Of Random Things #30

It’s my second blog entry for today. I was outside running a bit of Company’s errand when other colleague who was also out with me suddenly remembered that it’s one of my staff birthday today. So, we bought her a birthday cake since we were just so nearby to Mum’s Bakery. Wanted to buy Fresh Yam Cake for her but it wasn’t freshly made this morning but yesterday.

Coincidentally, some of the staffs were bringing out a few freshly made cakes. So, I got her Oreo Mousse instead. She’s only 20 years old so I assumed that she’s gonna like Oreo since she likes sweet stuffs a lot.


Oreo Mousse

This is the proper picture of her birthday cake but I like the following picture more. Looked more artistic but not focused on the wording at the centre. LOL!


Happy 20th Birthday, Woon Shin!


Happy 26th, Jia!

It was Jia‘s 26th birthday yesterday. We were supposed to go for lunch or dinner together on last Sunday but she took a rain check few days before. So, we arranged to meet up for dinner tonight instead since she won’t be available for dinner yesterday evening as Stephen (the boyfriend) was celebrating with her. I asked her where she wanted to have her birthday dinner and she told me that she was craving for some sashimi so I gave her the benefit to choose between Kaizen Sushi Waterfront and Sushi Tei.

She chose Kaizen Sushi Waterfront as she doesn’t really like the food served at Sushi Tei. I called to reserve a table for two. Thank God that reservation had been made earlier as the place was pretty packed and we even have to wait for our table when reservation had been made earlier on. Both Jia and I were a little bit disappointed with some of the food served tonight.


A picture of the birthday girl “vain-ing” with my iPhone 4 coz she said her Samsung Galaxy S3 sucks with image quality.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner tonight. Anyways, kindly please pardon me the lousy quality for the following pictures. I couldn’t seem to get the right angles for the pictures tonight.


Sashimi (Sake) | B$12.60

Both Jia and I were disappointed with their Sashimi (Sake) this evening as the slices were not as thick as what we had previously. If you were to compare with this picture, you could have seen the big difference. It was fresh but not the freshest and not so juicy either.


Sake Cheese Maki | B$3.60

One of Jia’s favorite sushi at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. I liked it the first time I ate it but got sick of it eventually. I don’t usually order this unless I am with Jia at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. If you do like cheese a lot, you might like Sake Cheese Maki as the cheese stick was pretty thick in my opinion.


Sake Maki | B$2.70

Feel like having some plain sushi, hence I ordered this for the both of us to share.


Okonomiyaki | B$5.40

Kaizen Sushi Waterfront version of Okonomiyaki looked a bit different compared to the ones from Excapade Sushi, Kitaro Japanese Restaurant, Misato Teppan Grill and Gohan Sushi Restaurant. The batter was crispy and crunchy, topped with generous servings of bonito flakes and mayonnaise. This tasted not bad but not the best that I had tasted so far.


Shitake Moriawase Tempura | B$6.30

Nothing much to shout about for their Shitake Moriawase Tempura this time round as both Jia and I agreed that their Shitake mushrooms were not so fresh and juicy compared to what we had previously.


Satsumaimo Tempura | B$4.50

Sweet potatoes tempura. Crunchy if you eat it immediately after serving. Turned slightly soggy when both Jia and I tucked in with the last two pieces.


Softshell Crab Temaki | B$3.60

Been a huge fan of Temaki lately but I am so not gonna order this anymore. Should have stick with their Sake Temaki, which was way nicer!

We pretty much finished all the food that we ordered aside from the Okonomiyaki. We were both too full to finish the leftovers of Okonomiyaki. We were supposed to have desserts at MADbites Cafe but our tummy couldn’t take any more food so we decided to head home earlier instead.

Last but not least, Happy 26th my dear! We shall meet again one day for desserts as Part 2 of your birthday dinner. LOL!

Happy Birthday, Andrea!


Happy birthday, my dear! I know it’s already the next day of your birthday as I am typing away. But it’s better late than never, right? Anyways, it’s pretty late right now and my brain is not functioning properly. So, I am gonna make everything sounds brief and short. Just wanna wish you happy birthday and hope you’ll have a blast with your friends later during the day.

Fresh Fruits Cake

It’s the birthday of one of my colleagues today. So, I called in to Bakerlyn Cake House this morning to see if they are able to prepare a freshly made Fresh Fruits Cake for me by 3:00p.m. Fortunately, they were able to do so at such short notice. Another colleague of mine planned to buy a cake from Secret Recipe nearby our office but I insisted that we buy from Bakerlyn coz Secret Recipe won’t be able to prepare a freshly made cake for you at such short notice.

Thank goodness that all my colleagues loved the cake that I chose from Bakerlyn Cake House. Most of my colleagues are healthy eaters, which means they prefer food with lower sugar and calories level. And this Fresh Fruit Cake from Bakerlyn Cake House happened to be an extremely healthy option. It’s made out of fresh fruits in between several layers of vanilla sponge cake. The sugar level of the fresh cream is moderate, which is perfect for healthy eater. The cake is 2lbs in weight, equivalent to 1kg for B$45.00.

If you don’t like cakes with heavy and overly sweet fresh creams, you might want to consider Fresh Fruits Cake from Bakerlyn Cake House. The amount of fresh fruits in the cake is extremely generous too.

Bakerlyn Cake House
Block C, Unit 4, Ground Floor,
Shakirin Complex. Simpang: 88,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2231778