Of Random Things #113

I had completed watching My Sassy Girl 2017 before I sleep yesterday and it took me almost a month to complete watching it this time round. But in my defense, I had also been watching other Korean and Cantonese drama series at the same time.

If you remember, I had previously mentioned that I broke the SanDisk iXpand while on the way back to Brunei from Singapore. I was having trouble transferring drama series into my iPad back then due to iTunes problem.

So, I got Sister to get another new one for me from Taobao and it was way cheaper than what I was paying in Brunei. I paid B$82 for 64GB previously but I now got double the storage capacity but at the same price!

I contemplated whether to get a new one or not in the beginning. But thankfully, Sister found out that it was way cheaper to purchase from China since the one I bought from Netcom previously was also made in China.

Love, timeless

There were quite a few Taiwanese productions made in the year of 2017 whereby they engaged new actors and actresses which we are not so familiar of. This was one of them. I managed to download the series in high resolution and I still had three episodes pending in download due to seeding issues.


Of Random Things #112

I slept earlier yesterday evening than usual and got my much needed rest. I slept pretty late the night before and ended up feeling like a zombie at work. Mom wanted to get a haircut before she is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning. So, I drove her downtown and got myself some pampering session at the salon too.

We went to Hua Ho Manggis on the way home as I needed to get a new external hard disk as the current one is running out of space. I intended to redeem a portion of my SCB reward points but both eKiosk which I visited today were under service maintenance.

I purchased the cheapest one available since they were all of the same capacity. They are the same thing to be honest but only different with branding. I got this for B$89 only when Transcend costs B$99.

I had finally completed watching Suspicious Partner. It took me quite long to finish this series as compared to the others from before. I am downloading some new series as I am drafting this blog entry. As I mentioned earlier, Mom is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning to visit Sister. So, I am now downloading some of the drama series which she missed.

Did I mention that I broke my Sandisk iXpand on the plane when returning from Singapore to Brunei? Despite the gadget is still under warranty period, I doubt I would be able to get a replacement since it broke due to negligence? So, I got Sister to get a new one for me from Taobao but with a bigger capacity.

Now that I do not have my Sandisk iXpand anymore, I have to make do with transferring the drama series into my iPad via iTunes and these are what I am currently having in my iPad …

My Sassy Girl 2017

The Bride of Habaek

The Unlawful Justice Squad

I started downloading this drama series this morning and it is still airing as we speak. However, it is weird that my TV was unable to play this drama series so I had to transfer them to my iPad instead. There must be a reason why the TV was unable to support but my iPad could.

Of Random Things #111

Things got a little bit intense at work today. I am hoping that the air will clear tomorrow and there will be no consequence leading to it. However on the bright side, the date for our Singapore trip is almost confirmed. We will be flying in to Singapore in mid July for a couple of days to run some errands.

Well, I am just tagging along as Sister needs a second opinion when it comes to some decision making. So, I took it as my year end holiday. Hopefully, I will be able to start planning the itinerary by tomorrow as I have yet booked my ticket and hotel.

Anyways, I had finally finished watching Healer and it was not bad to be honest. I had initially contemplated whether to follow on with The K2 or Suspicious Partner. The former had finished airing while the latter has not. I gave in in the end and started with Suspicious Partner instead.

Suspicious Partner

Of Random Things #110

Sorry for the lack of update for the past weeks as work had been hectic. I only arrived home like quarter to midnight on every evenings nowadays. But thankfully, it will only lasts for another few days before my schedule is back on usual track.

Anyways, I will be going to Singapore for a short trip some time next month for some errands. I will be meeting both Andrea and Patrick this time round as I did not get to do so on both my Singapore trips earlier this year. Dates have yet been confirmed yet as my original intended dates were postponed due to an unforeseen circumstance. So hopefully, I can take the week after.

Now that my Singapore trip is almost official with only dates hanging in the air, I think I can start planning for my trip. Sightseeing is definitely not in the itinerary as I do not have time but yes to cafe hopping and shopping. LOL! Andrea and I intended to try out this Harry Potter themed cafe called Platform 1094.

Anyways, I had finally finished watching The Heirs last Sunday and had started watching Healer after much recommendation from Sister. I think the main reason is because she likes Ji Chang Wook, the male lead. LOL!


Of Random Things #108

I did a short yoga workout yesterday evening before sleep with the guidance of an app – Daily Yoga. Unfortunately, I ended up with slightly nausea after finishing the yoga workout. I could not be sure what caused the nausea. Sister said it could be that I drank water before my yoga practice or my body was tense during the workout.

Anyways, I started catching up on Korean drama series after having finished a season of both Lucifer and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. My Secret Romance had finished airing yesterday evening.

I recommended Sister Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and she agreed that the drama series was funny. She also mentioned that it was weird to recruit a female as a security guard to protect the male lead but I guess that was the selling point of the drama.

Anyways, I was looking for a new drama series to catch after having finished the first season of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and I decided to settle with The Heirs. The said drama series was first aired many years ago and I stopped watching it when I found the storyline to be rather predictable. So, let’s hope that I would be able to finish the entire series this time round.

The Heirs