10122017 / Tien Sing Restaurant

Upon arriving Bandar last Sunday, Mom and I headed straight for lunch as our last meal was breakfast at 88 Cafe in Miri. The most convenient restaurant along the way is May Fang Restaurant but I’m not keen as the place could be packed with lunch crowd. So, I suggested Tien Sing Restaurant instead so that we can also order takeaway for Dad as dinner.

The restaurant wasn’t busy at the time we walked in with only a table occupied by a family of three. We were being given menu booklets to browse through but nothing seems to appeal to me. LOL! So, the waitress who attended us recommended their Vinegar Pork Leg but the vegetarian version. We decided to go with her recommendation and ordered another side dish.

Tofu Rojak | B$3.50

If my memory serves me well, Tien Sing Restaurant serves three kinds of Rojak. We chose this as it looked the closest to the real deal. Tofu Rojak was served with sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts, pineapples, jicama and crushed peanuts tossed in vegetarian Rojak paste.

Vinegar Pork Leg | B$5.50

Their Vinegar Pork Leg wasn’t authentic enough in my opinion. Not because of the mock pork leg but the gravy itself. Mom and I agreed that both the sourness and sweetness of the gravy weren’t well balance. The gravy tasted spicy due to the addition of dried chili when the real deal uses crushed ginger.

Tien Sing Restaurant
21 & 22, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan II,
Pengakalang Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2454988


Miri Food Hunts / Sea Village Seafood Restaurant

Andrea and I stayed at Cake Rush for quite a good few hours to catch up despite we only intended to stay for a cuppa and a cake in the first place before continuing our window shopping at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall. It was about 4PM when Mom called to ask our whereabouts and I told her that I left my car at the hotel parking lot.

Andrea then suggested that we book Mom Grab to send her to Pullman Miri Waterfront if I’m not keen about driving, which turns out to be a fantastic idea as I’m just plain lazy to drive in the traffic. Mom was already waiting for me in the lobby when Andrea and I arrived in another Grab. Upon check-in at the hotel, I asked the reception guy what’s the best Chinese restaurant around the area. He recommended me Yu Ha Hai if I’m not mistaken.

It was about 7:40PM when Alan’s car finally pulled into the driveway of the hotel and all three of us were starving at the time. It didn’t help that we kept on smelling food aroma from the restaurants nearby while waiting. LOL! It was drizzling during dinner time so Alan dropped us off at the entrance of the restaurant while he and Emie circled rounds to look for a parking space.

The restaurant was all packed and no one seems to notice us despite we stood next to the staffs. After being treated invisible for about a minute or two, I approached one of the staffs and asked if there’s any available table. We were then ushered to a table nearby the walkway into the restaurant. The wind was pretty strong at the time and our table linen kept on turning upside down at the edges. A middle aged lady came by to take our orders. Shortly after our orders had been placed, the patrons from the next table left and we moved in.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had ordered! Prior to dinner, Andrea told me to stop her if she went overboard with ordering. I assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem as Alan could help us wipe out the excess. LOL! We ordered everything in the smallest portion.

Stir Fry Midin with Red Wine | RM10

Alan ordered this. Despite the vegetables were stir fried with red wine, the taste of red wine wasn’t distinctive at all. The purpose of adding red wine is to eliminate the “coldness” of the vegetable. In short, the alcohol content is very minimal.

Stir Fry Bittergourd with 3 Eggs | RM10

I’m not a fan of bittergourd before but I’m now okay with it. I like it best when it is cooked this way. 3 eggs comprised of century egg, salted egg and egg. I like that they are not skimp with the century egg. I think there was one whole century egg in the dish but sliced. However, I kind of regretted having this and Stir Fry Midin with Red Wine from above as these two dishes triggered the pain on my shoulder blade.

Hotplate Tofu | RM12

Alan ordered this as I think tofu is one of the favorite food of Emie? When placing order for this, I asked the waitress whether they are using Japanese Tofu and she replied me saying all their tofu dishes are served with their signature homemade tofu. The gravy came with quite an amount of minced pork and bits of salted fish.

Sweet & Sour Pork | RM15

This tasted pretty average to me as I have had better. I think they used leaner pork instead of the parts with fatty bits. Price wise, I think it’s affordable given the portion and it fed five of us just fine.

Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables | RM15

When we were done placing orders for the above four, we asked the waitress for other recommendation and this Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables was one of them. Alan had never tried this before so we ordered it.

Mom loves Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables but not this one though. According to Mom, the taste of the pork belly was off which I fully agreed. It tasted as if both the pork belly and preserved vegetables have their own individual taste. Moreover, the dish wasn’t piping hot when served. I only had a bit before giving up as I think Mom cooks this better.

Verdict: Food wise, they were hits and misses. Both the Stir Fry Midin with Red Wine and Stir Fry Bittergourd with 3 Eggs were good. The Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables was a huge disappointment though. The Hotplate Tofu was passable as I quite like their signature homemade tofu despite I find it salty at first due to the salted fish.

Customer service was crap in my opinion. When we first arrived at the restaurant, we stood by the door next to two of their staffs for a minute or so and we were treated as if invisible while they continue on chatting away until I approached them to ask for a vacant table. The middle aged lady who took our orders was even worse, restless throughout the ordering process. Total bill was RM78.35 inclusive of drinks and GST.

Sea Village Seafood Restaurant
Lot 79&85, Ground Floor,
Block D MCLD,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-0168869430

Miri Food Hunts / Cake Rush

As you all may have known, I was in Miri overnight over the last weekend. I drove to Miri with Mom to meet up with Andrea and then dinner with Alan and Emie in the evening. After our brunch at Koffee Brick, I drove my car back to Pullman Miri Waterfront and booked Grab to go Bintang Megamall. Traffic at Bintang Megamall is horrendous in my opinion so taking Grab is the most viable option at the time given that I hate queuing for parking space.

Both Andrea and I window shopped in Bintang Megamall for about two hours before we decided to leave. As we had our brunch quite late, we decided to go for desserts at Cake Rush as per my recommendation. We booked another Grab and it only costs us RM4 to reach Cake Rush from Bintang Megamall. If you’re wondering the whereabouts of Cake Rush, it is located on the same block as The Workshop Grill and Miri Taiwan Restaurant (台湾风味馆).

Without further ado, let me show you what the both of us had!

Uji Matcha Latte | RM10

As usual, I would go for non-coffee beverage if given the chance. Cake Rush doesn’t serve Chai Tea Latte but they serve Matcha Latte brewed with their premium Uji Matcha powder. Cake Rush serves one of the best Matcha Latte in my opinion. The taste was just perfect for me, well balanced bitterness with tad bit of sweetness.

Pavlova | RM6

Andrea isn’t keen towards sweets as compared to me but it surprised me when she ordered Pavlova. She asked me if I would like to share Pavlova with her which I declined. I have never tried Pavlova before but I can roughly guess how sweet it can be. Cake Rush serves Pavlova in both original and chocolate flavor. Andrea went for the former.

Uji Matcha Cake | RM10

I’m quite an avid fan of Matcha related food so it’s no surprise that I would go for their Uji Matcha Cake. When my colleagues return to Miri, I would request them to bring me a slice or two once in a while. Of course, the texture would be slightly compromised as they had been left refrigerated for days (I don’t eat them right after receiving them).

The sponge layers were fluffy and spongy, sandwiched with a thin layer of Matcha frosting. If you’re a big fan of Matcha flavored food, do give their Matcha Opera a try if it’s on display. Matcha Opera is my favorite dessert from Cake Rush but it’s not available on regular basis unless I order in the size of a birthday cake.

Cake Rush
Lot 862, Ground Floor,
Jalan Helenium,
Miri, Sarawak,
East Malaysia

Miri Food Hunts / Koffee Brick

Mom and I arrived home around half past three in the afternoon yesterday. We went for lunch at Tien Sing Restaurant before heading home. I was supposed to start blogging yesterday evening after coming home but my shoulder blade has been aching since the night before. My suspect was one of the food which I ate during dinner which triggered the ache to return. I was all good during the day but the ache was almost unbearable after dinner.

