Review: infinitea X I Say Yatta!

My iTunes is currently transferring some drama series into xplay app for video playing on my iPad. So, I will make use of the transferring period to update a blog entry before calling it a night.

Jennifer and I tried out infinitea X I Say Yatta! for lunch this afternoon. We decided to go ahead for light lunch as I had quite a filling breakfast in the morning with some colleagues while she had her breakfast slightly late. infinitea has been around for some time since last year.

The first outlet is located on the basement floor of Hua Ho Manggis Mall and they had recently opened up another outlet at Regent Square. Apart from the usual cold beverages that infinitea offers, they started I Say Yatta! which serves Yakitori and Yatta Rice Bowl.

Milk Tea | B$2.50

Black Sesame Milk | B$3.00

I had Black Sesame Milk which San Diann had been complimenting on and off on our group chat. I requested for 25% of sugar level with no ice and it was perfect for my taste bud. The taste of black sesame was fragrant enough.

A guide of what infinitea is offering. Some of their beverages were unavailable at the moment. I had actually wanted to try their Matcha Milk but it was unavailable.

Apart from Yakitori, I Say Yatta! is also serving Yatta Rice Bowl. Jennifer and I ordered their Tori Karaage to share. We were contemplating between this and Yoshi’s Chicken. We settled with the former as we were not sure if we would like Japanese tartar sauce.

Cheesy Tofu | B$1.20 & Chicken Wings | B$2.20

Tori Karaage Yatta Rice Bowl | B$4.90

Japanese crispy chicken with special tare sauce, served with Japanese rice

The crispy chicken were good in my opinion but tad bit salty to be eaten alone. They were best paired with the rice. Portion was good enough for one.

This is the overall view of the hot food available at I Say Yatta!.  As seen above, we had only tried Cheesy Tofu and Chicken Wings. The Cheesy Tofu was not the kind which I expected. I thought it was a tofu piece topped with cheese slice. However, it turned out to be a cheese stuffed tofu. I had seen reviews that their Beef Asparagus was good. I am no beef eater so I could not vouch for that.

infinitea X I Say Yatta!
Unit 22, Block B,
Regent Square,
Simpang: 150,
Kampung Kiarong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2424222

Review: Roasted Sip

Sunday was spent baking Pandan Kaya Bread Loaf and Banana Oreo Muffins in the morning. Headed out for manicure and pedicure session at a salon in town before meeting up with Jennifer for coffees at Roasted Sip. We were supposed to meet at Roasted Sip last Sunday but something came up at work and I had to return on short notice to deal with some matters.

I was unfamiliar with the routes around Jerudong so I had to make use of GPS to locate the cafe. I had a rough idea where it is located but I am not sure which exit to turn into. Luckily, the GPS worked just fine and led me to the right destination.

Having clean eaten for days, yesterday was sort of the first day when I started eating more. Mom cooked a pot of Chicken Curry yesterday morning and I had a small bowl as I was craving for something hot and spicy at the same time. Felt so much more alive after having the hearty bowl of “soup”. Result has been visible this morning as my tummy does not look so bloated up anymore as compared to days before.

Roasted Sip is the second coffee roaster after Kapra here in the Sultanate. I do not have any picture of the cafe but the place was cozy in my opinion. The indoor cafe might not be able to seat a big group of patrons due to the seating arrangement. I think it is only able to accommodate about 20 pax at most at the same time. However, you could seat outside if you do not mind not being in an air conditioned room.

I was there before 3PM and managed to secure a table for four. There was a small tea table nearby the entrance which could accommodate Jennifer and I just fine but I did not like that the entrance door is by the side. By 3:45PM, the cafe was so packed up that Jennifer and I decided to leave to make space for other patrons.

Latte | B$5.00

When the staff member served us our coffees, he apologetically told us that their barista confused the orders and made ours in takeaway cups. That explained why you see our coffees being served in takeaway cups. Jennifer decided to go for the most basic Latte and she mentioned that the coffee tasted good and aromatic!

