08092017 / The HEALTHY HABIT

San Diann, Clara and I met for dinner at The HEALTHY HABIT yesterday evening. We scheduled to meet at our usual meet up time but I postponed it to 8AM as I wanted to get myself a Mayer airFryer from Intracorp. They were having clearance sales whereby it was marked down to B$99 when the original price was B$199. The promotion was only valid for yesterday and the day before.

I shared the news to Jennifer and she too was interested to purchase the kitchen toy as her mom had been wanting to get one. I would say B$99 is a value purchase. Intracorp advertised warehouse sales on Borneo Bulletin today for their Philips Air Fryer at B$169. The model advertised is not the latest one but probably the first model of Philips Air Fryer.

I dropped by Intracorp showroom at Kiulap Plaza and bought two units myself. I called in to reserve two units so that it will saves some time when I arrived for payment. The staff unsealed the main packaging which consisted of two units inside and I proceeded to payment straightaway. Warranty will be valid for the next 12 months.

As I mentioned earlier, dinner was at The Healthy Habit yesterday evening. San Diann was asking which cafe have we not try yet. One of them was Yellow Cab Pizza but reviews which I heard had been negative so far. So, we decided to go for The HEALTHY HABIT instead.

Honeymilk | B$5.50

honeydew milk smoothie

Green Wonder | B$5.00

spinach, red apple, lemon, ginger, mint

I was contemplating between Green Wonder and Apple Detox but shuddered when I saw celery and ginger as part of their ingredients in Apple Detox. I went for the former and was taken aback at the color of the juice when it was being served. I was surprised at how good the juice tasted despite the green leafy color.

It had no raw taste of spinach and ginger. It tasted extremely sweet and therefore I asked the barista if sugar syrup had been added. According to the barista, they only use natural sweetener and it was the sweetness from the red apple which I tasted.

Latte | B$5.00

Seafood Marinara | B$8.00

seafood marinara served with whole-grain pasta

San Diann had this. He liked what he ordered but he found the portion not big enough for his usual dinner. The Seafood Marinara came with two pieces of prawns and a couple pieces of squid rings.

Chicken Pesto Penne | B$7.00

chicken cooked in pesto sauce served with multi-grain pasta

I contemplated between this and Chicken & Mushroom Casserole with Quinoa in the first place but I went for the latter when Clara decided to order this for herself. However, I did a taste test and was glad that I didn’t go for it in the first place. The sauce was too heavy for my liking.

Chicken & Mushroom Casserole with Quinoa | B$7.00

saucy chicken and mushroom casserole served on a bed of quinoa

It was my first time trying out quinoa and I had no idea how it tastes like prior to ordering. Honestly speaking, I did not like it when I took the first bite of the quinoa but eventually got used to the texture and find myself liking it. The gravy from the chicken and mushroom casserole was too salty but paired okay when eaten with the quinoa.

Block A,
Setia Kenangan II,
Simpang: 150, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

2 thoughts on “08092017 / The HEALTHY HABIT

  1. the wife went to yellow cab pizza order an all veggie pizza, saw the whole preparation process via their open kitchen concept. it takes them forever to get her pizza ready and do you know why? the chef preparing her pizza, counted and weighed every single ingredients and sauces e.g. 5 slices capsicum, 6 slices onion, 5 slices tomato, 200g cheese, 250g tomato sauce & etc. it takes forever to count & weigh every single items just for a pizza, damn it. turned out the pizza taste crap, the dough like not fully cooked. even the simple pizza hut pizza taste better. so far my personal favorite pizza joint is magherita.

    • I had seen some franchises in Brunei weighing every single piece of their ingredients.

      I had heard quite a number of negative comments for Yellow Cab, not about the weighing though but poor food quality.

      Agreed, my personal favorite pizza place is still Margherita for the portion and the quality of their ingredients.

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