Of Random Things #68: Miri Shopping Buys

Was in Miri for a day trip yesterday as I had to run some errands at MAS counter at Miri Airport as the counter in Brunei had been shut down since months ago. Hence, the nearest counter would be the one in Miri. Decided to go down yesterday as Ing was convenient for a meet up.

We met up over breakfast and some shopping before she goes out to do her Amway stuffs while I met up with Alan for lunch. I tried myself some clothing at the boutique shops in Imperial Permaisuri City Mall. It used to be me wandering around boutique shops aimlessly while Ing tried on clothing. However, it was the other way round this time round.

Ever since I started losing weight, I started to take an interest back in fashion again. LOL! So, let me show you what I had tried on and bought.


PADINI Concept Store | RM39

I took an L size for this dress as I could not find an M size on display. It fitted my body perfectly without feeling tight around the waist. The fabric texture is completely stretchable. When I first tried it on, Ing said it looked nice on me. Well, I thought so too as the length was good enough to carry off as work attire.

Pair it with a piece of cardigan, you are good to go and looking formal and neat enough. When I showed this picture to Sister, she said it looked like a costume for a nurse. *wtf* And Kaylie said it looked like a dress for a waitress. *double wtf*

Both colleague and Mom said this looked nice. Sister finds this dress design to be rather oldish than trendy. However, if you had been following the trend lately, fashion trend nowadays had gone way back to the 80’s.



Tried this on but without buying it as I find the price does not justify with the quality. B$30 for that quality was kinda out of mind. But if you want something elegant and yet casual at the same time, this was good enough.

I liked this dress as it kinda showed my body figure in an M size. But what I don’t like was the plunging neckline. But Mom could always fix it up with some kind of buttons though. Colleague and Mom didn’t like this black dress but Sister and Ing preferred this over the blue dress.


1-Day J&J Acuvue Moist | RM110

I used to be a contact lens wearer but not often anymore as I preferred eyeglass over contact lens nowadays. But I still wear it sometimes when I feel like it especially when I am on a holiday whereby I need sunglasses.

Rather than buying monthly contact lenses, I now wear daily disposable ones. That way I don’t have to worry about my contact lenses from being contaminated or whatsoever. I am currently using Focus brand but I still prefer J&J over Focus.

Chinese New Year Shopping Hauls – Part. 1

Good morning!

Decided to do a post on the things which I bought last Sunday evening from The Mall. It’s not much since I am trying to save extra bucks for my upcoming holiday vacation to Melbourne and Gold Coast in less than 3 weeks!


PUREDERM Moisturizing Cucumber Pack | PUREDERM Hydro Soothing Aloe Pack | PUREDERM Vitalizing Green Tea Pack | PUREDERM Tomato Yogurt Pack

If you are a massive Korean beauty junkie, you would know what does Pack means on their product. Literally speaking, Koreans use the word “Pack” to define “Mask”. In Western countries, they used the word term “Mask”. But it’s not the case for Korean products. I bought 4 of PUREDERM Pack at the price of B$1.00 each. Not sure if they are good enough. I shall try try and review them soon. So, stay tune.


Original Retail Price: B$32.90, Member Price: B$29.60

Bought a pair of flats from U.R.S & Inc. Found this at their outlet in Times Square but the lady owner told me that Size 38 is the last pair that they have. So, I went to the outlet at The Mall instead but they don’t have Size 39. I am a Size 38 for majority shoes cutting but this one was a little bit too tight for me. But the sales staff assured me that the fabric would expand in like three days. The fabric wasn’t made out of PVC leather but suede so, it should be like how she assured me.


Got a headband from DESEO. Liked their accessories but honestly speaking, I think they were overpriced. Still I got one for myself since there was a 20% discount. This headband was originally priced at B$8.90 but with 20% discount, it was B$7.10 only.

Something off the topic as an end of today’s post.


Hello Kitty cookies from Ing. It tasted good, buttery and crunchy! They were too cute that I don’t have the heart to eat them. xD