Review: The Red Lantern Bistro, Miri

The Red Lantern Bistro is one of the newest food establishments around Marina Square area in Miri. I got to know about The Red Lantern Bistro through San Diann when he shared me their Facebook profile. I prefer dining around Marina Square area for lunch during weekdays to avoid paying for parking coupon. Unlike other parking areas in town, you have to pay for parking.

Mom is not so into Western cuisine as much as I do so The Red Lantern Bistro sounded like a better option as compared to the other cafes which I was interested. The Red Lantern Bistro serves an extensive range of liquors, from beers to wines. They even serve Japanese sake if my memory serves me well. My first impression of the bistro, it was dark on the inside. We sat nearby the restaurant entrance for better lighting.

The bistro is football themed with mini flags of different countries due to the football season (I think). This is only a part of the bistro. Another part of the bistro came with bigger round tables that you mostly find in Chinese restaurants.

Ginger Onion Pork with Rice Set | RM12.50

I ordered Mom a set meal which consisted of a rice dish with soup of the day and a drink. The rice dish came with a nicely done sunny side up. The soup of the day served yesterday was Corn Pork Rib Soup and it was pretty decent in my opinion. Mom however commented that the pork rib was overcooked resulting it turning tough. The sliced pork in the rice dish were extremely tender but the gravy was rather salty though.

Nan Ru Pork with Rice | RM8.50

I, on the other hand had their Nan Ru Pork with Rice and it was a disappointment to me. For non-Chinese, you might not know what Nan Ru is. Nan Ru is fermented bean curd which can be served as a condiment with porridge. However, it had been a trend to deep fry pork or chicken with Nan Ru nowadays. The pork wasn’t marinated long enough with Nan Ru and they tasted rather flavorless to me. The sliced pork were slightly tough in my opinion.

Verdict: Customer service was decent enough in my opinion. Food were served promptly after we ordered. However, the Chinese Tea that we ordered took longer to come than the food. It was the last to be served. I would say their lunch deal is pretty affordable as you get a rice dish of pork, chicken or fish, a soup and a fizzy drink for RM13.00 only.

The bistro can be very dark in the evening for photography. I think there’s live band performances on certain days in a week as I saw a stage on the way to the washroom. Aside from serving Chinese cuisine, they also serve finger foods to go with alcohol. I only found out that The Red Lantern Bistro serves Nasi Lemak Pork. If I were to return to the bistro, I would order their Nasi Lemak Pork to try.

PS: The Red Lantern Bistro is a non-Halal restaurant as pork and liquors are served. 

The Red Lantern Bistro
Lot 1883, Ground Floor,
Marina Square 2,
Marina Parkcity,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-012 8093328


Review: Kobe Sushi, Miri

Mom and I were in Miri for an overnight trip on Tuesday. We came home around 4PM yesterday afternoon. The journey back to Bandar was smooth with minimal traffic on the road. We managed to reach EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club for toilet break two hours after we started our journey from The Red Lantern Bistro.

We set off from home at about 7:15AM on Tuesday morning and only reached Miri town around 10:30AM as there was a short queue at the checkpoint border. I didn’t drove as fast as I did compared to when coming back hence it took a longer time to reach Miri than coming back.

First thing to do when arriving Miri was to collect my herbal supplements from Conforer Global. It was a short one and off I went to my next stop – Labell Beauty for manicure, pedicure and eyebrow trimming. The whole beauty treatment took me about three hours and I was in a rush again for my next hair appointment.

Thankfully, my haircut was a quick one. Mom had a hair wash while I only got a hair cut. Snapped off about three inches of my hair and it now feels a lot lighter. I managed to get my crystal bracelet done at the goldsmith after I got my haircut. To be honest, I had no idea where the goldsmith is located prior to going as I only had a brief idea based on some rough explanation from my colleagues.

It was a relief that I managed to get more than half of my errands done on the first day and off we went to check in at Pullman Miri Waterfront. I received an SMS from the hotel that my room key cards are ready for my arrival at 12:30PM. However, I was being told that the room which I pre-booked online had been booked out during check-in. So, they upgraded me and I waited for about 10 minutes before the check-in procedure was completed. Mom and I rested a bit in the room and showered. We headed out shortly after we showered for early dinner.

Instead of driving out, I booked Grab to bring us to Kobe Sushi as I was feeling tired from all the driving. I was glad that I decided on using Grab on that evening or else I would have been worried sick about my car for the entire evening. My driver seat window fell down and got stuck in between. It didn’t break if that’s what you were wondering. It happened the next morning when we were on our way out for breakfast. We managed to get a temporary fixture as the spare part which was broken wasn’t available in Miri.