Sister suggested that I go for sauna the next morning before checking out from Pullman Miri Waterfront, look for a masseur upon arriving home to ease the pain and get prescription from our family GP. Going for sauna on my own was the last thing on my mind but the ache was intolerable the next morning and worse, I didn’t sleep well with Mom snoring next to me. I could normally sleep well despite the noise around me but it wasn’t the case this time round.

I woke up around 7AM yesterday morning and decided that I’m going to take Sister’s suggestion and go for sauna. I packed my toiletries to shower in the shower room provided at the fitness facilities. As I was the first to use the sauna room for the day, it wasn’t hot enough to my liking. I was in the sauna room for approximately 15 minutes. My freshly washed hair was almost half dry but my body didn’t perspire at all under the heat. At the end of the day, sauna didn’t work for me.

I went for a massage session yesterday evening with a Chinese masseur yesterday evening. I swallowed two Voltaren pills yesterday before sleep to ease the ache and sore. The ache is better now but the pressed areas were sore at the moment. At least, I slept better yesterday than the night before. LOL!

Before I tire you out of boredom, let’s get started with what I intend to blog for today …

I picked Andrea from her place after dropping Mom off at the place of my colleague’s sister. I arranged to pick up Andrea at 9:30AM but there was a queue at the Malaysian border. It was about 10AM by the time I picked Andrea up. We stopped by Pullman Miri Waterfront first so that I could deposit some of my stuffs which couldn’t be left in the car due to the heat.

Our first choice of breakfast was Little Roast Co. located at Marina Square but savories were unavailable at the time. We decided to leave since there wasn’t much options for us to choose from. I asked Andrea if she’s okay with eating 生肉面 and she agreed. We walked looking for 萬香生肉面 but couldn’t find it. I surrendered and we drove to Koffee Brick instead as I know that they are serving brunch since 8AM.

Cappuccino | RM8

Chai Tea Latte | RM10

As usual, Cappuccino for Andrea and Chai Tea Latte for me. I will always go for non-coffee drink if given the chance. Koffee Brick serves both Chai Tea Latte and Matcha Latte. Their Chai Tea Latte is decent but slightly too sweet for my liking. It would be nicer if it had been less sweet.

Mentaiko Pasta | RM22

codfish roe, kewpie mayonnaise, shrimp, spaghetti, garlic bread

Andrea had this and it was served with seaweed as topping. The portion looked generous. Taste wise, it was average according to Andrea. The pasta wasn’t dry despite appearing to be with little bit of sauce at the bottom of the plate.

Smoked Salmon Panini | RM24

smoked salmon, cheddar cheese, haricots, chips

I personally find pasta too heavy for me at the time so I chose to go for their sandwiches. They have 4 types of sandwiches to choose from their menu but it was only Smoked Salmon Panini which appeals the most to me. When this was being served me in front of me, I was surprised that the chips which they stated on their menu is actually the regular chips instead of french fries version of chips. LOL!

You get to choose the kind of bread that you prefer for your sandwich and they have wholemeal, rye and baguette. I went for wholemeal. I only ate a bit of the chips but the Smoked Salmon Panini was good. The smoked salmon wasn’t as salty as some others which I had tried before.

Koffee Brick
Lot 1943,
Marina Park City Phase 2,
Miri, 98000,

07122017 / Jade Well Restaurant

I went out early for breakfast yesterday morning. I chose Jade Well as it’s located along the way from home to workplace. I spring cleaned my office yesterday so I started off the day with a heavy breakfast. I would usually avoid heavy breakfast but I gave myself a break yesterday under the excuse that I needed the carbs to last me through the day. I’m not sure how much calories are burnt but I got aches all over my body this morning. LOL!

Fried Kueh Tiaw | B$3.50

I had Fried Kueh Tiaw as I’m not much of a fan for yellow noodles unless I feel like it. I liked that the noodles are cooked to the dark shade which I love. The noodles looked greasy but it was surprisingly not as greasy as I anticipated it to be.

Taste wise, I’m not sure if I’m having weird taste bud yesterday but it was rather bland so I added quite a fair amount of their blended chilies. Instead of using chicken breast, they used the flesh from the chicken thigh this time round.

Jade Well Restaurant
No: 16, Bangunan Ben Kassim & Hajah Zaliha,
Simpang: 440,
Kampung Sungai Tilong,
Jalan Muara,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam