Frozen Yogurt @ Tutti Frutti

This was my second visit to Tutti Frutti since it’s opening few months ago. Sister wanted to try Tutti Frutti in Brunei since she tried Mochi when she was back for last Chinese New Year. She personally thinks that the frozen yogurts served at Mochi were too sour as compared to Tutti Frutti. Tutti Frutti offers the sweeter version of frozen yogurts with different flavors to choose from. The frozen yogurt offered at Mochi is more authentic and has concentrated level of yogurt while the frozen yogurt offered at Tutti Frutti is more diluted and tasted more like ice-cream. I’ve tried Blitz before and to be honest, I liked Blitz more than Mochi.

I’ve posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and Jia commented on it saying that I was “kiasu” to have so many toppings on my frozen yogurt. “Kiasu” is actually a Chinese slang, which means competitive. I wasn’t the one who filled up the cup. Sister did. I only added in the toppings like Coco Crunch and Fruits Loop. We chose the medium sized cup which is green in color. We had three different flavors of frozen yogurts – Cookie N Cream, Chocolate and Strawberry Banana.

Sorry for the unappealing presentation of our frozen yogurt. Tutti Frutti is on self-service mode. You choose the size of cup that you wanted and you fill your cup as much as you want as long as they don’t flow out. Proceed to the payment counter to weigh your cup and the Cashier will tell you how much your cup of frozen yogurt would cost you. The total weight for our frozen yogurt was 345g and it cost us B$10.90 after 10% discount.

If you don’t like sour dessert, Tutti Frutti and Blitz would be the right choice for you. But if you do fancy sour dessert and are a big fan of frozen yogurt, Mochi will be your cup of tea then.

Click here if you wish to read my review on Tutti Frutti on my first visit few months ago.

Tutti Frutti
G27, Ground Floor,
Citis Square, Berakas,
Negara Brunei Darussalam.


From Ing.

She asked me to choose a color that I like. I thought she wanna buy one for herself. So, I chose red. I personally do think that roses look better in red. I could be wrong, this is all based on personal preference actually.

But she preferred light purplish rose actually. Then she found this peach colored rose. She asked which one is better, purple or peach? I thought peach looked better. Then she bought one and gave it to me. *sweat*

But, thanks anyways. 🙂

Chinese New Year 2012

I know this came way too late but my Adobe Photoshop got screwed up. No idea why. Tried to re-install the whole software but no such luck. I guess I should just stick with Picasa for the time being until I can find a way to fix it. Chinese New Year was no difference this year with the years before except that Sister came home  from China to celebrate CNY with us. Our family Chinese New Year traditions had been the same every year. We can only sleep after midnight. People called it 守岁, pronounced as Shou Sui in Chinese. I was too tired that night and went Bedfordshire a while after the clock hits 12 midnight (got this dry humor from one of the chicklits that I am currently reading).

We went to the temple in town the next morning some time around 9a.m. in the morning. Took a shower and then get dressed with the new clothes that I bought for this CNY. I had my hair blown dry properly at the salon on the night before coz it’s a tradition that you are not allowed to wash your hair on the first day of CNY.

Some random “aunty” doing her prayers at the temple.

The grounds around the temple were filled with the remains of firecrackers when we got there. It looked like they had a huge performance going on the previous night. But it looked good!

I loved how my hair looked like from the side. This is the first time in my life that I had bob cut. But hairstylist said that I should not go for short hairstyles anymore, they don’t suit me. *cry*

Not forgetting to camwhore. Hahaha … 😛

Kindly please do not ask why there are no pictures of house visiting or bla bla bla like what other bloggers. Reason being, I do not do any house visit this year and yet I still get my red packets courtesy to my Sister (she must be screaming inside her head when she read this). Hahaha …

We went to NBT Toyota on the seventh day of Chinese New Year for photo shoot session. Had Dim Sum Brunch Buffet at Goldiana Cafe & Lounge, Orchid Garden Hotel with family and friends.

Orchid flowers display at Orchid Garden Hotel. 🙂

My art work! Hahaha … xD

Mom and I.

We arrived at NBT Toyota at around noon time after we finished our brunch. There weren’t so many people when we got there but the crowd started to get bigger a while after. Looks like everyone is grabbing the opportunity to take good shots before NBT is taking down the displays.

I think the overall designs for this year was just average compared to those from few years back. They had Bugs Bunny on rabbit zodiac year and Disney characters on rat zodiac year. Apparently, dragons are hard to make. That was why they only had two mini dragons!

One last picture of me at NBT Toyota.

Sunday Day Out

I was out for the whole day yesterday. Well, not exactly the whole day. I was out in the morning to withdraw some money from the ATM. Then went back to Company to do some grocery shopping since they have Sunday Market on every Sunday. Came back home at around 11ish in the morning. Jia and I have made some plans earlier to go out in the afternoon. She arrived at my place around 1PM in the afternoon with Jenny. There was no water supply at her place so she came over to my place for shower.