Without further ado, let me show you what Mom and I had at Kobe Sushi!

Tamago Maki | RM4.50 & Takwan Maki | RM4.50

I needed some grains in my daily dietary intake so I ordered a portion each of Tamago Maki and Takwan Maki to share. We ended up not able to finish the whole thing and packed the leftovers. The Maki(s) were decent enough in my opinion. Price line, it was a lot cheaper than what we were paying here in Brunei.

Sake Avocado Sarada | RM13.50

I was craving for Sashimi so this was the closest one that I got as Mom wasn’t as keen as I was. She later mentioned that I shouldn’t have ordered this since I had been experiencing UTI pain for the past two days. The dish made up of cubed salmon and cubed avocado, tossed in mayonnaise dressing. The cubed salmon were fresh enough in my opinion but the avocado has yet completely ripen.

Miso Ramen | RM15.50

We ordered a bowl of Miso Ramen to share as Mom loves Japanese Ramen especially the ones cooked with pork bones. As Kobe Sushi is a Halal Japanese restaurant, you wouldn’t be getting any of those. Their Miso Ramen was pretty heavy in my opinion. The broth was overly salty in our opinions. The ramen was cooked alright and there was a piece of deep fried tofu in the broth as well.

Gyoza | RM11.00

Gyoza is my to-order food in a Japanese restaurant. Honestly speaking, there wasn’t much to wow about their Gyoza. Mom didn’t like the taste of the Gyoza fillings. The Gyoza were served with black vinegar as dipping sauce which to me was a first. Most of the Japanese restaurants which I had been to serves regular light soy sauce as dipping sauce for Gyoza.

Verdict: The customer service at Kobe Sushi was decent in my opinion. The staffs were polite and courteous. Food were served promptly, about 5 to 10 minutes after we had placed our orders.

However, I do find the restaurant to be lacking in ventilation system. The place felt warm the moment I stepped into the restaurant. Mom who hates cold found the temperature just nice. I contemplated whether to ask the staff to turn on an extra air-con. Even the toilet bowl in the washroom felt like those Japanese heated toilet bowl except that it was a normal one.

Kobe Sushi
Lot 2515,
First Floor, Block 5,
MCLD, Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085 322099

Review: J.Nom

When having Korean dinner at Brukori last Sunday evening, Jennifer and CY ordered some Thai food and a pizza from J.Nom. It serves both Thai and Italian cuisine. I would have ordered differently if I tagged along when they went to order at J.Nom.

There were some other Thai dishes which I was interested in when I was browsing through the pictures on their Instagram profile. But it’s alright, I would definitely return again to try some of their other Thai dishes. I am tempted to try their Glass Noodle Pad Thai, Prawn Cakes and Kapao Chicken!

Without further ado, let me show you what Jennifer and CY had ordered from J.Nom!

Green Chicken Curry with Rice | B$5.50

I didn’t try much of this but I honestly didn’t really like what I had tasted. First of all, it was oily for my liking and the green curry gravy tasted too sweet. Both Jennifer and CY didn’t commented much but they did mentioned that the green curry gravy was sweet.

Margherita Pizza | B$8.90

Despite that I was disappointed with their Green Curry Chicken with Rice, I was impressed with their Margherita Pizza. The crust was nicely down in my opinion and they weren’t skimp with the ingredients. The pizza was topped with some basil leaves.

Aside from pizzas, J.Nom also serves pastas in their Italian section. However, they are more towards Italian-Thai fusion in my opinion. If you want something different from the ordinary Italian pasta, you could always try the fusion version.

As part of the Ramadhan deal, J.Nom is now offering 15% discount on all food purchases. Such promotion does not apply to beverages. Their current opening hours during the Ramadhan season is from 2PM until 10PM.

Foodstall #10, First Floor,
Block B, Little Soho Building,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Review: Brukori

We have a new kid in town for Korean cuisine. I came to know about Brukori when Jia posted food pictures of Brukori’s on her Instagram some time last week. Out of curiosity, I asked Jia where was the new Korean place she went. She told me it’s Brukori located in Flavor Food Hub at Little Soho. So, CY, Jennifer and I went to try out Brukori this evening for dinner.