RS Mocha | B$6.00

I had their RS Mocha which is also known as their Special Mocha. I had been into Mocha recently than before and this RS Mocha just seems to fit the timing perfectly. I had been intrigued to know what was that dollop on top of the Mocha. It was chocolate whipped cream. Not advisable if you are on a diet though.

I liked their RS Mocha as the balancing of both chocolate and coffee was perfect. The texture was smooth and tad creamy at the same time. I think I will go for their ordinary Mocha next time. =D

Garlic Danish Sausage | B$4.50

Jennifer and I had this to share as I am trying to cut down on my wheat intake. This was chicken cheese sausage wrapped in Danish pastry. The Danish pastry was good. It was buttery but not overwhelming.

Roasted Sip
Simpang: 508,
Jerudong Complex,
Jalan Jerudong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2610850

Review: Caffè Bene, Brunei

Caffè Bene is finally in business operation now. I knew about the existence of Caffè Bene in Brunei more than a month ago when San Diann shared their profile page over Facebook. Caffè Bene was launched last Friday and I found out about the opening when I was in Singapore last weekend.

Text messaged Jennifer and we arranged for a meet up to try out Caffè Bene. I was telling Sister that dal.komm COFFEE could be the next Korean franchise in Brunei after Caffè Bene as dal.komm COFFEE was highly promoted in Descendants of The Sun (DOTS).

Caffè Bene is located right in front of the main entrance of Sim Kim Huat at Airport Mall facing Berakas Petrol Station. There will be another business coming soon next to Caffè Bene on the right. I could not be sure if it is going to be an eatery business but it seems like it. No signage has been put up yet but I think it will be in operation in say two months time?

We headed over to Caffè Bene after our light dinner at Magnum. Caffè Bene was quite packed at the time when we returned for the second time as it was after dinner hours and patrons came in for desserts. Caffè Bene is well known for Belgian Waffles and Bingsu. They even had this card thingy so that patrons can have a better understanding as of how to enjoy their Bingsu the Beneway!

Ordering system is to be carried out over the counter and you will be given this coaster buzzer. It will vibrate when your orders are ready for collection.

Cafe Latte | B$5.00

Green Tea Latte | B$6.00

I had Green Tea Latte. The texture was really smooth but it was too sweet for my liking. I saw that they have Sweet Potato Latte. I contemplated between Sweet Potato Latte and Green Tea Latte but decided to go with the latter. I think I will be trying Sweet Potato Latte next time but definitely requesting for less sugar syrup.

Caramel Cinammon | B$7.50

Caffè Bene offers two types of thick toast – Caramel Cinnamon and Garlic Cheese. We ordered the former as cheese overdose did not sound like a good idea at the time. This was honey and buttered thick toast topped with whipped cream, drizzled with caramel sauce and sprinkled with cinnamon powder. The combination was good and it could be a good option if you need some sugar rush.

Hot Pressed Toast – Zesty Chicken | B$5.90

Verdict: Food were okay in my opinion and I do not mind returning next time for Belgian Waffles and Bingsu. Customer service was good. Waiting time may be slightly long depending on the crowd. I was being told that waiting time will take quite some time as the crowd was getting bigger at the time.

Caffè Bene
Ground Floor,
Airport Mall,
Simpang: 13, Kampung Jaya Setia,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BB2713,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Review: Sweet as Sara

Le’ BFF Jia and I had not been meeting for catch up session for quite some time. So, we met up yesterday evening as she is not returning to Lumut over the weekend. She has both gynecology and ultrasound check appointments today. Jia decided not to bring Lucas as I do not have a baby car seat in my car. LOL!

We decided to go Sweet as Sara as it was one of the newly opened cafes which I have yet visited. Jia wanted finger food as her gynecologist warned her to cut down on sugar intake especially on desserts. She is not much of a cake person as compared to me but she loves almost anything Red Velvet.


