Of Random Things #102

Haven’t been watching much drama series recently after finishing Behind Your Smile and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I decided to take a break from downloading as my Internet quota seems to be running low at the moment. I do not want to risk having slow or no Internet when the quota hits the cap limit. Downloading Back to 1989 had used up nearly one third of my download quota and I still have at least of the half of the series download in pending.

Tomorrow With You

I had wanted to start watching Sweet Stranger and Me the other day but the synopsis of Tomorrow With You looked more appealing to me. The recently released Korean drama series looked so so to me to be honest apart from My Secret Romance. I had started downloading it but decided to wait until it had completed airing before watching it.

Celebrity Bromance

I had also starting watching Celebrity Bromance which I downloaded quite some time ago. I did not download the complete series but season 3 and 4. It is a Korean reality show whereby two male celebrities were selected in a season to go on a road trip together.

Of Random Things #101

I had finally finished watching both Behind Your Smile and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Both were good but the latter is a must watch if you have not. It was funny and yet cute at the same time. I have yet figured out which drama series to follow next but I think I will go ahead with Back to 1989 as online viewers’ ratings had been high despite my colleague mentioned to me that she did not like the storyline.

I had previously downloaded the entire series when it was just airing early last year but to find that the quality of the videos did not meet my expectation recently. So, I searched high and low for higher resolution videos. I managed to find a source which provides 1080P resolution. It was good quality but the sizes were huge. It was more than 2GB per episode. LOL!

Back to 1989

I am currently on Episode 1 and it was so far so good for me. I am curious of the hype about this drama series in the first place. Good looking leads, maybe? Both leads seem to be the power couple of the year when the drama was aired.

While I was transferring some drama series to Jennifer’s external hard disk at Flour & Butter Cafe the other day, we chatted about the storyline of the drama series which I had downloaded. To her, she thought that I had watched most of the drama series which I downloaded as I seem to know the storyline well. To be honest, I think I had only watched like less than half of the series which I downloaded.

I normally download them when they were first aired and keep for later use. The downloading websites which I frequents sometimes takes down series as soon as they were done airing due to patent rights, especially the Korean ones. However, I also do realize that I watched less of the Cantonese drama series nowadays. I had been trying to watch more of the drama series which do not require me to look at the subtitles for understanding.

Mind Hunter

I think I will watch Mind Hunter at the same time since I do not need subtitle to understand the drama. I had watched bits and bots of the episodes as I downloaded and it looked good to me.

Of Random Things #100

Kaylie and I met up for coffees at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf this evening after work. I came home to bake Milky Wholemeal Bread with the bread machine. My colleague requested for a Wu Pao Chun Champion Toast again but I prefer trying out a new recipe.

I searched for new recipes and came across a recipe for Milky Wholemeal Loaf. Having tried homemade bread recently, I think it would be healthier to home bake our daily bread instead of buying them. You would never know how much preservatives were added in those store bought breads.

Behind Your Smile

Started watching Behind Your Smile recently as I wanted to stop watching Korean drama series in the meantime. The storyline of Behind Your Smile is okay but I think it is rather slow.

Of Random Things #99

This will be the last entry before reaching the hundredth post for the topic of “Of Random Things”. There is nothing much to worry about as I am not stopping with this one. You will know of which drama series that I had been watching or miscellaneous stuffs which I do not see the point of having an individual blog entry categorized under this topic.

Anyways, I had been watching a few episodes of The Introverted Boss since few days ago. Surprisingly, this drama series is one of those which I started to find the storyline a bit boring. I think I will put it on hold first and start with something else in the mean time.

The Perfect Match

This is the current drama series which I had been watching. Instead of a Korean drama series, I decided to make a change this time round and went for a Taiwanese one instead. It is still airing at the moment. One episode per week.

Of Random Things #98

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I had been eating clean for days for detoxifying purpose as my body felt bloated from all the wheat consumption recently. The downside of clean eating is that you get hungry shortly after you had your meal. It reminded me of what I went through two years ago when I started my diet regime.

I went to bed hungry most of the nights and breakfast was my most anticipated meal of the day as I can eat in bigger portion despite it being greens and whole kernel corns, topped with some Italian dressing only. On some days, I had a hard boiled egg or poached chicken breast fillet as well. Apart from eating greens during this detoxing period, perhaps I should consider other clean eating alternatives? Any suggestion?

Introverted Boss

Anyways, I had started watching Introverted Boss this morning when I had completed watching episode 8 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The viewer ratings of the former was surprisingly pretty low as compared to the latter. Perhaps it had to do with the popularity of the casts in Introverted Boss?