I got to try a piece of the mock chicken. It was good but I felt that the sauce tasted more like buttermilk? I could be wrong as I had never tried Mongolian sauce for myself before.

TCVH Vegetarian House
Unit B3, Ground Floor,
Block B, Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230296

Of Random Things #102

Haven’t been watching much drama series recently after finishing Behind Your Smile and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I decided to take a break from downloading as my Internet quota seems to be running low at the moment. I do not want to risk having slow or no Internet when the quota hits the cap limit. Downloading Back to 1989 had used up nearly one third of my download quota and I still have at least of the half of the series download in pending.

Tomorrow With You

I had wanted to start watching Sweet Stranger and Me the other day but the synopsis of Tomorrow With You looked more appealing to me. The recently released Korean drama series looked so so to me to be honest apart from My Secret Romance. I had started downloading it but decided to wait until it had completed airing before watching it.

Celebrity Bromance

I had also starting watching Celebrity Bromance which I downloaded quite some time ago. I did not download the complete series but season 3 and 4. It is a Korean reality show whereby two male celebrities were selected in a season to go on a road trip together.

21042017 / Nursyuhaidah Restaurant & Catering Services

Given the name of the restaurant, one could easily mistook the restaurant as one that serves local Malay cuisine. However, it is surprisingly a Thai cuisine restaurant. I recall a reader once recommended me this restaurant for Thai cuisine apart from the usual locals’ favorites like Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant and Sawadee House.

Thai cuisine was not my first priority the other night but Excapade Shokudo was packed and they could only accommodate me at the high table, which I am not at all keen of. I decided to try something new and ended up at Nursyuhaidah Restaurant & Catering Services. The restaurant was pretty packed that day.

Pad Thai | B$5.00

Decided to go for the basic and ordered myself Pad Thai. This took a while to be served as the restaurant was quite full at the time. The usual fare comes with several pieces of shrimps but I requested mine to be cooked with chicken instead. It came with a small portion of red chili flakes, crushed peanuts, a teaspoon of white sugar and halved lime.

Portion was generous for one. However, I do find their noodle was rather undercooked in my opinion. They should have let the noodle soaked for a longer time as the noodle was rather hard in texture for my liking. I felt bloated by the end of the meal. Flavor wise, it was done perfectly with hint of sweetness in the noodles.