Of Random Things #127

My body is aching all over from the spring cleaning yesterday. The area around my shoulder blade has been aching since Monday and the strain sort of loosen up yesterday. Despite that the ache around the shoulder blade has relieved, I get aches on my back and legs. LOL!

I had finally completed watching While You Were Sleeping two evenings ago. Clara had mentioned that the said drama series is good but I only find it above average. Perhaps because I think there were better Korean productions than this? There are a few Korean drama series which have completed airing this week and I’m starting with Meloholic first. I’m not sure if it’s any good but I like that it’s a short drama.

Melo Holic


Of Random Things #126

I actually planned to go out after lunch for some window shopping and pampering session but I ended up staying at home. My hairdryer busted this morning while I was blow drying my hair. So, I bought myself a hairdryer from Hua Ho, Manggis Mall.

I even redeemed a B$50 voucher from Standard Chartered Bank with my credit card as I thought I could use it to pay for my hairdryer and a food warmer if possible. It turned out that the hairdryer is only B$29.90 and they don’t have the food warmer which I’m looking for. So, I still have the B$50 voucher. I think I’m going to use it to stock up on skincare products from Hua Ho, Yayasan.

Jennifer brought this back for me as one of the souvenirs from her recent trip to Singapore. Jia had requested me to help her buy a packet of this when I went Singapore back in July but I didn’t come across any of the outlets on my trip. So, I didn’t bring her back any. I unsealed the packaging this afternoon and the chips are indeed #dangerouslyaddictive. LOL!

Mom had been complaining about my “exploding” wardrobe. She even warned me not to buy any more clothes or else the hanging rail in my wardrobe will break at any time. I decided to take out some of the clothes which I haven’t been wearing to give them away for charity. Some of them are still in mint condition as I had only worn them once or twice. As a matter of fact, I even have some which have never been worn.

Of Random Things #125

Intended to go Times Square yesterday evening after work for some window shopping but ended up staying back for work to finish up the bits and pieces. Colleagues and I had dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner. I sweated buckets yesterday. It has been quite some time since my body last produced this much sweat. LOL!

I had finally finished watching Someone Like You couple of nights ago. The storyline was surprisingly a lot better than the other Taiwanese drama series which I had watched. I had the least expectation with Someone Like You but the result surprised me. I had started watching While You Were Sleeping yesterday morning after high recommendation from Clara the other day. I had also transferred Attention, Love into my iPad at the same time.

Attention, Love!


Of Random Things #123

I had finally finished watching Hospital Ship last Friday when it had completed airing. It’sΒ one of the best Korean medical dramas which I had watched. I normally prefer American ones but this Korean one was good with equally gross scenes like what you would get from American ones.

While You Were Sleeping

This drama series has yet completed airing but there’s only two more weeks to that. By the time I’m on the last current episode, I guess the series would have completed airing. I haven’t check the rating of the drama series and I’m hoping that it would be good.

Refresh Man

I’m meeting Clara and Shew Hiang for coffee later. We thought that the coffee date has been cancelled as San Diann mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to make it and Shew Hiang mentioned that she isn’t available on Sunday. But she texted us this morning saying that the coffee date is still on we are available.

The coffee date is now down to Clara, Shew Hiang and I as San Diann couldn’t confirm if he could make it back on time from Miri and Chee Fun is missing in action as we didn’t receive any reply from him. LOL!