We set out from home before 2PM. Went to Batu Besurat as I needed to trim my hair. The previous haircut was a disaster as the ends started to curl. And it’s shorter now and I doubt whether it will grow to the length that I want before I go on a holiday to Singapore in May. Did my hair at Ago Go Too Beauty Salon. The hairstylist asked me whether I had long or short hair previously. I said long and she asked what makes me decide to go for short hair this time. I said I am bored and tired of long hair. Hahaha … And guess what she answered me? “Never ever cut your hair short again next time coz it’s not the kind of hairstyle that you should go for.” 😥

It actually doesn’t look short on the frontal view. It looked more like shoulder length hair. But to be exact, it’s actually cropped hairstyle with longer sides. Hahaha …

Jia | Trying to scare me off with her blue contacts. Hahaha … 😉

We went to Golden Leaf at Batu Besurat after I had my haircut as Jia and Jenny have yet had their breakfast or lunch. I on the other hand had lunch before I came out decided to have high tea earlier. Hahaha …. 🙂

Jia’s Char Siew and Roasted Duck

I ordered Cakoi Kahwin to share. The Cakois were too hard and the margarine spread was too much.

Butter Milk Thick Toast

I think I can make better Hot Milo than them. *sweat*

Ice Blended Grass Jelly & Longan with Milk

I went to have pedicure at AMO Salon after we were done with our meals. It wasn’t crowded when we arrived. I expected the place to be full house since it’s near to Chinese New Year. But fortunately, it’s not! I hate doing everything at the very last minute though I tend to be like that sometimes. To avoid the last minute rush, I had my pedicure done two weeks before Chinese New Year. Some people may think that it’s too early. But if you were able to maintain properly, the colors and designs shall last till Chinese New Year. My ingrown nails started to irritate me. Therefore, I had no choice but to do my Chinese New Year pedicure earlier. 😀

Applying base coat.

Applying glitters and crystal stones.

The final outcome … *drums rolling*

I actually wanted the flowers to be in 3D design but hell knows why it turned out to be like this. And I only paid B$14.00 for all these! Cheap or not? I would say the cheapest in town! I have tried so many places in town and they are not as cheap as this. I would highly recommend this place if you are a big fan of fancy nail arts, be it 3D or non 3D.

We had dinner at Gripps Cafe at Kiulap as we do not know where to go anymore after Jia and Jenny bought some hair accessories from Deseo at Regent Square, Kiulap.

Tuna Mayo Puffy Cheese Thick Toast

I can say that this comes from the Cadbury Hot Chocolate powder as there is no single hint of cocoa powder!

My Shopping Haul!

Well, don’t get so excited just yet coz this is not any grand shopping haul that you had in mind. I was at The Mall, Gadong few days ago to send my phone to Dee Jay Service Centre to have it upgraded to Android Gingerbread version as the version that my phone was previously running on was no longer able to support the apps that I was using. It kept on crashing on me whenever I accidentally tapped on the Facebook icon on my phone screen. And I was unable to get into Android market. I thought my phone is about to die on me any time when it wishes to. I even thought about trading it in and get a new iPhone 4.

Then I asked a friend who also happened to be using the same model as I do. He told me to send my phone to Dee Jay Service Centre so that they can upgrade to Android Gingerbread version. At the same time, I was also being told that Samsung Galaxy i9000 will no longer be upgradable after Android Gingerbread version. Meaning that it’s time to change to another new phone when it starts to crash very often. But I am now a satisfied user of my phone. My phone felt like new despite a few scratches on the side. But it’s brain is brand new! Hahaha …

I can use Viber now. But I don’t really like the reception. The reception was pretty good at the beginning. But towards the end, you cannot hear properly what the other end was trying to say. And I miss my old Hello Kitty wallpaper. But I am starting to like the one I am using now. Serene looking! Hahaha …

I only bought two items. I was tempted to get a new bottle of perfume as my Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue is running low now. Hahaha … So intended to get a bottle of DKNY Be Delicious (Green Apple)! But I already had a bottle of DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom.

So, I got myself a new pair of flats for work. Can’t seem to find what I like but this is the closest I can get.

Most of my shoes were bought from SUMMIT. I like their designs and the comfort of wearing it. Normally, they were able to last me for a longer period compared to the shoes of other brands.

Not the best design, I would say. But this is the closest I can get!

It’s been a while since I last bought a fiction novel. I went into Best Eastern and got myself one. It’s been a while since I last read a book unless you called magazine a book! Hahaha … Got If I Were You. The synopsis of the book was pretty interesting. I am still reading the first few pages. 😳