Review: Wanton Noodle House, Brunei

When you keyed in Wanton Noodle House into Instagram, the first result which came out wasn’t the one located in Brunei but Singapore. Hence, it explains why I’m adding “Brunei” behind the name of the home based restaurant located in Subok. I got to know about this home based restaurant through San Diann and he was being recommended by Ing.

Ex-CHMS students may have came across this home based restaurant before. From what I gathered, they were based at Haji Ahmad Flat before, the flat behind CHMS. I’m an ex-CHMS student but I don’t remember patronizing this home based restaurant during my school days.

Wanton Noodle House is only open four days a week. For your information, Wanton Noodle House is a non-Halal eatery as pork is served. Wanton Noodle House is located in a residential area. Do park with cautious without causing inconvenience the other residents living in the area. As we were early this morning, parking space is not a problem.

BBQ Pork Noodle | B$4

All noodles are handmade from scratch. They only serve Cantonese noodle. Cantonese noodle is the thinner version of Mee Pok. A bowl of BBQ Pork Noodle is served with their homemade BBQ Pork, Chye Sum and spring onions. The BBQ Pork was different as compared to the usual Char Siu that we are accustomed to. It was drier but the flesh ain’t tough and it came with a smoky flavor.

The homemade noodle was springy in texture. Flavoring wise, I find it rather bland in my opinion. Probably because I didn’t toss the noodles well with the sauce at the bottom. Mom said that hers was rather salty. However, Mom also commented that the noodle would be nicer if it was served with fried red onions.

Wanton | B$5

Sister had their dry Wanton as she’s not so into noodles. The Wanton skin was homemade too. It was smooth and silky. A bowl of Wanton came with 10 pieces.

Wanton Noodle House
#1, Simpang: 527-20-17,
Kampung Belimbing,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

21122017 / Tien Sing Restaurant

I think I had frequented Tien Sing Restaurant quite often in within these few weeks. Mom is away for the weekend so there’s no one to cook at home. I do cook but then I’m plain lazy to do so and it’s easier to do takeaways. I don’t mind cooking but it’s only cleaning part which puts me off. That’s the reason why I had been holding off baking for quite some time.

Tien Sing Restaurant serves fast food on most weekdays but not on Thursdays as they are serving a special dish on every Thursday. It is their vegetarian version of Nasi Lemak! I had never tried the vegetarian version of Nasi Lemak before today so I’m intrigued to know how it differs from the real deal.

Nasi Lemak | B$4.50

coconut rice, mutton rendang, sambal chili, shredded potato acar

Their Nasi Lemak comes with mock mutton rendang and mock anchovies. I’m not sure what are the mock anchovies made of but they have a crunchy texture. The acar was crunchy too and the sambal chili was super hot in my opinion. I like spicy sambal chili but this one was above my threshold. LOL! The mutton rendang was average in my opinion.

Tien Sing Restaurant will be open on New Year but closing on the following day.

Tien Sing Restaurant
21 & 22, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan II,
Pengakalang Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2454988

26122017 / Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

Mom, Sister and I ate out last Tuesday evening as Sister interpreted my Whatsapp message wrongly. I texted her asking if she wanted to go out after dinner at home. She then replied me saying that we will go out for dinner and asked me to choose a location. She said that Mom wanted to eat sushi with cucumbers. LOL!

My first choice for Japanese cuisine is always Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. I called to reserve a table as Kaizen Sushi Waterfront can be quite crowded during bonus payday. Kaizen Sushi Waterfront was surprisingly not crowded given that most of the local population had just received their bonus pay. Perhaps majority had crossed border or went on vacation.

Sashimi (Sake & Maguro) | B$14.40

We requested for half portion of Salmon Sashimi and another half portion of Maguro Sashimi. It was more expensive as compared to Sake Sashimi alone. I remembered a portion of Sake Sashimi was B$12.60. The Maguro Sashimi weren’t defrosted enough as we could still taste the icy bits. However, the Sake Sashimi were well defrosted with melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture.

Yaki Soba | B$7.20

I find what we ordered were too little for the three of us to share. So, I ordered Yaki Soba since Mom loves noodles more than rice. The noodles were cooked with vegetables and chicken, topped with bonito flakes.

