Christmas Decorations 2012 @ EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

Jia, Ing, Yen and I were at the EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club this afternoon for some photo shooting. It was Jia’s idea coz she needs to make a special photo album for a special someone. But unfortunately, I think I set the resolution wrongly, hence most of the pictures came out to be grainy. Most of the pictures had Jia and Ing faces looked extremely pale. Should have used my other mini camera. *sigh*

Christmas decorations at EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club this year are exactly the same like the previous year. There’s the Christmas sledge but minus the reindeer, Mailbox to Santa, huge Snowman and so on.

Can’t think of anything much to write, so I’ll just show most of the pictures that we took this afternoon. As usual, Jia is my model but she had another companion this time – Ing. Hahaha … xD







Took me quite some time before I was able to snap the below picture because there were lots of other people were taking pictures of the tiny houses behind the Christmas sledge.



Ing peek-a-booing into the Santa’s Mailbox. Apparently, some of the kids did write small wishing notes to Santa!


Digging for her Christmas present from the fireplace …


and she got a Christmas candy! Hahaha … xD



At first, it was only Ing and I taking pictures with the window frame. But later, Ing asked Jia to join in. I chose the best two which I am fond of.



A candid shot of the three of us! Ing said that Jia looks like a model on the above picture.

Ending with my proudest artwork ….


Photoshoot @ EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

It’s been a while since I am in the mood of photo taking. But of course, I wouldn’t be the model but the photographer. Decided to test the new camera which I bought over from my Sister last April. But unfortunately, I think I wasn’t able to fully utilize the camera. Most of the pictures turned out to be a huge disappointment. Some were grainy under broad daylight. Seriously? It’s time for me to get a rather decent camera.

Pictures ahead, kinda lazy to write a lengthy blog post.

Presenting you my model of the day – Jia.

All these pictures posted in this entry were my personal favorites and none of them was edited with picture editing software. I think Jia is so gonna kill me for posting these pictures. It’s alright, I took pride with all my work. Hahaha …

And ending with one last picture which I learnt from my Sister. Hahaha …

Christmas Decorations @ EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

I once asked a friend of mine why she doesn’t read my other blog entries. She said I only blog about food reviews and not gossips. Hahaha … So, I was wondering what kind of gossips she wished to read. If I am able to write about gossips, I could have been a newspapers’ entertainment column journalist.

Anyways, let’s get back to what I intended to do in the first place. Jia and I went to EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club to have a look at their Christmas decorations. The place was nicely decorated. I am not sure how it looks like during evening hours. But unless you have a good camera, I wouldn’t advise photo shooting at night.

Let me warn you first, this is a picture heavy blog entry. Maybe not that heavy compared to other blogs but it’s considered as heavy to me. Hahaha ….

And yet she is trying to trespass. Hahaha …. xD

Jia and I

Some random little kids playing “Hide n Seek”

I like the below picture the most. Sometimes, we would always wish for the impossible things. At least I do. I do remember that I once wished for a time machine whereby I could turn back time and reset whatever bad things that had happened. But when you think back, it seems to be the most ridiculous thing to do and even think about it back then. Hahaha …

Santa Mailbox! Write a letter to Santa Claus and he shall grant you your wish. Hahaha … How I wish it to be true!

Frosty The Snowman and me. xD

Another camwhore picture of us!

Jia said that she liked the above picture the most coz she looked so slim in there. *sweat*

We ended our photo shooting session earlier than expected as I cannot stand the heat. I am almost dying of thirst. Not sure whether it’s because of the heat or the MSG in the food that we had earlier on. So, we decided to go Times Square for a drink. We went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I ordered for a regular size of Ice Blended Double Chocolate Peppermint Latte. Specially requested them to reduce the ice “dosage”. I usually had Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream Latte. But decided to go for a change this time. 😀