Review: Chef Wong’s Chicken Rice, Miri

Mom and I were in Miri yesterday for body checkup. We left home early about 6AM. We intended to leave earlier but it was raining and it sort of delayed our plan. Thankfully, it was only raining on the half bit of Bandar side and the highway journey was a smooth one. It started pouring heavily once we reached Miri’s border.

Our medical checkup took about two hours as there were three patients who cut our queue before us. Mom and I were supposed to be the first two patients but there was a family who came before us without appointment and took our spots. Thankfully, we weren’t in a hurry so didn’t make a fuss about it. Furthermore, I was waiting for a friend to come by so that Mom could pass over some stuffs to her.

After we were done with our medical checkup, both Mom and I headed to Bintang Megamall as we needed to get some errands done. We now have H&M in Bintang Megamall which has been opened since Friday (I think). I popped by for a short while only as we were both in a hurry to leave. I will definitely return when I’m not so in a hurry next time.

I was starving by lunch as my last meal was at 5:30AM before we left home for Miri. Drove to Marina Square as I needed to help Dad collect some stuffs from one of the shops in the area. I used Waze to look for The Blue Rabbit Bar & Bistro but the place seems to have ceased operation. Waze brought me to the right place but it is now occupied by another eatery. Can any Mirians enlighten me if The Blue Rabbit Bar & Bistro is still around?

So, Mom and I had lunch at Chef Wong’s Chicken Rice. The place looked quite packed as compared to some other Chinese eateries in the area. We had steamed chicken rice and it was served in less than five minutes after placing orders.

Steamed Chicken Rice | RM4.50

We both had a portion of chicken rice each. They serve both steamed and roasted version. I used to prefer roasted chicken over steamed chicken previously but I appreciate steamed chicken more nowadays. The rice were cooked with oil fried red onion. Despite so, the rice weren’t aromatic enough.

The steamed chicken was to my liking though. I requested for chicken thigh and the meat were tender and juicy. The chicken paired well with the blended chili served readily on all tables. However, I find the blended chili not spicy enough for my liking. It tasted on the sweet side though. Soup was provided complimentary on self service basis.

Chef Wong’s Chicken Rice
Lot 2023, Ground Floor,
Jalan MS 1/1,
Marina Square 1,
Marina Parkcity,
98000, Miri, Sarawak,


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