Singapore 2017 (Part 4) / S.E.A Aquarium

Here comes my last installment of our family trip to Singapore earlier this year during Chinese New Year. The reason why this blog entry came so overdue was that I had completely forgotten about this part of the trip. We covered S.E.A Aquarium on the same day as Universal Studios Singapore as it came bundled in a tour package we signed up for.

After gotten our tummy fixed with lunch, the four of us moved on to S.E.A Aquarium. The queue was long at first due to the lack of staff at the admission counter but it was resolved when another staff came to open up another admission counter. I am not going to write much in this blog entry but I will let the pictures do all the talking. LOL!

It took us less than an hour and a half to complete the tour inside S.E.A Aquarium. I think the four of us were not so interested in sea life as compared to botanical at Gardens by the Bay.

Played with the stuffed toys selling in the gift shop located nearby the exit of S.E.A Aquarium. We did not get anything for ourselves as the price was pretty steep and they will be left collecting dust on our bed anyways.

Pikachu was just leaving as we took the elevator up to the Ground Floor area. I think Pikachu spotted me trying to snap a picture and it was nice of him or her to do a turn around for a short while before leaving.

Our dinner was sorted at the Kopitiam outlet located inside Vivo City. We were starving and parents were looking tired from all the walking so we did not bother to look for options but settled with the easiest and quickest one.

Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw | B$5.00

Curry Laksa | B$5.00

I ordered myself a bowl of Curry Laksa as I was craving for something hot and spicy at the time. It was really burning hot and I ended up unable to finish even half of the noodles. Sister shared some with me and complained about the spiciness. I returned to the hotel with a weak bowel until the next morning due to the spiciness of the broth.

So, this summed up my entire Singapore trip earlier this year during Chinese New Year.

02042017 / Ximply Chriz Cafe

I woke up earlier today as my tummy did not feel that well and went for toilet break twice since waking up. No worry, it was not diarrhea but just a general detox in my body as I had drank fibre the night before. Since I am up early, I decided to do a blog entry before I shower and get ready for work.

Here is an overdue blog entry of my coffee session at Ximply Chriz Cafe with Jennifer earlier this month. We had our lunch at infinitea X I Say Yatta! before this. It had been a while since my last visit to Ximply Chriz Cafe and their Mango Cheesecake is one of the best in town.

Latte | B$4

I think this was Latte which I ordered and I remembered requesting mine with skimmed milk instead of regular full fat cream milk.

Mango Cheesecake | B$5

We were intrigued to try out their Tealight at first but decided not to when we found out that they used Teh Tarik for their Tealight. We were expecting a fancier tea blend like maybe Earl Grey? LOL!

Ximply Chriz Cafe
Unit 8, Block B,
Regent Square,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2234918

Of Random Things #101

I had finally finished watching both Behind Your Smile and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Both were good but the latter is a must watch if you have not. It was funny and yet cute at the same time. I have yet figured out which drama series to follow next but I think I will go ahead with Back to 1989 as online viewers’ ratings had been high despite my colleague mentioned to me that she did not like the storyline.

I had previously downloaded the entire series when it was just airing early last year but to find that the quality of the videos did not meet my expectation recently. So, I searched high and low for higher resolution videos. I managed to find a source which provides 1080P resolution. It was good quality but the sizes were huge. It was more than 2GB per episode. LOL!

Back to 1989

I am currently on Episode 1 and it was so far so good for me. I am curious of the hype about this drama series in the first place. Good looking leads, maybe? Both leads seem to be the power couple of the year when the drama was aired.

While I was transferring some drama series to Jennifer’s external hard disk at Flour & Butter Cafe the other day, we chatted about the storyline of the drama series which I had downloaded. To her, she thought that I had watched most of the drama series which I downloaded as I seem to know the storyline well. To be honest, I think I had only watched like less than half of the series which I downloaded.

I normally download them when they were first aired and keep for later use. The downloading websites which I frequents sometimes takes down series as soon as they were done airing due to patent rights, especially the Korean ones. However, I also do realize that I watched less of the Cantonese drama series nowadays. I had been trying to watch more of the drama series which do not require me to look at the subtitles for understanding.

