We are the Furballs (WTF)

As promised, here comes my installment of the dog cafe which we all went to while I was in Singapore earlier last month. Dog cafe was originally not in our group itinerary as Sister and I planned to take a cab to The Poodle Cafe the next day when we will be on our own. But decided to go earlier as we do not have anything planned for the night while waiting for King to arrive for supper.

Before you are allowed into the “playground” of the dog cafe, you will be required to hand over a photo ID for the purpose of age verification. It could be your passport, driver’s license, identity card, staff ID or any form of ID which bears your picture. You will then be given an A4 sized leaflet to read on their rules and regulations. This is done so to ensure the safety of both guests and dogs.

Entrance fee is S$12.50 for the first two hours on Friday to Sunday, Public Holiday and eve of Public Holiday. S$2.50 for subsequent half an hour. Entrance fee includes one complimentary beverage from from the fridge.

Let’s get started, shall we?



I don’t think the picture is pretty clear of what breed she is. You know Lady & The Tramp? She is the Lady. LOL! Of course, she is not the same Lady but they are of the same breed.



This happened when I had a treat in my hand. She just came to me and sat on my lap waiting for the treat. Think we patronized her for quite a bit just to have a few shots taken. So, she looked rather restless and bored in the second picture. LOL!



I had quite a few other pictures of Bui Bui but mostly had Andrea in it. Not sure if she is keen of me showing her face on my blog albeit I had already done so in my previous few blog entries. LOL! Bui Bui is Andrea’s favorite dog among them all. She wasn’t playing favorite here but she just preferred French Bulldog over others. Reason being, they are “low maintenance” quote Andrea. LOL!

French Bulldog does not shed as much fur as compared to Poodle, Maltese, Shihtzu or any other breed for that matter. Second, they have fairly minimal exercise needs. So, you do not require to walk them often which suits Andrea just perfectly. LOL! She is thinking of adopting one in the near future.



Woolly is a Terrier breed. My favorite of all albeit he/she is the most greedy and fierce one when it comes to food.


Taken when Woolly was laying just next to me and next thing I knew Woolly had it’s head snuggling on my thigh as pillow. LOL! It did not last long but it was good enough.



Slinky is a Dachshund breed if I am not mistaken. Slinky is always staying by the corner most of the time while we were there.



Mochi is the most demure looking dog and shy as compared to the others. She gets frightened rather easily so it was pretty hard to take a picture with her. No selfie of us with her, if you are wondering. LOL!



Not sure what is his/her name but I think it was Muffy or Muffin. I will just stick with Muffy as I remembered them calling out Muffy instead of Muffin. Muffy was on a special diet at the time when we were there. So, Muffy was not allowed to be fed.



Yuki-chan is a Pomeranian breed, if I am not mistaken. Yuki-chan stays on the bench most of the time whereas the others walk around. LOL! Yuki-chan is more of a relaxing kind of dog.


Here’s Sister trying to get Yuki-chan to held out his/her paw in return for a treat. LOL! I have some videos of the doggies in which I have yet uploaded.

We are the Furballs (WTF)
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