Salmon Skin with Japanese Cucumbers | B$3.60

Sister ordered this as she told me that she had similar ones in Singapore and they were good. Unfortunately, the salmon skin were over fried in our opinions. They were crunchy but hard. The deep fried salmon skin were topped with salad dressing and fish roe. Sister commented that the dressing was a little bit too much.

Tamago Maki | B$1.80 / Sake Maki | B$2.70 / Kyuri Maki | B$1.80

Despite these were probably the easiest to prepare as compared to the other dishes that we ordered, these came last. We even joked that perhaps they ran out of cucumbers. LOL! These only came when we were done eating the above three dishes.

Kaizen Sushi Waterfront
Block G, First Floor,
Yayasan Complex,
Jalan McArthur,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2226336

24122017 / The HEALTHY HABIT

After picking Sister up from the airport, we headed to The HEALTHY HABIT to meet Jennifer for tea. Sister wanted something light and gluten free if possible. The first place which flashed in my mind was The HEALTHY HABIT. There is a cafe located at Centrepoint Hotel in Gadong which serves gluten free food but I’m not sure if the cafe is still around. Does anyone know the name of the said cafe?

Green Wonder | B$5

spinach, red apple, lemon, ginger & mint

Apple Detox | B$5

celery, ginger & red apple

I had Apple Detox as I had tried their Green Wonder before. Their Green Wonder was strong in detoxing my body as I ended up going to the washroom quite a few times during the night. Apple Detox was good but I think I prefer their Green Wonder more.

Pressed toast with blueberry jam served on the house. The toast were really nice while warm but turned slightly tough when they had cooled down. Nevertheless, they were still good!

Almond Crusted Chicken Dippers with Sweet Potato Mashed | B$7

Sister ordered this to share. You can replace the mashed sweet potato with quinoa if you aren’t keen of the former. The Almond Crusted Chicken Dippers were pretty good and topped with mayonnaise mixed with a little bit of English Mustard? But I preferred dipping the Chicken Dippers with chili sauce provided at the side.

Block A,
Setia Kenangan II,
Simpang: 150, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

24122017 / Danes Cafe

After coming home from work the night before, I went to the self-service launderette located nearby my house for laundry washing and drying. Weather had been bad last week and most of the laundries couldn’t dry properly in room temperature. So, I resorted to bringing them to the self-service launderette. It took me approximately three hours to finish all the washing and drying. It was 2AM when I reached home.

Kaylie and I arranged to meet for breakfast at Danes Cafe. I managed to wake up on time but started to feel tired while having tea with Sister and Jennifer at The Healthy Habit. We arranged to meet at 8:30PM but delayed to 9PM as her little one decided to poo at the time she was about to leave the house for Danes Cafe.

The cafe was well decorated and looking all festive. Danes Cafe is probably the only one cafe which I had been to that decorates to match the festival. Even the chair plushies are Christmas themed!

Orange & Carrot | B$4.50

While waiting for Kaylie to arrive, I ordered myself a glass of Orange & Carrot Juice with no ice. I like that they were freshly squeezed and without the pulps.

Cafe Latte | B$4.60

Pancake Banana & Bacon | B$8.50

Kaylie intended to go for their breakfast set but she wanted to have something baby friendly for lil’ Keon. So, she ended up getting herself Pancake Banana & Bacon to share. When you’ve a baby with you, you will contribute most of your meal time feeding the baby. So, I offered to feed her baby so that she can eat her breakfast in peace.

Breakfast Set 8 | B$12.00

2 eggs, tomatoes, mushroom, bacon & low GI bread

I went for one of their breakfast sets. You can have the eggs poached, scrambled or sunny side up. I chose mine poached. Perhaps I should try scrambled next time as they didn’t drain the poached eggs well enough. My plate was slightly “flooded” at the side where the poached eggs were. The mushrooms were well sautéed but the bacon were extremely salty that I had to dip them into the lukewarm water served.

Danes Cafe
Unit 102, Bangunan Bersurat,
Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428914