Of Random Thing #222

Another post in less than 24 hours, that must be achievement since I haven’t been blogging for a long time. If you used to follow my blog before this space went on a hiatus, you may have noticed that I do watch Mainland drama series from time to time.

Go Go Squid

Jia highly recommended this Mainland drama series on her Instagram story. I transferred the first 20 episodes of this drama series into my iPad before my trip to London and I was hooked! If you needed something funny to laugh on, I would highly recommend this drama series.

My Girlfriend is an Alien

This is another Mainland drama series which Jia highly recommended too! I haven’t gotten round to watch this as I am still downloading the entire series. I do think that Jia has a knack of drama recommendation. Maybe you should consider setting up an IG account just for this? LOL!

Kiss, Love & Taste

My Mowgli Boy

Walk Into Your Memory

Love Under The Moon


Of Random Things #221

OMG! It had been four months since I updated this little space of mine! Lots had happened in within these four months. My laptop broke down couple of months ago. It was sent back for repair in Singapore and I was computer-less for nearly a month. A kind friend was nice enough to bring in to the repair center and brought it back for me.

I went on a short Europe trip with Sister last month, came back with a sprained ankle and lost a wallet. Not much valuables were gone missing but identities which I managed to get them replaced shortly after I came home.

Nothing much exciting happened after I came home to my boring work, eat and sleep routine. Met up with some foodies and had a few foodies’ gathering in the process. We are even planning a cross bordering trip to Miri for some serious food hunting next month!

Anyways, I had been downloading quite a bit over these few months and watched a fair share too!

Welcome 2 Life

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

The Great Show

I Wanna Hear Your Song

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

When The Camellia Blooms

At Eighteen

Doctor Detective

Hotel del Luna

Love Alarm

Love Affairs In The Afternoon


Everything and Nothing

Of Random Things #220

*blowing dust off surface*

Aloha! It had been more than a month since I last wrote anything on this personal space. I haven’t been writing much aside from the occasional post on my other co-sharing blog which I shall reveal when the time deems fit. In the mean time, I shall remain discreet about it in spite that some who knew me in person had known about it.

I had intended to blog about a mini foodie meet up which I had with @wandergirleats, @igcomesfirst and @venturingfoodie last Friday evening. Sadly speaking, my memory card broke down on me and I lost all the pictures! Lesson learnt, I should save them into my computer as soon as I could to avoid it from happening again.

Guess what? My less than one year old notebook almost crashed the other day. It took ages to boot and we found out that my D drive had corrupted. I had to send it back to Singapore for a hardware replacement because I did not purchase an international warranty. Another lesson learnt, remember to purchase international warranty if you are buying expensive gadget outside your residing country.

Anyways, enough of rant! Let us get today’s business rollin’.

As usual, this post is a write up of the drama series which I had been downloading recently. Despite I had been downloading quite a bit, I am more of a YouTube watcher recently. I love watching daily vlogs and especially the ones that involve meal preparation (I don’t do meal preparation though). LOL!

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

My Absolute Boyfriend

The Secret Life of My Secretary


Her Private Life

The website which I had been using to download Mainland series no longer updates. I had been looking for other links which allow me to download high quality Mainland series. I found two but seeds are slightly limited and the quality wasn’t as good compared to the ones I had before. Have you got any other websites to recommend?

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The Brightest Star In The Sky

My True Friend

Love Journey



Of Random Things #219

Good morning! I am back to Brunei after a four nights stay in Kuching earlier this week. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I flew in Kuching last Sunday evening and came back late on Thursday evening. I parked my car at the airport so that I don’t need help with airport pickup. I find it very convenient to be honest and you don’t have to worry about flight delay and whatnot.

I applied for an extra day off so that I could rest before getting back to work. My agenda for the sudden Kuching trip was to accompany Dad for his cataract surgery. He’s all well now and taking care of an elderly can be rather brain exhausting sometimes. Instead of staying at relatives’ place in Kuching, I chose to rent an Airbnb so that it would be convenient for us to commute to and from Borneo Medical Centre.

Anyways, I would be posting of my food adventures in Kuching shortly after. They weren’t much as I didn’t go back for food hunting but family errand. I had completed watching The Last Empress and the storyline was surprisingly a lot better than I expected. There was no happily ever after kind of ending but it was for the better good.

Romance Is A Bonus Book

I didn’t know what to start with next so I chose and transferred one of the recent completed Korean drama series into my iPad. I had watched an episode or two while downloading the series last month and it was pretty good in my opinion.

Of Random Things #218

I noticed that it had been a good two months since the last time I posted about “Of Random Things”. So, I am back with one! To be honest, I haven’t been downloading much recently and I am always left with at least half unused Internet quota towards the end of the month.

It took me almost a month and a half to finish watching Fluttering Warning. It wasn’t as good as I anticipated in the first place. I was almost tempted to stop halfway but decided to keep going until I finish.

The Last Empress

There were quite a number of new releases of Korean drama series for the month of March and April. Not a lot caught my attention but I downloaded a few.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

He Is Psychometric

My Fellow Citizens!