Brukori wasn’t our first choice to begin with as Jennifer and I planned dinner at Little Audrey’s Café. I assumed that Little Audrey’s Café is still doing Sungkai buffet like last year. I found out that they aren’t doing it this year when I called to make table reservation. They had replaced it with special Sungkai set meals and complimentary free flow salad bar, soup of the day, fresh fruits, dates and iced drinks.

Since Brukori is new in town and none of the three of us had tried it, we decided to try out Brukori ourselves.

When Jennifer and I first went Flavor Food Hub at Little Soho for Amsarra Shawarma some time last year, I remembered that there was a Korean stall due for opening at the stall next to Amsarra Shawarma. For your information, Amsarra Shawarma had closed down ever since they opened up a branch at Annajat Complex.

Aside from serving Korean hot food, they are also selling this Korean seaweed snacks for 50 cents only. I am not sure if this is the cheapest that we have in Brunei but I do think it’s cheap.

Tuna Mayo Kimbap | B$4.00

Brukori offers quite an extensive menu for their Kimbap. Their chef’s recommendation is Korean Chili (Teng Cho) which I had no idea what it was. I ordered the safest option which is the Tuna Mayo. Brukori serves Vegetarian Kimbap too if you are not into meat.

This is how the filling of Tuna Mayo Kimbap looked like. The seaweed sheet was slightly oiled. I liked that the fillings were very packed and roasted white sesame were sprinkled on the top of the Kimbap. A roll of Tuna Mayo Kimbap came with 12 thick slices.

Chicken Bibimbap | B$7.00

Brukori serves their Bibimbap hot or cold. I chose mine to be served on a hot stone bowl. I had previously tried Bibimbap served in an ordinary bowl from Meogja and DA SA RANG Korean BBQ Restaurant. Both didn’t met my expectations.

The toppings on my Chicken Bibimbap were extremely generous especially the seaweed flakes. Instead of serving with white rice, it came with purple rice. Both Jennifer and I were truly impressed when we saw the rice. As a final touch, the staff drizzled some Korean sesame oil.

Verdict: Jennifer and I were impressed with the food quality in overall especially the Chicken Bibimbap as it had won our hearts over. Our personal favorites used to be Koryo Restaurant for Chicken Bibimbap but Brukori had taken over the first place as of now.

Brukori doesn’t serve extensive complimentary Banchan but the amount served was considerably good enough given the price. The preserved Kimchi was good in my opinion and it was even better when tossed with the Chicken Bibimbap.

Brukori is currently on soft opening stage and it explained why their menu is quite limited. They are only serving Kimbap, Bibimbap, Tteokboki and Ramyun at the moment. I am hoping that they will expand their menu selection very soon.

Foodstall #6, First Floor,
Block B, Little Soho Building,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8645530

Review: Rumah Gelato

Having finished our dinner, we contemplated whether to have desserts at Alter Ego or other cafes in town. The choices of cakes at Alter Ego didn’t entice me. I was tempted to try the hotcakes from Little Audrey’s Café but San Diann didn’t look as keen as I did. LOL!

We then decided on trying out Rumah Gelato since it’s near from Alter Ego and I had been wanting to try their Crunchy Speculoos. The last time I went Rumah Gelato, they ran out of it. Luckily Crunchy Speculoos was available tonight but limited. I think I was the last or second last customer of the day who managed to get Crunchy Speculoos.

Green Tea Matcha & Crunchy Speculoos | B$4.00

San Diann and I got the smallest cup with two flavors. I had mine with Green Tea Matcha and Crunchy Speculoos. When we both took the first bite of Crunchy Speculoos, it made sense as to why it is always selling out.

The texture was smooth and creamy. It tasted distinctive of Speculoos. The Green Tea Matcha was pretty good in my opinion but pale in comparison with the Crunchy Speculoos.

Crunchy Peanut Butter & Earl Grey | B$4.00

We agreed to order four flavors to share and San Diann got himself Crunchy Peanut Butter and Earl Grey in his cup. The Crunchy Peanut Butter tasted quite distinctive of peanut butter but Crunchy Speculoos was better.

The Earl Grey flavor however didn’t taste strong enough in my opinion. I think the Earl Grey flavor from Happy Cream & Co. did better. Aside from having these gelatos in a cup or cone, you can have them served stuffed in a croissant. San Diann asked for croissant but it was sold out.

Just a heads up as I didn’t have small notes with me at the time and San Diann paid first and I would pay him back the next time we meet again.

Rumah Gelato
Unit F3, Block F,
Setia Kenangan II,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230855