08022019 / ChaTraMue, Suria Sabah

After dinner at Ichizo Ramen, Sister and I walked around Suria Sabah. We contemplated whether to try Musang King Soft Serve from Crowd99 or wait until the next day so that we could share with Mom. We decided to wait for Mom and had the Two Tones Soft Serve from ChaTraMue instead.

I had been wanting to try it in Brunei but it was unavailable the few times I asked for it. ChaTraMue is relatively cheaper in Malaysia than in Brunei due to currency exchange. However, I do find it expensive for Malaysian standard of living.

Two Tones Soft Serve | RM9.90

Two Tones Soft Serve is a combination of Matcha and Cha Yen Soft Serve in one. It tasted sweet but smooth and creamy in consistency. Sad to say, it lacked the taste of both Matcha and Cha Yen. The Cha Yen Soft Serve which I previously had in Brunei tasted distinctive of Cha Yen despite being on the sweeter side.

Kiosk K3, Third Floor,
Suria Sabah,
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens,
Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu,
Kota Kinabalu 88000,


08022019 / 泰式猪脚饭

On our last night in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sister and I planned on having a karaoke session. Mom wasn’t keen to join so she decided to stay back in the hotel room to rest. She told us to bring her dinner on the way back.

On our way to Suria Sabah, I suggested that we should buy Mom’s dinner first and bring it back to her in case we would be late. That way, we wouldn’t have to worry about being late and Mom feeling hungry as she waits for us. It was easy to sort her dinner as she could make do with noodles. Along our way, we passed by a seafood restaurant and I went in to ask if they serve pork. They don’t but the staff was kind enough to tell me that the restaurant next door does.

Off we went to the restaurant next door and we found a stall inside serving Thai Style Pork Knuckle! When we were in Khao Yai last year, Mom was impressed with their braised pork rice dishes and I thought this would be an ideal dinner for her. Without further ado, let’s get this posted rollin’!

泰式猪脚饭 (Thai Style Pork Knuckle with Rice) | RM10

Most would say that this was steeply priced for a box of pork rice. Honestly speaking, I would say this was value for money given the quality. It was served with a good amount of sliced pork knuckle, preserved vegetables, deep fried tofu, braised egg, coriander leaves and rice.

Let’s take a closer peek at the sliced pork knuckle. The main highlight of this dish was of course the sliced braised pork knuckles. The fatty parts had a melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture. I would also say the same for the leaner parts. The flavors were very well executed and the soy sauce gravy complimented the rice.

Another highlight would be the preserved vegetables. They tasted both sweet and tad sour at the same time. It definitely boosted our appetites. Mom who had the preserved vegetables before the meat sang praises.

If you had tried 泰式猪脚饭 in Thailand before and would like to reminisce the taste (only if you also happen to be in KK), you could get your craving fixed from this stall located inside Xin Wang Restaurant. The said restaurant is located on the same block as Hong Leong Bank located across Suria Sabah. The stall operates from 11AM until 8:30PM on daily basis.

Of Random Things #216

I had finished watching Encounter/Boyfriend the other day. It didn’t make it to one of my top favourite series of the year. The storyline did not leave my eyes fixated to the screen anticipating how things would turn out the next moment.

Fluttering Warning

There were a few new Korean drama series which I had completed downloading and one of them being Fluttering Warning. It wasn’t one of the highly anticipated series of the year but the storyline caught my attention. I am currently on the first episode and it started off pretty good in my opinion.


Aside from Fluttering Warning, I am also watching 奈何BOSS要娶我, otherwise known as Well Intended Love. I only managed to download like two thirds of the whole series and had to online stream in order to watch the rest of the episodes.

12022019 / TWO SONS COFFEE

San Diann and I headed straight to TWO SONS COFFEE from Avenue 41 as we wanted to try their limited edition CNY stuffed donut flavor – Ong Lai. We were one of the first few to arrive. The queue was surprisingly short for a Donut Day.

As we were the first few to arrive, we were being given the privilege to place our orders ahead of others. On my first visit few months ago, I don’t remember being given such benefit despite I was the first to arrive in the cafe and was told to queue when asked. I guess I would have to ask San Diann to queue if we were to return for donuts next time. LOL!

Iced Latte | B$5.00

Ong Lai

Ong Lai is translated as pineapple in English. Ong Lai comes from a Hokkien dialect known by majority Chinese community in the Sultanate. Pineapple kind of signifies as wealth and prosperous during Chinese New Year.

To celebrate the festive season, TWO SONS COFFEE introduced Ong Lai – pineapple cream custard topped with crumble bits.

