Review: COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

For those of you who aren’t following K-beauty products, you might never heard of COSRX. Prior to watching joanday on YouTube, I had never heard of COSRX either and I got to know about Huxley at the same time. Some time last year, I started planning for a Seoul trip for this upcoming Chinese New Year. Sadly speaking, Mom is not much of a winter person as much as I do.

So, we changed plans and moved our destination elsewhere. Now that Seoul trip is no longer viable, I searched online to see if there’s any Malaysian website which sells Korean beauty products and I chanced upon Much to my surprise, carries both COSRX and Huxley! So, I got myself a fair share of innisfree, Huxley and COSRX products.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

I had been watching quite a bit of beauty vlogs recently and most of the beauty vloggers that I know of raved about this gel cleanser from COSRX. The cleanser comes in a clear and see through gel kind of consistency. The product claims to work well for sensitive, acne prone and oily skin type.

I can see why they say it works for acne prone skin as Tea Tree Oil is one of the ingredients listed. The cleanser doesn’t lather into a thick and creamy foam like some other facial cleansers which I previously used. It is more bubbly kind of foam. Fragrance wise, it is tea tree oil scented. If you do not prefer the scent of tea tree oil, perhaps you might not like the scent.

What I liked about this cleanser is that it wasn’t harsh on my skin and it didn’t strip skin moisture either due to the low pH. Having said that, I couldn’t really see much improvements of my skin after using this gel cleanser. It didn’t leave me with a wow impression either. Performance wise, I think Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser works better for me.

So, here’s what I think of COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser in a nutshell:

1. Affordable.
2. Gentle on the skin.
3. Doesn’t strip skin moisture.
4. Suitable for acne prone skin due to the tea tree oil ingredient.

1. Availability, can only be purchased online outside Korea.
2. No visible improvement on the skin.
3. Not a big fan of tea tree oil scent.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RM35 (

Repurchase? No


Review: Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream

It has been a while since I last did a skincare product review as I had been posting more of food related entries recently. I think it’s apt to do a review for Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream now that the product has hit bottom and I had requested Jennifer to get me a new eye cream when she was in KL couple of days ago. If you are interested to know which eye cream I got this time round, do stay tune for my next blog post!

When it comes to purchasing eye cream, it is always hard for me to decide which one to buy but certainly not the case when deciding on moisturizers. I tend to stick with the same moisturizer but I like to switch eye creams from time to time. A YouTube beauty vlogger highly recommended innisfree Orchid Eye Cream. I recently got a sample of the product and I am going to use it when I travel next month.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream

When Sister found out that I had been using Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream, she thought that it was too potent for my current skin but I thought otherwise. This one I thought was considered mild as compared to the other anti-ageing eye products from Lancôme.

I purchased this eye cream end of September last year when I attended the wedding of a close friend in Miri. Mom asked why didn’t I buy from Singapore when it’s usually cheaper. Well, it is for most brands but with the inflation of RM, buying from Malaysia can be more affordable nowadays. After a bit of Maths calculation, I found out it was about S$10 or RM30 cheaper in Malaysia.

The product has a light and yet creamy consistency. Some eye products tend to give breakouts of milia seeds under the eye areas but this product doesn’t. The product is easy to apply on the skin and it gets absorbed real quick. I can feel that my under eye skin area is moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.

The appearance of fine lines seems to have reduced but not completely as there are still some noticeable ones. If you are looking for an eye product which works for dark circles too, this one may not be for you. I don’t have obvious dark circles but it is rather noticeable when you look closely. If you are looking for an eye cream to tackle the dark circles, perhaps the whitening range?

So, here’s what I think of Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream in a nutshell:

1. Light and yet creamy consistency, doesn’t cause milia seeds breakout.
2. Fine lines are noticeably reduced.
3. Under eye areas are moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.
4. Price line is considered affordable for an anti-ageing product as compared to some other brands that I know of.

1. Doesn’t help much with the dark circles.

Price: RM233 (Parkson, Miri)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Repurchase? Yes

Review: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer

Having posted so many blog entries in relation to food, it’s fair enough to have a change in the scenery. Instead of blogging about food today, I shall do a review on Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer. This is the precedent product for Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturing Primer as the latter has been discontinued.

I had stocked up quite a bit of the Good Morning Retexturing Primer from Andrea during their warehouse clearance sale in September. When I tried out the sample of their Instant Perfecting Primer, I was sold. I liked the texture and consistency so much better. But thankfully, I got the Good Morning Retexturing at a cheap deal at two for S$30 only.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturing Primer has been one of my holy grail products since years ago. When I was first introduced to this product, I didn’t really like it. However, that was because I didn’t get the dose right and my face ended up looking all greasy and shiny. I reduced the dose and the amount worked well. I liked the matte finishing that my skin felt after application and I had been using the said product for years.

The improved version however is a bit different compared to the previous one, both in terms of texture and finishing. The texture of Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer is more on the powdery side and in skin color. It works quite like a BB Cream but without SPF coverage and drier in texture.

