Review: Yellow Cab

I had my pre-Chinese New Year manicure and pedicure session at Mook & Jasmine yesterday evening after work. I didn’t get them done last Sunday as I thought that they would be too early. I called Mook & Jasmine in advance to secure an appointment but I ended up having to wait when I arrived as there was a customer before me.

I went for dinner at Yellow Cab located across Mook & Jasmine after I was done toiletries shopping at Amway. It was pretty quiet at Yellow Cab yesterday evening when I walked in but the place gradually filled with more patrons around 9PM. I guess the locals are used to having their dinner late?

As the branding says, Yellow Cab is an almost yellow themed restaurant. They have yellow walls and paintings. The table surface was made of stainless steel (I think) with their branding embossed at the corner. Honestly speaking, I find stainless steel table top is easier to maintain as compared to the other kinds of table top.

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta | B$8.90

tender chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms and roasted peanuts sauteed in a spicy oriental sauce and garnished with spring onion

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta is Yellow Cab own creation of pasta flavor. I was surprised at the portion when the plate was placed onto the table. The portion could feed two pax just fine in my opinion. I only managed to finish half of the pasta and brought the leftovers home.

Taste wise, it was well seasoned but tad sweet for my liking. The sauce tasted sweet and yet spicy at the same time. The roasted peanuts were a let down in my opinion. They weren’t roasted long enough for the natural taste to come out and I find them quite raw for my liking. The combination was well thought out in my opinion but it would be nicer if the peanuts were roasted slightly longer.

Yellow Cab
Unit B6, Ground Floor,
Shakirin Complex,
Simpang: 88,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-3339999


Review: SayChiizu, Brunei

SayChiizu has been around for almost a month or so. As usual, the queue is always overwhelming on the first few weeks of business. I chose to go when the crowd is lesser. When Sister was home for Jennifer’s wedding last weekend, I asked if she wanted to try out SayChiizu. She agreed as the queue in Singapore would be even more overwhelming than what we have here in Brunei.

There was no queue at the time when Sister and I placed our order but there was a line shortly after. SayChiizu was offering three flavors at the time – Original, Charcoal and Chocolate. We had Charcoal Hokkaido Cheese Toast.

Charcoal Hokkaido Cheese Toast | B$3.50

I didn’t get a picture of the Charcoal Hokkaido Cheese Toast and this was the closest that I have at the moment. Hopefully, I wouldn’t get killed for posting this picture. To be honest, I was rather disappointed. We didn’t get the long stretch of mozzarella cheese pulled out when we eat. They had added some sweet milk sauce in the toast as well.

However, Sister did commented that the one trick to get a long stretch of mozzarella is to not eat the toast immediately when served (not sure how legit that was). Let the cheese set in the toast first before eating. She went back for second at one of the SayChiizu outlets in Singapore.

SayChiizu has launched a new flavor couple of days ago – Matcha Hokkaido Cheese Toast! If I linger around Times Square longer yesterday, I would have noticed that they have introduced a new flavor.

Ground Floor,
Times Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BB2713,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8828858

Review: Geo Eats

San Diann, Clara and I met for lunch this afternoon. As usual,venue choosing is always the hardest part of the routine. They usually leave the horrid task to me. But thankfully, San Diann manned the task this time round and suggested Geo Eats.

Geo Eats, a new home-based eatery located along Jalan Jerudong serving dishes from around the globe. Home-based eatery is quite a trend in Brunei nowadays. You get to save on the heavy shop rental as well as some other fixed overhead expenses.

We didn’t get to try their desserts as we intended to go Roasted Sip for coffees after lunch. However, I am intrigued to try their Ube Lava. San Diann mentioned that we could all return again the next time to try their desserts.

Without further ado, let me get started with what the three of us had for lunch today!

Beef Hummus | B$5

house made Hummus, served with beef and flatbread, garnished with Feta cheese

As I don’t eat beef, I requested for Hummus without beef. Both San Diann and Clara had never tried Hummus before. My first experience with Hummus was at Courtyard and it was good.

Hummus is made of grounded chickpeas. The Hummus from Geo Eats wasn’t grounded very fine but slightly chunky and I liked it. At least, it didn’t get sickening when you had too much. The garnishing of Feta cheese made it taste even better. Clara who had never tried Hummus before agreed that it was good and addictive.

Mee Rebus | B$4

traditional family recipe, a sweet potato broth base, served with egg noodles, chicken, egg and condiments

Clara wanted to try their Arabic Rice with Honey Chicken but it was unavailable for the day. So, she went for the next closest thing which she is familiar with – Mee Rebus from Singapore. LOL! According to Clara, her Mee Rebus was okay but it was a wonder to her why the broth was thicker than what she used to have before.

