Of Random Things #119

It is my third day in Singapore and we will be heading to Johore Bahru (JB) tomorrow morning for a day trip via private car transport. We will be meeting Annie and she had planned us food hunting along with JPO visit. We went out for early dinner this evening and it was 7PM by the time we got our dinner. Most of the famous restaurants in Vivo City required queuing. So, we chose one which we would be seated immediately.

Anyways, I had finally finished watching School 2017 early this week. I couldn’t find any Korean drama series which caught my fancy despite I had downloaded quite an amount. So, I transferred both Criminal Minds and Man to Man to my iPad. This is not the American version of Criminal Minds that we are talking about but the Korean version. There will be a Korean version of Suits next year.

Criminal Minds

Man to Man


First Makeover Experience!

Mom and I came back from Miri earlier than usual today. We started from home around 6:15AM yesterday morning and arrived at the border before 8AM (I think). It turned out that Jia also left her in-laws place around the same time as we did. We stayed at Pullman Miri Waterfront which I booked more than two months ago.

I bumped into a friend on the road and we had breakfast together nearby Pasar Besar Krokop. I wanted to get dim sum breakfast at Ming Garden Restaurant but I could not find the place despite with the guidance of GPS. It turned out that the restaurant was on my left when the GPS kept on repeating that my destination was on my right.

Mom and I checked into Pullman Miri Waterfront around noon and the room was already available at the time. We showered and got ready for our beauty appointments at Labell Beauty, a home based spa and salon located behind GK Supermarket in Pujut. I had manicure, pedicure, makeup and hairdo.

It was my first time getting a makeover so I was pretty curious how it would turned out. I requested for minimal makeup and the MUA tried her best to make it as minimal as possible. She focused more on my eyelids with smokey kind of makeup. It took me quite some time to get used to it. I got the MUA to tone down the eye makeup and I liked it a lot better. She applied fake eyelashes too and the tip kept on prickling my eyelid, making me all teary.

I went Labell Beauty like this with no makeup on. I did my brows though but minimally and I came back like this …

A lot said that my makeup was too heavy when I first showed them my freshly made up face. For someone who never did makeup, this makeup look might be too heavy for them to handle. I think the makeup complimented well after I dressed up in this dress which I bought for the occasion.

A friend requested me to send her a full length picture so that she can do a before and after collage. I couldn’t find a location where I could place my camera to do a timer shot. So, I made do with this and it turned out quite okay for my liking. LOL!

Big congratulations to King and Rachel and thank you for having us on your big day. It was an amazing night!

Of Random Things #117

I woke up earlier than usual this morning as I needed to run some errands with my parents before heading to work. I slept quite late than usual yesterday evening as I had been catching up with my recent Taiwanese drama series addiction. I had finally completed watching The King of Romance.

However, I had decided to switch back to Korean drama series after having finished The King of Romance. Reason being, I could not find any Taiwanese drama series which caught my fancy at the moment. There were couple few actually but still airing as we speak. So, I decided to wait until they finished airing.

School 2017

School is a franchise Seoul drama series from KBS2. This is the seventh installment of the said drama series. I had downloaded the 2015 version but have yet watched it. I had watched a couple of School 2017 teasers on Instagram and I am hoping that it will be good.

Does any of you have any good Korean drama series to recommend? Preferably the recent ones as I couldn’t download high definition version of old Korean drama series.

Of Random Things #116

Despite I had purchased a Mayer airFryer last Friday, I haven’t been utilizing it much apart from making Sweet & Sour Pork and Airfried Chicken Drumsticks. However, I do have an idea in mind of what I am going to attempt with it over the weekend. I intended to attempt Airfried Buttermilk Crispy Chicken. If all goes well, I will make them when I visit Sister in Singapore next month. I managed to persuade Sister to get a Mayer airFryer for her kitchen as well.

However, I think the agenda of my next Singapore trip would be more kitchen related. Sister bought herself a bread maker from Shanghai before she moved to Singapore. She requested me to bake her a Gluten Free Bread and she will have some of the ingredients ready before I arrive Singapore. She even Google-d for recipes which I don’t think is necessary as I had attempted a recipe before.

Anyways, let’s not talk about food anymore. I had finally completed Love, Timeless last Sunday. The ending was pretty touching to be honest despite I had known how the ending would go even before I completed the series. I have the habit of ending’s searching from Wikipedia. LOL!

The King of Romance

I am currently watching The King of Romance. The storyline sounded rather boring when I looked it up on Wikipedia but it was surprisingly funny and yet addictive at the same time. I had been trying to catch up with the Taiwanese series which I had downloaded rather than watching Korean ones all the time.

Of Random Things #114

My usual blog content falling under this category is mostly about the drama series which I am currently watching. However, it is not the case for this one as I am still halfway through with THE K2. Sister mentioned that the storyline for THE K2 was not as good as Healer but I think it was good with humor in between.

This was my breakfast this morning. I intended to eat clean for breakfast but Mom had already prepared this when I woke up. So, I guess clean eating shall wait till tomorrow.

I think my next few blog entries will be about skincare as I think I have quite a few pending. So, stay tune if you are interested to know what I would be reviewing.