I liked that the product gives a smooth, natural and velvety finishing. Despite that the product comes in skin color, it doesn’t leave your skin looking as if it had been heavily made up. The product has no fragrance hence making it suitable for those who doesn’t like heavily scented makeup product.

Some may wonder how to use this product. I am no makeup junkie but as much as I know, primer is supposed to go on your face before you slap your makeup products onto your skin. This one however is to be used as your last step of makeup. I use it as my last step of my morning skincare routine as I don’t use makeup.

So, here’s what I think of Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer in a nutshell:

1. Fragrance free.
2. Leaves a smooth, natural and velvety finishing on the skin after application.
3. Comes in skin color for a natural look finishing.
4. Doesn’t break out on my skin.

None that I could think of.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: B$60

Repurchase? Definitely! As a matter of fact, I had stocked up on my second.

Review: fresh Soy Face Cleanser

It has been a while since I last did a skincare product review as I had been blogging more on food recently. I hadn’t been buying new skincare products hence the lack of skincare updates. I am more of a stickler nowadays to the ones that do good to my skin. I stick to my basic essentials but alternating in between when it comes to makeup removers and facial cleansers.

My impression of fresh was limited in the beginning. Honestly speaking, I thought fresh is a Korean made skincare product but it was only later when I found that it’s an American made product. fresh has minimalist design and packaging. Despite so, they ain’t any cheaper than the regular Japanese or Korean skincare products which I had been using.

fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I bought this from the duty free shop at Singapore Changi Airport on my way back to Brunei back in July. I don’t use this as my regular cleanser due to it’s quantity. I find the size convenient for traveling. Hence I had been bringing this with me whenever I go Miri for an overnight stay or my vacation to Singapore.

I started using this on my Miri overnight trip back in September. Mom was telling me that she had forgotten to pack her facial cleanser in her overnight bag. I unsealed the packaging and handed her this to use. And guess what was Mom’s first impression of the said product after using it? She didn’t like the product as much as I do. She doesn’t like that the cleanser doesn’t lather into foams and it left her face feeling “oily” after rinsing.

True enough, the cleanser doesn’t lather like other facial cleansers do and that’s because the product came without sulfate. The texture is more towards the gel side instead of paste like texture. Fragrant wise, it is cucumber scented which smells refreshing for me.

I like that the cleanser is not harsh on my skin. When I had my first makeover back in September, I used this facial cleanser to remove all makeup after Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil. I am extremely pleased with the outcome after having removed all makeup. The facial cleanser managed to clean the last trace of makeup and dirt off my face very well, leaving a clean, clear, soft and supple skin after wash.

So, here’s what I think of fresh Soy Face Cleanser in a nutshell:

1. Mild and gentle cleanser without stripping the skin’s moisture.
2. Refreshing cucumber scent.
3. Leaves a clean, clear, soft and supple skin after wash.
4. Removes traces of makeup and dirt off very well.

1. Expensive.
2. Not available locally.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: S$21 (50ml)

Repurchase: Yes!

Review: innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water

I came across innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water when I was in Shanghai September 2016. I contemplated whether to buy it or not but ended up not buying it as I wasn’t sure how much weigh limit do I still have with my luggage at the time. When I was skincare shopping at the duty free shop of Singapore Changi Airport, I found out that they are having this promotion whereby you get extra discounts off for K-beauty products with minimum purchase of two items and above.

I think the promotion is still ongoing as I still get the same promotional discount when I was at Singapore Changi Airport earlier this month. I guess this promotion would last quite long but it doesn’t apply for online shopping at iSHOPCHANGI. You have to be physically there to enjoy such benefit. Without further ado, let’s get started with our skincare review for today!

innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water

I’m not sure if you guys remember. I went through a phase whereby I had been totally obsessive towards cleansing water to the extent that I still have four to five cleansing waters storing in my skincare drawer as we speak. Reason being, I find them hassle free, effective and convenient to use on lazy days.

The packaging is a sturdy one. What’s so special about this product is the dispenser. Instead of the turning the bottle upside down to release the content before usage, this one comes with a pump dispenser whereby all you need to do is to place the cotton pad on top of the pump and press downward. I press about four to five times per usage to wet the cotton pad.

The fragrance, it is green tea scented with some added artificial fragrance (I think). It didn’t smell quite au naturale to me. I detected some alcohol scent in the cleansing water despite there wasn’t any alcohol listed in the ingredients’ description. I like that this cleansing water ain’t harsh on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple after rinsing. It is a habit of mine that I must rinse my face after using cleansing water before following by my facial cleanser at the time.

Performance wise, it lives up to my expectation. It removes my eyebrow pencil, dirt and grimes off my face easily. However, I could not vouch for the effectiveness when it comes to removing heavy makeup. Most importantly, this cleansing water doesn’t give me any skin breakout problem.

So, here’s what I think of innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water in a nutshell:

1. Removes eyebrow pencil, dirt and grimes off my face very well.
2. Comes with a pump dispenser.
3. Doesn’t cause me any skin breakout problem.
4. Leaving skin feeling soft and supple after usage.
5. Ain’t harsh on my skin.

1. Green tea scented which doesn’t smell quite au naturale to me.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: S$15.30

Repurchase? No