We occupied the table just right next to the entrance door as that was probably the seat whereby it is less cooler compared to the others. It was drizzling yesterday evening. On the way to Sweet as Sara, it was pouring cats and dogs. We even contemplated for a few times whether we should meet up or stay home but I am glad that we did as the rain stopped shortly after we arrived at Sweet as Sara.


Apart from coffees, cupcakes and cakes, Sweet as Sara also offers hot food like beef lasagna and sandwiches. The former was already sold out when we were there. There were too much cupcakes to choose from and we were spoiled with choices.


Orange Juice | B$3.90


Matcha Latte | B$4.50

Honestly speaking, I regretted ordering this. The taste was off. The taste of milk overpowered the taste of Matcha. In short, I think I had been drinking milk more than Matcha Latte. Jia told me that I should not have gone for coffees but juices as it is the safest bet when you do not know how well they can do coffees.


Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwich | B$6.90


We both agreed that this sandwich was good. The bread was pressed and served while warm. The bread was surprisingly soft and fluffy. I was expecting a hard and dense textured bread. The combination of both smoked salmon and cream cheese was absolutely perfect. I do not mind ordering this next time because it really was good.


We ordered a Pistachio Ondeh-Ondeh Cheesecake and two cupcakes. They came served in a plate together which Jia thought was rather unappealing. So, we requested another two plates since we were sharing. LOL!


Pistachio Ondeh-Ondeh Cheesecake  | B$4.50

Ondeh-Ondeh flavor is a trend nowadays. We chose this by random and it happened to be one of their bestselling items when Jia checked out their Instagram while waiting for our food to be served. The Ondeh-Ondeh cheesecake layer was good, topped with some chopped pistachio with coconut milk whipped cream, desiccated coconut and caramel sauce.


Red Velvet Cupcake


Cookie & Cream Cupcake

Cupcakes are sold at two for B$3.90. There was nothing much to rave about the cupcakes in my opinion but it is solely subjective to personal preference. Both Jia and I agreed that the cake was rather dry for our liking but the cream cheese frosting was decent enough.

Sweet as Sara
Unit 7, Block A,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-17-20, Lot 5788,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8886169 (WhatsApp)

Review: O’Tacos, Brunei

O’Tacos, specializing in French Tacos has been around for some time and it was only last Sunday when Jennifer and I decided to pop by to try out their tacos. We intended to try out the said place shortly after it was opened but rumors had it that the queue was horrendous. So, we decided to wait until the hype had slowed down.


As far as I know, this O’Tacos here in Brunei is the first outlet in Asia Pacific but they have more than 30 outlets all over France. O’Tacos is located in the next building of Wayback Burgers. Next to O’Tacos is a newly established café called Sweet As Sara specializing in cakes’ desserts. Both Jennifer and I were surprised to see that O’Tacos was minimally decorated. It was the food that we are after not the decorations anyways. LOL!


Source: Facebook

So, how do you order your French Tacos? You can have your French Tacos in four easy steps! All you need to do is choose the size that you want, followed by meat, sauce and a final touch of either rice or French fries. We find it rather weird to have rice in our French tacos. But if you want an Asian touch in your French tacos, go for the rice!



Size M | B$7 (with add-on)

Jennifer and I shared one as we believed that we were unlikely to finish one each by ourselves. We chose medium size tortilla with chicken breast followed by mayonnaise and ketchup for the sauce. We skipped cheese as we do not like mayonnaise with cheese but we had mushrooms add-on. As for the final touch, we had French fries instead of rice. The Cashier told us that French ate their tacos with French fries. LOL!

Verdict: To be honest, I quite like what we had the other day. It was something new for a change. If I were to return, I think I will go for the Chicken Nuggets. Pricing may be a bit steep but I think it is still reasonable if to be shared among two. I felt extremely full when finishing my share of the taco. So, it is advisable to share your taco if you are a light eater.

Block A8, Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam