Of Random Things #177: Huat Kueh

Good morning! I intended to review a skincare product today but it will have to wait till tomorrow or the day after. I planned to eat out for breakfast this morning but stayed home when Mom told me that she was steaming Huat Kueh for breakfast.

Mom reserved two pieces of the Huat Kueh in the rice cooker. I didn’t feel full after eating these two pieces and went back to the kitchen looking for more only to find that there was none left. I love these Huat Kueh. They were made of sweet potatoes. However, it was rather too sweet for my liking. The sweetness does pair well with a cup of black coffee though.


Of Random Things #176

I am back at Roasted Sip again, working on my notebook with what I left off last Sunday. I spent the last two hours doing all the editing work. Like I said, my brain functions efficiently when I am not at home. My attention tends to stray when at home. I find it hard to concentrate on work when I am at home. For your information, I don’t bring work home if I could help it.

While waiting for my download to complete, I’ll just update with a blog entry. I had previously started watching Rich Man but my attention span was short lived. I am now very addicted to the third season of 放开我北鼻. It was funny and a relaxant for me after a long day of work.

Rush to the Dead Summer

I had managed to download this series in within a short few hours. I am not sure if it is any good but I am hoping that it will be. I am currently on the first episode and I liked that they didn’t use voice overs.

Of Random Things #174

I had finally found a website whereby I could download the one Mainland reality show that I am addicted to nowadays. Of all places to download, I am not expecting to download it from YouTube to be honest. Truth be told, YouTube is the only site whereby I could download the show easily.

放开我北鼻 (Season 3)

I am currently following the third season. There were Season 1 and 2 before this but I have yet downloaded them. I don’t normally follow reality shows as compared to drama series but I find this particular drama series to be funny when I watched some teasers over Instagram.

Of Random Things #173

I had finally completed my latest “dramathon” with Moonshine and Valentine. It was one of the best Mainland productions which I had watched so far. There was supposed to be a blog posting for today but I was so tired yesterday after coming from home. So, I’ll blog about random stuffs for today.

I didn’t even switch on my new notebook but I did switched on my HP notebook to schedule some downloads. I went to bed shortly after I had got all my downloads in line. There weren’t much new drama series to download recently. I think the only one new drama series which I am anticipating is the Mainland’s adaptation of Meteor Garden.

Meteor Garden 2018

I am not sure how the Mainland’s adaptation would fare as compared to the original one which was first aired 15 years ago. But having watched the trailers before it was aired, it looked quite promising if I may say so.

Rich Man

Now that I had finished watching Moonshine and Valentine, I started with Rich Man this afternoon. I had downloaded the entire series in raw but had also downloaded their own individual English subtitle files at the same time.