Here’s how Ong Lai looked like on the inside when torn apart. As you can see in the picture above, it came with a good amount of pineapple cream custard. The donut texture was soft and fluffy. Filling was smooth in consistency and tasted distinctive of pineapple. All in all, I was fully satisfied with their take on Ong Lai.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Ring

In comparison to Ong Lai, I wasn’t that impressed with their Crunchy Peanut Butter Ring and San Diann agreed. The texture wasn’t as soft and fluffy as Ong Lai. However, the peanut butter glazing on the top was nice. The toasted and crushed peanuts added extra crunch to the donut.

Unit C8, Block C,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

12022019 / Avenue 41

On my last day of Chinese New Year leave, I decided to drop by Avenue 41. It is an event space with different food vendors showcasing their products for sale for a short period of time. Such event space allows online food vendors to gain more exposure from the public.

As for the month of February, Geo Eats, Le Papillon Coffee and The Kookie Lab are the food vendors joining the Popistry event on every Monday to Wednesday from 8AM to 2PM. If you haven’t drop by, you still have two more weeks to do so!

So, this is basically how Avenue 41 looked like in general. It had a built-in open space kitchen, equipped with kitchen necessities like fridge, oven and so on. So, food vendors only need to bring the extra kitchen gadgets and decoration props that weren’t provided. Bonus point, complimentary WiFi is available too!

In the centre of the room fitted a large rectangular hanging table which could be pulled upwards at a touch of a button when the room needed to be converted into a conference or seminar room. Does the snake shaped chair in the last picture looked familiar to you? It was like the ones shown on Facebook whereby you could convert it to any shape you want depending on the number of people sitting.

Our first stop was Geo Eats and this was the menu which they were having for the week. It wasn’t much in my opinion but suffice. They had what I went for and it was Lox and Bagel. I was lucky as it was the last Lox and Bagel they had for the day.

Lox and Bagel | B$6.00

brine salmon, cream cheese, bagel bread

The Lox and Bagel wasn’t served as pictured above. It was served bagel as a whole and I requested the server to have it halved so that it could be shared. The sesame seeded bagel was toasted on a frying pan before filling it up with brine salmon and cream cheese.

The cream cheese was on the creamier side, which Geo Eats had improvised with their very own garlic sauce blend. The brine salmon paired well with the cream cheese. The bagel was on the chewy side for me. San Diann commented that it was too dry for his liking. Nonetheless, I personally thought that the texture was alright because the cream cheese compensated it all.

Arabic Rice | B$4.00

honey chicken, spiced rice, yogurt sauce

San Diann mentioned that he loved the Arabic Rice which he previously had tried at Geo Eats in Jerudong. Pricing wise, it was cheaper due to the less portion but it fed two just nice. It was served with a piece of honey chicken thigh, spiced rice and cucumber yogurt slaw.

Arabic Rice was like Nasi Berempah in my opinion, cooked with different spices and mixed with some raisins for added sweetness. The honey chicken thigh was nicely done, soft and tender both inside and outside. It had a nice shiny glaze on the skin as pictured above. The cucumber yogurt slaw was good as well and it gave the overall dish an appetizing kick!

What’s brunch without a good cup of hot coffee? At least it was to me. LOL! After we placed our orders at Geo Eats, we were being asked if we would like some coffees from Le Papillon Coffee.

They also showcased the types of beans which they were using for their coffee brews. I am no expert in this area so I won’t be going deep into that. I liked that they offered non-dairy option as well.

Iced Latte | B$5.00 + B$0.50 (soy milk)

Latte | B$4.50 + B$0.50 (soy milk)

I got myself a hot Latte with soy milk. It was not too bad but I would say that it was more on the milky side? If you love strong coffee taste, this may not be your cup of “tea”.

The Kookie Lab which specializes in cakes joined the Popistry event as well where they showcased some of their bakes. According to the lady behind the counter, the bestselling one was White Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake.

Blueberry Crumble Cake | B$4.00

Red Velvet Cheesecake Fudge Brownie | B$2.00

Sea Salt Caramel Fudge Brownie | B$1.50

White Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake | B$2.00

So, this was the bestselling one according to the lady whom I assumed to be the baker behind all these bakes. The cake was served rectangular shape with Oreo crumbs as base and topped with a layer of white chocolate cheesecake.

The cheesecake was rather powdery in texture. Sweetness level was alright in my opinion. The crunch from the Oreo base did compliment the powdery cheesecake well. In overall, this bake didn’t leave me with much impression to be honest. Of all the bakes showcased, the Blueberry Crumble Cake did enticed me but I skipped that because it contained more gluten than White Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake.

So, this summed up my visit to Geo Eats’ recent pop up at Avenue 41. If you haven’t visited the pop up event, you still have next week and the week after next. Parking space is limited around the area and you might have to park your car far and walk to Avenue 41. If you are interested to go but not knowing where Avenue 41, fret not! The place is relatively easy to find. Avenue 41 is located in Kiarong, the building next to La Mee.