Of Random Things #72

A colleague of mine bought me a slice of Carrot Cake from Cake Rush, Miri last Friday and I had it for breakfast yesterday morning.


Carrot Cake | RM6.80

Albeit it had been sitting in the fridge for like three days, the cake ain’t dry at all. Majority of the Carrot Cake sold in Brunei has a hint of cinnamon but this one didn’t. Instead of the usual cream cheese frosting, this one is the baker’s own creation frosting.

San Diann, Clara and I will be heading to Miri for a weekend overnight trip in the mid of this month and I will definitely bring them to try out Cake Rush in Miri. Had booked myself a room at Kingwood Boutique Hotel some time last week in case the room got booked out fast. Reviews of the said hotel had been good. So, hopefully it is as good as the reviews claimed to be.

Been catching up on this drama series for the past few days and it was surprisingly good. I don’t usually like those long Taiwanese drama series but this one has the kind of humor which I like. And the soundtracks were pretty good too!

Especially this one!

From Singapore


I have finally gotten my first ever Coach product. It’s only a wallet though. It’s not the model that I wanted. The model that I wanted is only available in the States. And even if I were to fly to the States, I doubt they have the model anymore. So, my Sister helped me scouting for the product which I may like. She even showed me that there are various selection of Guy Laroche wallets selection. But I decided to go for a more feminine touch this time. I used to like Guy Laroche for their wallets. As a matter of fact, I still like their designs but those I liked are mostly for men.

Let me show you what I got from Coach.


I showed Andrea a picture of my wallet and she said it’s old! Perhaps it was part of her revenge coz I said Prada is more for people over the thirties. *sweat* My wallet is made out of small leather and it may cause “wrinkles” to form. I got this for S$315. According to Sister, this is from their latest season and it only just arrived. The smell of the leather is still strong probably because it’s still new.  I am given a year warranty for the wallet. If any part of the wallet is deformed in within a year, I could bring it over to the nearest Coach outlet for free repair.

One thing which I don’t like about the wallet is the limited compartments for card storage. There were only 6 compartments altogether. So, I have to store my remaining cards in the coin compartment (not that I have a lot of credit cards, but membership cards!).

Anyways, I have also asked my Sister to get me a few skincare products from Singapore coz they are a lot cheaper than Malaysia and Brunei. Got myself a bottle of Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener Alcohol Free. Gonna use it with my Kose compressed cotton facial sheet mask instead of my usual Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener.


This is S$7 per pack with 15 tablets inside. Haven’t try it out yet. But I think Sister got me the wrong thing. The one I wanted has got the brand Kose embossed onto the compressed cotton facial sheet mask itself.


Branded compressed cotton sheet masks will have a compartment for the tablet when you drench them with either mineral water or alcohol free toner. Those non-branded ones which you can get cheaply from your local drugstores rarely has the kind of compartment.

Another highlight product from Singapore is Kose Seikisho Mask White. Don’t be deceived by the product name. The mask is not white in color but black! Shall show you all next time when I have tried the product. This is S$35 from Sephora. It’s a lot cheaper if you can get them from the duty free shops at Changi International Airport for S$26.70. Click here if you are interested.


Gonna end today’s entry with a picture of Steamed Muffins with a packet of Hokkaido yogurt drink. Hahaha …


My Perfume Stash

I’ve been wanting to do this post since days ago but haven’t got the time to do it. And I am gonna do it today. I am too tired to think of anything else. If you have been following closely on my blog entries, you would have known that I am currently facing a work crisis which I chose to ignore completely from now onwards. No point of dwelling over the past! Anyways, let’s not talk about the past. What matters the most now is what is gonna happen tomorrow and the future. 😀

I have a ridiculous collection of perfumes. Maybe not that ridiculous to you but to me it is. Hahaha … These perfumes came when I am stressed and desperately in need of retail therapy. When I am stressed with work or personal life, the one thing which I will always buy is perfume. This is how I landed with so many perfumes. However, if I can’t find any perfume that I want, I will go for a pedicure. Nicely manicured nails make me happy! 🙂

I planned for a retail therapy tomorrow. Maybe not, just window shopping as I am so broke this month. I shall give my new car a baby shower tomorrow morning. Hahaha … xD

Anyhow, let’s start with what I am supposed to do. 🙂

1. VERA WANG Princess (Limited Edition)

The reason why I bought this in the first place was because I loved the shape of the bottle. It’s in heart shape. And the perfume bottle opener comes in the form of a crown ring design. You can wear it as a ring or hang it on your necklace as a pendant, if I am not mistaken. But I don’t do any of them that I just mentioned. The ring is always intact with the perfume all the time. In terms of the smell, it’s quite flowery. It’s something that you will love the first time you smelled it, but got bored with it over time. Well, it’s the same situation for most perfumes. 😛

2. HUGO BOSS Femme

This is my all-time favorite. I usually save this perfume for special occasion or maybe a date? Hahaha … Just kidding. Frankly speaking, I don’t use this as often as I used the rest as the scent could be pretty strong. It makes you feel feminine when you use it. At least, that’s what I felt.

3. Lancome Miracle So Magic!

I used to like this perfume a lot before I bought it. As a matter of fact, my favorite among all other perfumes before I can afford to buy perfumes for myself. Unfortunately, I regretted instantly after buying it as I don’t think I like it as much as I used to anymore. *sigh* Bad decision! But I still use it once in a while when I feel like it. But most of the time, I use it as my purse deodorizer. Call me a freak or a weirdo, I don’t care!

4. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Took me a long time before I decided to buy it. Hahaha … I use this as much as I use my Vera Wang Princess. But if you sprayed too much, the smell can be a bit overwhelming too! But I still prefer the original version more. The one which is in green color and has green apple scent.

5. GUCCI Envy Me

Aha! This is my first ever branded perfume which I bought with my own savings! Hahaha … Used to be crazy about it few years ago and had used it almost everyday. “Fastest draining” perfume compared to the rest. I don’t use this as much as I used to nowadays.

6. Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue

This has the lightest and most refreshing scent I ever smelled. I usually use this whenever I am moody and has been using it quite a lot lately. Frankly speaking, most of my perfumes have it’s special theme. Like HUGO BOSS Femme, I only use it on special occasion and so on. 😛

7. Paris Hilton

Haven’t use much of this bottle of perfume. I had forgotten what tempted me to buy it in the first place. I shall update about it when I remembered why. Hahaha …