Bath & Body Works Buys!

On my last trip to Singapore earlier this month, I went on a day trip to Johor Bahru (JB) via private car transportation service. I went with Mom and Sister. We met up with Annie for the day and she brought us shopping. Her initial intention was to bring us on a road trip to her hometown in Kluang but I wasn’t keen of spending most of the time on the road so we hit the shopping malls and Johor Premium Outlets (JPO).

Our last stop for the day was JPO which we didn’t shop till we drop. LOL! We didn’t spend a lot there but quite a fair amount at Bath & Body Works. Sister is as usual obsessed with candles and we bought some gifts for a friend too. I didn’t get much, only a candle and a hand soap.

White Barn Bergamot Waters | RM78

Both Sister and I love this scent the first instances we smelled it. It smelled very much alike Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. Sister got one for herself too and it was a 3 wick candle.

Bergamot Waters Creamy Luxe Hand Soap | RM35

This is probably my first ever expensive hand soap. It was on a promotion at two for RM70. Sister and I got one each for ourselves and we split the bill. I usually pump quite a bit per wash but I had been stingy with this. LOL!

The Body Shop Hauls

I accidentally pushed a mini sized Lancôme perfume which my aunt gave me onto the floor while taking my eye serum from the makeup cabinet just a while ago. My room now reeks of alcohol smell. I think Mom is going to ask what’s with the strong scent in my room when she opens the door tomorrow morning.

As promised, let me show you what I had bought from The Body Shop last Friday evening. It was my birthday earlier this month. As a member of The Body Shop, I am entitled to a couple of vouchers every year on my birthday month. So, I used the vouchers to buy some of the products which I had been wanting to get from The Body Shop but too pricey.


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Exfoliant Corporel | B$39.90

I had been wanting to get this since it was launched but I find the price too steep to be purchased in full price. So, I decided to use my 50% discount voucher on this product. To be honest, I like body wash liquids with green tea scent. I even had a bottle of green tea scented body wash liquid from Elizabeth Arden which I do not have the heart to finish and I still have more than half a bottle.


The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel | B$14.90

This is my second bottle. I bought the first bottle around June and I have yet finished it. I love the scent as it was close to the scent which I love from L’occitane. I think it was B$12.90 previously but it has now increased to B$14.90. Used my 20% discount voucher for this product.


The Body Shop Pencil Sharpener | B$5.90

When I was paying for my items, one of the BA informed me that I must purchase at least two items in order to use the 20% discount voucher. I cannot think of anything else to buy so I got myself this pencil sharpener. The eyebrow pencils which I had been using recently require sharpening when they turn blunt. So, this will come in handy in the near future. LOL!

Bath & Body Works

Some time ago last month, Jennifer and I met up at Flour & Butter Cafe when we both just returned home from our respective holiday trips. I returned from Shanghai while she returned from Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of the meet up was to exchange souvenirs and holiday stories.

We once discussed about scented candles. I mentioned to her that I will be going IKEA, Shanghai to stock up on scented candles and I did. But unfortunately, IKEA discontinued the range which I liked but I still managed to find a new scent which I like.

In between the conversation, she told me that the scented candles from Bath & Body Works are nice but expensive. But guess what? She bought me souvenirs cum advanced birthday present from Bath & Body Works.


This was the scented candle which she bought me as my advanced birthday gift. It smelled so nice that I do not have the heart to start using it. Jennifer mentioned that I should use it on the night of my birthday. And I have yet use it to date. LOL!


The lotions as souvenirs which she asked me to choose one and give the other one to Sister. As expected, Sister chose French Lavender & Honey over Endless Weekend. Coming up next – The Body Shop Hauls!

Of Random Things #67: Toiletries Hauls

I went to The Mall Gadong yesterday evening after work as my eyebrows needed a trimming badly and my nails needed a pedicure as my ingrown is starting to hurt me. Didn’t have anything in particular to buy so I just wandered inside Winmark and bought a couple of toiletries. I used to buy lots of skincare products previously. Now that I have a couple of preferred brands, I bought lesser.


Vaseline Lip Therapy | B$4.35

Bought this as I think my lips need some pampering too apart from my skin. LOL!  This Vaseline Lip Therapy comes in three flavors – Original, Cocoa Butter & Rose. I chose the original as I do not want to go to bed with flavors on my lips. Yes, I only apply this before I go to bed as I use a lipstick from Elizabeth Arden during the day.


Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave | B$4.00

Back in the uni days in UK, I was a big fan of Nivea shower creams as they smelled extremely luxurious to me. And drugstores like Boots and Superdrugs always have promotion like Buy One Get One Free. LOL!

Winmark used to carry quite a variety of Nivea shower creams that I like but they were no longer available at the moment. My all time favorite was Cashmere Moments but unfortunately it was not available yesterday. I wonder if Nivea discontinued Cashmere Moments and launched these new scents?


Olay Luscious Orchid Cleansing Body Wash | B$7.65

It is rare to find Olay cleansing wash in Brunei. This was by far the best scented one from Olay among the ones displayed on the shelf. Think I am gonna start using this once I am done with my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Energizing Bath & Shower Gel.