Of Random Things #139

Having watched Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim earlier last week, I had taken more interest in medical series than the love ones. Despite the gross scenes, I personally find them educational. Sister had been asking me if there’s any good American medical series that I know of. She recommended me The Resident and it was good.

Chicago Med

I had recently found Chicago Med and I find the series extremely addictive. The season to date is the third and I am currently on the first. Sister had also suggested The Good Doctor. It is a remake of Korean’s Good Doctor. I tried and I didn’t like it as much as I do with The Resident and Chicago Med.


Of Random Things #138

I had finally completed watching Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. The drama was a lot nicer than what I anticipated in the first place. When I was in Singapore last month, I brought over two of my external hard disks so that Sister could transfer some drama series to watch. As usual, she would ask for recommendation before transferring.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim was one of them that she asked and I didn’t recommend it at the time. I am taking my words back now. Over the time when I had been watching the said drama in the past week, I had been telling that she should watch it as I’m sure that she would love the medical content of the said drama. Now that I am done watching the said drama series, I had transferred another two new Korean drama series into my iPad.

Longing Heart

Ruler – Master of the Mask

Of Random Things #136

Having browsed through my blog archive yesterday, it seems like my recent blog entries were food related. I had completed updating on my previous Khao Yai and Bangkok holiday trip and the only blog entry left is my review on Siri Sathorn. I am halfway through with drafting the blog entry and I’ll try to have it posted by the end of this week.

I had been watching Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim this week and watched The Happy Loner in between as it was a short Korean series of two episodes. I started the series with high anticipation but only to find it rather boring for my liking. The leading male actor had a funny character while the female lead actress was more of an introvert and individualist in the series.

The Happy Loner