[CLOSED] CNY2017 Day 2 / TCVH Vegetarian House

Mom, Sister and I were in Miri during this Chinese New Year weekend. Chinese New Year falls on a weekend this year and therefore I got two days off. As Dad returned to hometown for CNY, we decided that the females in the family shall enjoy CNY in Miri this year. We went house visiting at one of my colleagues’ place and were invited for dinner as majority Chinese restaurants were close during this festive season.

We stayed at Pullman Miri Waterfront this time round as most of the hotels in town were fully booked and I am not exactly keen about staying at budget hotels. Kingwood Hotel is definitely out of the question as Mom complained about the size of their shower room. Imagine Mom with tiny body size complained about the size of the shower room, I could not imagine what would Sister might rant about.


Selfie on Chinese New Year Day 2 with my outfit. I did not snap a full OOTD shot as I am just not used to it. A half body OOTD shot would suffice as I only wanted to show the details of the lace on the dress. LOL! I love the traditional Cheongsam collar but I doubt I would be wearing it on regular days as it looked too formal to pull off as a casual dress.

I did not do my hair prior to Chinese New Year this year as my regular hairstylist was no longer working with the salon. I cannot be sure whether she moved to another salon or returned to Malaysia for good. However, I think I need to get the bushy top fixed when returning from Singapore next week.

We departed from Miri for Bandar some time after 1:30PM and it took us approximately half an hour clearing both sides of immigration. We reached Bandar around 4:30PM and headed straight for early dinner at TCVH Vegetarian House as Sister was starving already and she was craving for some Char Siu Kolo Mee. I could not think of any non-Halal restaurant which is open during this festive season but vegetarian restaurant.


Wheatgrass with Milk | B$1.80

Mom was rather intrigued to know how Wheatgrass with Milk tasted like so I got this for the both of us to share. In conclusion, it was too sweet for both our liking.


Char Siu Kolo Mee | B$2.50


Tomato Fried Mee Wet | B$3.50


Laksa | B$4.00

TCVH Vegetarian House
Unit B3, Ground Floor,
Block B, Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230296

Happy Chinese New Year 2017

Sister’s flight from Hong Kong was slightly delayed and it only landed 20 minutes later than the original expected arrival time. We got home slightly past 7PM and just in time for reunion dinner. Dad returned to hometown couple of days ago. So, it was only Mom, Sister and I at home for reunion dinner this year.


Dinner was a simple affair this year. Nothing fancy as we tend to have a lot of leftovers on every reunion dinners. I bought half a roasted duck from Lucky Restaurant this afternoon and Mom made pan fried fish, fish maw soup and stir fried asparagus with arrowroot.

Lastly, 恭喜发财 everyone!

27012017 / Great Taste Restaurant

It is finally Chinese New Year Eve! Sister will arrive Brunei late in the afternoon and I will be the one picking her up since Dad had returned to hometown for Chinese New Year. Mom has a salon appointment early in the morning and she told me to settle my own breakfast. She suggested that I could eat the plentiful cakes at home but I do not feel like having wheat product. So, I decided to wake up earlier and drive out for breakfast on my own.

I intended to go T.C.V.H Vegetarian House for breakfast but the waitress apologetically told me that they could not accommodate any order as their chefs were busy handling catering orders till tonight. She can only serve me the steamed cakes and buns available. Left the restaurant and drove around the area before settling with Great Taste Restaurant as I had heard positive reviews of the restaurant.


Great Taste Restaurant is located next to Lunchbox Cafe and across The Manhattan FISH MARKET at Setia Kenangan 2 area. Next to Great Taste Restaurant is another newly established Chinese Halal restaurant called De Coral Restaurant & Catering (I think).


I had heard reviews of Great Taste Restaurant that their food are affordable given the portion and they taste good as well. The breakfast meals looked good but I am not a fan of frozen crinkled cut fries so I gave them a miss and ordered myself a Nasi Lemak.


Halal Dim Sum 


Nasi Lemak | B$4

The fragrant rice, cooked with coconut milk was nice. The sambal chili paste was spot on for me as it had the right spicy kick which I could endure. LOL! Fried chicken wing was done nicely on the outside but slightly underdone on the inside but it was okay for me. It is not easy to get a perfectly fried chicken wing anyways.

[CLOSED] 22012017 / TCVH Vegetarian House

Mom went for breakfast with me last Sunday morning. It was supposedly a family breakfast but Dad decided that he did not want to join as he did not feel like driving another car. I will be sending Mom for massage after breakfast while I do manicure and pedicure at the same time.

Breakfast was supposed to be at Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering but we decided to go TCVH Vegetarian House instead as I was craving for their Fried Zhao Cai Mee Hoon Dry. This version of noodle is yet common in Brunei but I think it is quite common in Sarawak. We are more used to the wet version instead of the dry. Zhao Cai Mee Hoon is a Fuchow dish.



Zhao Cai Mee Hoon Dry | B$4.50

I ordered this for takeaway previously and it was so good. It had the right balance of sourness which I craved for. The only downside was that it was rather too oily for my liking. So, I requested for less oil when cooking this the other day. Portion was slightly too big for me and I only managed to finish half and brought the leftover home.

TCVH Vegetarian House
Unit B3, Ground Floor,
Block B, Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230296

22012017 / Flour & Butter Cafe

Kaylie and I met up at Flour & Butter Cafe last Sunday afternoon for tea with lil’ Keona. She arrived earlier than me as I was running late from the salon. We were supposed to meet at 4PM and I only managed to arrive few minutes before 4:30PM.

I got to know that Flour & Butter Cafe had introduced some new cakes and Green Tea Latte from their Instagram profile. Hence, the reason why I chose Flour & Butter Cafe as our meet up venue.


Green Tea Latte | B$5.00

I ordered myself a Green Tea Latte but was pretty much disappointed with the taste. However, this is completely subjective to personal preference. I personally prefer a bitter tasting Green Tea Latte instead of a sweet one. This one was a bit sweet for my liking and it lacked green tea taste.


Carrot Cake | B$4.50

I was intrigued to try out their Salted Caramel Orange Tall Cake when I found out that it was introduced from their Instagram profile. Unfortunately, it was already sold out at the time. They still had Chocolate Superior left but Kaylie claimed that it was only average. So, I had my usual favorite Carrot Cake. It was moist and had the right touch of cinnamon taste. I love cinnamon if you are wondering. LOL!


Golden Toasted Bread | B$2.80

Kaylie ordered this for lil’ Keona. This was a baked rectangular shaped toast with cheddar cheese sprinkled on the toast. It was nothing special for me as I do not like overly cheesy food. It was good enough for lil’ Keona though as she kept asking for more.

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323