22092017 / COCO Cafe

I returned to COCO Cafe for dinner with Jennifer this evening. I am not sure if they still required advance call in to book for tables if you were to try out their main courses. I did that to avoid disappointment. The cafe wasn’t too crowded at the time but I saw that quite a few tables were reserved. So, I am guessing that they still need table reservation for patrons who wish to have their main courses.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner this evening. We decided not to order beverage but requested for warm water instead. Their smoothies were good but we wanted to save tummy spaces for main courses. LOL!

Coco’s Wings (6 Cuts) | B$6.90

We ordered their Coco’s Wings as appetizer but it was the last one served. Before placing our order for this, we inquired if their wings were deep fried? The waiter commented that they were promoting healthy food and therefore they don’t do deep fry but airfry!

I was expecting crunchy and crispy kind of wings but they were nowhere near my expectation. Despite so, I liked their Coco’s Wings. They marinated the wings well enough and the marinade covered all inches of the wings.

Aoki’s Aglio Olio with Baked Salmon | B$16.90

I was tempted to try their English Cottage Pie but ordered Aoki’s Aglio Olio with Baked Salmon instead as the former was beef filled. The baked salmon was well done. The flesh was juicy and tender. The pasta came in a heavy portion. It was fragrant but the texture wasn’t to my liking. The salad was fresh and I liked the dressing.

Classic Meatloaf | B$15.90

with mashed potatoes and salad

When it comes to ordering, Jennifer would avoid beef so that we can both share our food. I sensed that she was intrigued to try their Classic Meatloaf. So, I told her to get Classic Meatloaf and not to worry about me.

According to her, the meatloaf was flavorful but required to be paired with the accompanying sauce for a less drier texture. Instead of serving mashed potatoes as stated on the menu, her Classic Meatloaf came with a whole potato split into half which I liked better as mashed potatoes can be heavy.

Unit 1, Block E,
Sempurna Complex,
Batu Bersurat,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2424566

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