Hotplate Fajitas | B$9

house made tortilla served with beef, bell peppers and onions on a hotplate, served with salsa and sour cream

San Diann had Hotplate Fajitas. It was supposed to be served with fish but they happened to run out of fish at the time. The waitress then suggested that they can make do with chicken and San Diann agreed.

Shashuka | B$7

baked egg marinated in tomato sauce with sausage, minced beef and bell peppers, served with sourdough bread, garnished with Feta and spring onion

Before we decided on trying out Geo Eats, San Diann sent us their menu over our group chat on Whatsapp. The moment I saw Shashuka was on their menu, I was intrigued to try. I had tried Shashuka twice in Singapore – Wild Honey and The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

Before placing order, I asked the waitress if they could replace minced beef with chicken but informed me that they couldn’t as they didn’t have minced chicken in stock. A short while later, the chef approached us and she suggested that she can make do with corned chicken and I happily agreed.

According to the chef, she house made all the flatbread and sourdough. The sourdough was good, crusty on the outside but soft on the inside, paired extremely well with the Shashuka. The Shashuka tasted sour and yet slightly spicy at the same time.

I managed to get a group picture with all of our food spread this time round. I intended to use the timer feature but the angle was so bad and resorted to selfie in the end. The patron from the next table offered to help us take picture to which I declined politely.

Geo Eats
No: 13, Simpang: 381,
Jalan Jerudong,
Kampung Jerudong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Review: Wanton Noodle House, Brunei

When you keyed in Wanton Noodle House into Instagram, the first result which came out wasn’t the one located in Brunei but Singapore. Hence, it explains why I’m adding “Brunei” behind the name of the home based restaurant located in Subok. I got to know about this home based restaurant through San Diann and he was being recommended by Ing.

Ex-CHMS students may have came across this home based restaurant before. From what I gathered, they were based at Haji Ahmad Flat before, the flat behind CHMS. I’m an ex-CHMS student but I don’t remember patronizing this home based restaurant during my school days.

Wanton Noodle House is only open four days a week. For your information, Wanton Noodle House is a non-Halal eatery as pork is served. Wanton Noodle House is located in a residential area. Do park with cautious without causing inconvenience the other residents living in the area. As we were early this morning, parking space is not a problem.

BBQ Pork Noodle | B$4

All noodles are handmade from scratch. They only serve Cantonese noodle. Cantonese noodle is the thinner version of Mee Pok. A bowl of BBQ Pork Noodle is served with their homemade BBQ Pork, Chye Sum and spring onions. The BBQ Pork was different as compared to the usual Char Siu that we are accustomed to. It was drier but the flesh ain’t tough and it came with a smoky flavor.

The homemade noodle was springy in texture. Flavoring wise, I find it rather bland in my opinion. Probably because I didn’t toss the noodles well with the sauce at the bottom. Mom said that hers was rather salty. However, Mom also commented that the noodle would be nicer if it was served with fried red onions.

Wanton | B$5

Sister had their dry Wanton as she’s not so into noodles. The Wanton skin was homemade too. It was smooth and silky. A bowl of Wanton came with 10 pieces.

Wanton Noodle House
#1, Simpang: 527-20-17,
Kampung Belimbing,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Review: Santan

Santan, a Malay word literally known as coconut milk in English. Santan is a Bruneian made brand specializing in coconut ice-cream which they claimed to be “probably the best artisan coconut ice-cream you’ll ever taste”.

Santan happened to be doing a pop-up at the arrival hall of Brunei International Airport. Sister and I came across their stall as we were exiting the arrival hall. Being the curious me, I approached their kiosk and decided to get one for the both of us to share. There had been quite an amount of shops selling coconut ice-cream here in Brunei recently.

Santan offers their ice-cream in different types of servings. Cone, small cup and large cup. Sister and I went for the small cup as we will be heading for tea break with Jennifer at The Healthy Habit shortly.

Small Cup | B$2.50

All servings comes with complimentary toppings. You can have multiple toppings of your choice. I intended to go for Oreo but settled with Nestum and it was the right choice. Nestum went so well with the ice-cream. The server suggested that I can have Oreo together with Nestum if I like.

The moment when Sister had her first go of the ice-cream, she went “Wow! It really taste very coconut!”. The ice-cream ain’t as milky and smooth as the ice-cream we are used to, it’s more on the icy side. Nevertheless, it was still nice.

Santan is currently having a poll on their social media platforms asking the public if they should make their pop up permanent at the arrival hall of Brunei International Airport. What’s your say in this?