Review: The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Brunei

The event is finally over. It had been a long day and we all had been sweating from head to toe since morning. Woke up extra early this morning to order takeaways. We skipped lunch as we were too busy and by the time we were done with the event, we were famished.

Colleagues and I left work earlier and we went for dinner at The Manhattan FISH Market. One of them suggested Buffalo Steak House located at Gadong but I was not keen on the idea. Hence, I suggested The Manhattan FISH MARKET since it is new in Brunei as they had only been opened for four days.


Their menu is comprehensive and extensive. What I liked about The Manhattan FISH MARKET is that they have different varieties of fishes to choose from instead of the standard dory. But of course, dory is the cheapest among all.


Lemongrass Cooler | B$5.00

Infused with natural flavor of lemongrass, lychee and aloe vera, our icy Chamomile tea helps to improve digestion and promote healthier skin

This was pretty good and refreshing at the same time. Taste of lemongrass was pretty subtle in my opinion. However, the drink tasted almost similar like rose water to me but I think it was due to the lychee. 


Latte | B$3.90


Marshmallow Cocoa | B$4.50

I seldom order chocolate beverages but I had been craving for chocolate recently and I blame the hormones. LOL! It tasted bland and too much milk for me and only found out that it was because I did not stir the chocolate syrup layer at the bottom of the cup.


Cream of Mushroom Soup (Regular) | B$3.50

We were interested to try out their Farmer’s Soup but were being informed that they were only serving Cream of Mushroom at the moment. They have two sizes for their soup – Lite and Regular.

We were shocked when this was being served to us as Regular did seem rather too small for the size. We cannot imagine how small Lite is. Taste wise, it was average. It lacked mushroom taste and they were being over generous with big onions.


Mediterranean Baked Salmon | B$15.50

A hot favorite with the ladies. You’ll love this salmon fillet baked in an aromatic blend of herbs and spices, served with Garlic Herb rice and hot veggies

This was nice as the salmon fillet was baked for a healthy touch. The Garlic Herb rice was good. It smelled and tasted aromatic, close to how Chicken Rice tastes like but more flavorful.


Veggie Olio | B$6.50

Made especially for vegans, minus the onion and garlic but loaded with flavor. Pasta is sauteed with button mushrooms, carrots and capsicums for added crunch

I ordered this as I was craving for pasta. Honestly speaking, the food description may be a bit deceiving as compared to the actual product. Why? It was stated that this pasta dish is made specially for vegans but minus the onion and garlic. However, there were plenty of diced onions in the pasta. The price was reasonable enough given the portion but it tasted average to me.


Manhattan FISH ‘N’ CHIPS | B$15.50

Hand battered salmon steak, drizzled with delicious Garlic Herb sauce, complemented with chips and a side salad. A clear under-the-sea favorite

Instead of the usual dory for Fish & Chips, we went ahead with salmon for a change. It was pretty good as the salmon steak ain’t dry. The chips did not come with the kind of texture which I love. The salad was fresh but we did not like the dressing much. It was not the usual vinaigrette dressing, I think.

Verdict: Food wise, they were pretty good in my opinion apart from the pasta and mushroom soup that we had. Their menu is extensive. What I like about The Manhattan FISH MARKET is that they offer other choices of food instead of the usual dory fish which I do not fancy as much as other fishes. I have yet tried their Fried Platter but they do look tempting.

However, there was one thing which my colleagues and I were rather unsatisfied during our visit. One of the staffs returned multiple intervals in attempt to clear our table when we were not even done with our food. Food bill was presented to us way before we asked for it. We fully understand that the business is new and there are waiting customers outside. The staff could have nicely asked if we mind settling our bill so that the waiting customers can have our table.

We were being greeted “Welcome” rather loudly as we entered the restaurant but there was not even a single “Thank You” after we settled our bill. It is ironic, isn’t it? In conclusion, my colleagues and I agreed that we definitely will not be returning again in anytime soon.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
F7 & F8, Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-17-20,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2234140


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