08082017 / Ajisen Ramen, Miri

My idea of lunch place for the day was Taiwan Cafe located around Boulevard area as per recommendation by one of my Mirian friends. However, I chose to ask another Mirian friend for his opinion prior to going. According to my friend, Taiwan Cafe has more choices for fried snacks than main course. After hearing such comment, I decided not to try out the place as Mom could not eat much fried food.

It suddenly struck me to bring her to Ajisen Ramen as Sister once told me that Mom loves pork broth ramen and the only place which serves the kind of ramen she likes is Ajisen Ramen. We did a bit of grocery shopping at Boulevard Hypermarket before heading to Ajisen Ramen. It was raining when we were about to exit the building. Thankfully, we came prepared with umbrellas.

Cha-Su Ramen | RM16.85

Mom and my colleague shared this bowl of Cha-Su Ramen as my colleague said she was still full with the coffee and cake from Cake Rush.

Curry Tonkatsu Set | RM16.85

I had this for myself as I do not feel like having ramen. You can choose between pork or chicken for this dish and green tea came complimentary with this rice dish set. All in all, this was a tummy filling dish but I find the pork cutlets to be overcooked in my opinion.

Verdict: The customer service was good in my opinion. My colleague was sweating buckets when we were there. I think their air-condition was not functioning properly or they did not switch on all units.

There was a leakage in the female washroom. I felt water dripping onto my head while in the toilet and only to find that there was a leakage on top of my head. I had given my feedback while paying for my food. The Cashier apologized and she informed me that she will make sure that the leakage in the washroom will be sorted out.

P/S: All prices are inclusive of GST charges.

Ajisen Ramen
Lot 2410, Ground Floor,
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
Block 5, MLCD,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085413292

26072017 / Excapade Shokudo

I requested for an early shift off work last Wednesday. Dad was not at home in the evening. So, I thought maybe I should head home early to do the laundry as majority of my work clothes require separation when washing to avoid them bleaching each other. Mom had accidentally “destroyed” my GAP skirt with partial blue stains from my denim jeans.

I intended to order takeaway in the first place as I thought the restaurant would be full as it was about payday period. However, the restaurant was surprisingly vacant with a table of family only. So, I resorted to in dining and caught up with a couple episodes of the Legal Mavericks while having dinner. It was a pure bliss to watch drama series while having dinner. LOL!

Salmon Salad | B$7

This is my current go to dish if I am trying to eat clean. I had been trying to eat clean as much as I could as I could feel the weight gain after my recent Singapore trip. Their salad dishes come with four dressing options and I always go for their Miso dressing without hesitation. I have yet try the remaining three dressings but I would like to try their Goma dressing next time.

Tori Katsu Maki | B$3.20

I ordered a side of Tori Katsu Maki as I needed my carbs for dinner. The rice was rather overcooked in my opinion. And guess what? The Tori Katsu Maki paired extremely well with the Miso dressing from my Salmon Salad. I wondered if Snofood is selling Miso dressing. Does anyone here has seen Miso dressing at Snofood?

Excapade Shokudo
5, Ground Floor,
Block A, Bangunan Desa Delima,
Jalan Muara,
Kampung Pancha Delima,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2335512

18062017 / Excapade Sushi, Regent Square

It was Father’s Day last Sunday so I brought parents out for dinner at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square. I think Dad likes to eat sashimi so I chose Excapade Sushi as they were having promotion with Standard Chartered Bank Debit and Credit Card.

You are entitled to 35% off your dining bill with minimum spending of B$50 but discount will be capped at B$50. It is only applicable during Ramadhan weekends until 25 June 2017. The restaurant was so packed on that evening due to Father’s Day celebration. Thankfully, I called in in advance for reservation or else we would have to wait for table when we arrived.

Without further ado, let’s get started on what we had the other night. I ordered the most expensive dishes first so that it would not be hard to reach the minimum spending quota. LOL!

Tekka Maki | B$2.20

Oshinko Maki | B$2.20

Unagi Maki | B$4.00

Kamikaze Roll | B$4.00

Mom wanted this the moment she saw the waitress serving it to the next table and it turned out this was not what she wanted afterall. The one she wanted was vegetables stuffed fillings and this came stuffed with avocado and tamago.

Agedashi Tofu | B$5.00

The Agedashi Tofu was not as good as I remembered. The silken tofu did not taste fresh to me. I know, what can you expect from imported packaged silken tofu but I remembered I had better ones before.

Gyoza | B$5.00

Parents liked this as they thought they were similar to Taiwanese version of dumplings. The Gyoza were pan fried to perfection and dipping them with the accompanying sauce made them even better. I think the dipping sauce came with a wee bit of black vinegar for an appetizing kick.

Chicken Teriyaki Don | B$8.00

Salmon Sashimi | B$18.50

Unagi Kabayaki | B$18.50

I was craving for grilled eel the other day. So, I ordered a portion of this and it was also one of the most expensive dishes which I had ordered that evening. The eel was done pretty well despite I think it could have been better. The sauce was tad sweet as per Dad but went well with the rice from Chicken Teriyaki Don.

Excapade Sushi Regent Square
Unit 1 & 2, Ground Floor,
Regent Square, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2234011


24032017 / Excapade Sushi, Gadong

I returned to the clinic today evening after work so that the doctor could have a look at the swell from the injection spot. According to the doctor, the swell is common after the injection as the shot was made through the muscles. It should be gone in within two weeks time after the injection was made but completely subjective to individual’s body. The doctor assured me that it is nothing that I should worry about.

After having my worry all sorted out, I went for dinner alone at Excapade Sushi in Gadong. I was already starving at the time. I had been trying to eat clean since yesterday as I feel that my body is all bloated from the consumption of wheat products recently.

Salmon Salad | B$7.00

Can’t think of anything healthier than this at Excapade Sushi. LOL! It had been a while since I last had this. The salad comes with different dressings which you could choose from and I had Miso dressing. The dressing was good and it complemented the salad and sashimi very well.

Excapade Sushi Gadong
Unit 4 & 5, First Floor,
Block C, Abdul Razak Complex,
Gadong, BE3519,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2440312

07022017 / Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

The next day after we came back from Singapore, Sister and I met up with Jennifer for lunch at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. I was still craving for Bibimbap at the time but Sister mentioned that she was not keen for Korean cuisine and would rather go for Japanese cuisine at any time. So, what the VIP wants, she gets it. LOL! Lunch was at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront then.


Spicy Maguro Temaki | B$3.60


Hiyayako | B$2.70


Kake Soba (Udon) | B$5.40


Combi Set B | B$18.00


Tori Kimcheedon | B$8.10

When you were unable to get your Bibimbap fix, you get your Kimchi fix in a Japanese restaurant. LOL! This Tori Kimcheedon was surprisingly good and it was spicy enough for my liking. Sister found it rather spicy for her liking and yet she helped herself with a few servings.

Kaizen Sushi Waterfront
Block G, First Floor,
Yayasan Complex, Jalan Pretty,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2226336