Mind Hunter

I think I will watch Mind Hunter at the same time since I do not need subtitle to understand the drama. I had watched bits and bots of the episodes as I downloaded and it looked good to me.

Baking #131: Honey Yogurt Wholemeal Loaf

I came home to bake Honey Yogurt Wholemeal Loaf yesterday evening after dinner for breakfast this morning. I decided to attempt this recipe as it had been bookmarked on my phone since last Sunday. Parents went out for some grocery shopping when I came home so it made a perfect timing to start my baking preparation despite all I need to do is to dump the ingredients required into the bread pan and let the bread machine do all the hard work.

Honey Yogurt Wholemeal Loaf (adapted from Happy Home Baking)


  • 120g full cream milk, cold
  • 70g yogurt
  • 20g unsalted butter, cold
  • 30g honey
  • 40g caster sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 270g bread flour
  • 30g wholemeal bread flour
  • 1 tsp instant yeast


  1. Measure all ingredients in advance with measuring cups and spoons.
  2. Remove bread pan from bread machine and install collapsible paddle.
  3. Pour in ingredients in the following sequence – milk, yogurt, butter, honey, sugar, salt, bread flour, wholemeal bread flour and instant yeast.
  4. Wipe spillage outside the bread pan, if any.
  5. Return bread pan into the bread machine and close the lid.
  6. Choose setting (Basic – Normal) and press START.
  7. Wait for bread machine to finish all cycles before removing the bread pan from the bread machine.
  8. Leave bread loaf to cool on a cooling rack prior to slicing.

This was how my Honey Yogurt Wholemeal Loaf looked like after being sliced. The bread looked slightly dense to me in texture. It was not as soft and fluffy as my previous bakes of wholemeal loaves. However, the quality was not compromised.

The bread tasted sweet due to the honey and the honeycomb yogurt I used to make this loaf. I suggested to parents that they should eat the bread with the canola spread which I bought over the weekend and it was good.

16042017 / Flour & Butter Cafe

Jennifer and I met up at Flour & Butter Cafe last Sunday afternoon. We planned to meet for both lunch and coffee afterwards but decided to skip lunch and went ahead with coffee instead as I had late dim sum breakfast with San Diann, Clara and Shew Hiang in the morning. I was still full by then and I certainly did not want to stuff myself full again.

We met at Flour & Butter around 2PM in the afternoon. The cafe was not packed at the time. There were only a table or two of patrons at the time when I arrived. I guess it was due to the rain that puts people off from staying outdoor. It took both of us quite some time to choose a venue for coffee. Our main purpose of meeting up is so that I could pass her the media player which she bought and transfer some drama series into her external hard disk.

Our main priority is to find a venue which provides electric sockets for patrons to use their computers. Majority of the cafes in Brunei nowadays do not provide socket apart from the coffee franchises like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Starbucks Coffee. To be honest, I could not recall which cafe provides electric socket so we resorted to Flour & Butter Cafe. I did not know whether they have electric socket and it turned out that they have!

I see that Flour & Butter Cafe has new additions in their menu. I think Onion Rings was not in their menu yet on my last visit with San Diann and Clara. I actually wanted to try out their Onion Rings but my brain stopped me from doing so as I am trying to cut down as much carbs as possible. Despite saying so, I did otherwise and ordered Club Sandwich to share. LOL!

Chai Latte | B$5.50

Decided to stick to my usual favorite and went ahead with ordering Chai Latte for myself. To be honest, I preferred the Chai Latte which the owner himself made. This one however tasted more milky to me. I think the milk overpowered the taste of Chai.

Club Sandwich w/ Fries | B$10.90

The Club Sandwich is served along with regular or coffee fries of your choice. We had regular fries as Jennifer claimed that there was not much difference in between regular or coffee fries. Coffee fries are more MSG laden to me. Their Club Sandwich was good. It came with chicken burger fillet, omelette, coleslaw, lettuce and beef bacon.

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323