Of Random Thing #222

Another post in less than 24 hours, that must be achievement since I haven’t been blogging for a long time. If you used to follow my blog before this space went on a hiatus, you may have noticed that I do watch Mainland drama series from time to time.

Go Go Squid

Jia highly recommended this Mainland drama series on her Instagram story. I transferred the first 20 episodes of this drama series into my iPad before my trip to London and I was hooked! If you needed something funny to laugh on, I would highly recommend this drama series.

My Girlfriend is an Alien

This is another Mainland drama series which Jia highly recommended too! I haven’t gotten round to watch this as I am still downloading the entire series. I do think that Jia has a knack of drama recommendation. Maybe you should consider setting up an IG account just for this? LOL!

Kiss, Love & Taste

My Mowgli Boy

Walk Into Your Memory

Love Under The Moon



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