Review: Kapra Coffee

Had my caffeine fix on my own last Sunday morning before I meet Jennifer for lunch. Kaylie intended to join me for coffee but she cancelled me on short notice as she had to bring lil’ Keona over to Kuala Lurah to extend her social visit pass. Despite being cancelled on, I decided to go on my own.

I had my first trial of Kapra Coffee days before my visit last Sunday morning. I went over and ordered takeaways of Cafe Latte for myself and two colleagues. I was rather disappointed with my Cafe Latte back then. But I remembered that the barista asked if I would like strong coffee but I insisted on single shot at the time. So, I thought that could be the reason why my Cafe Latte was lacking coffee taste!


Cafe Latte | B$5.50

So, I returned and gave this Cafe Latte a second chance. And I went ahead with double shot this time round. It was a lot better than my first trial but it still lack the bitterness taste which I prefer.

According to the barista, the reason why their coffees were not as bitter as some other coffees served in other cafes is that they did not roast their beans dark. The longer the beans are roasted, the bitter the coffees will be. So, that explained why their coffees were not as bitter and sour as compared to some other coffees which I had previously tried.


Eat Your Greens | B$6.00

Pandan sponge cake paired with cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese

They had quite a few cakes’ selection the other day. There were Bugs Bunny Goes Nuts, Bandung Chiffon, Sweet & Salty Chocolate Cupcakes and Taro Creme Brulee. Kapra Coffee collaborates with two local home bakers – Cake Diem and Mentega Patisserie.

So, Eat Your Greens is layered pandan sponge cake with cream cheese frosting in between layers. In between the layers also came shredded cheddar cheese. The pandan sponge cake came with the right level of sweetness and they were soft and spongy as well. However, I do find the cream cheese frosting slightly lacking in cheese taste. Perhaps I am used to heavy cream cheese frosting in cakes?


So, this is the menu they have at the moment. It is not as extensive as some of the cafes we have in town but it will suffice if you are into classic coffees instead of fancy pansy coffees. As Kapra Coffee is currently shorthanded, their business hours are limited to a few hours per day but longer hours during weekend.


Free flow of plain water were provided on the table. There is a large high stool table which could roughly accommodate around 12 persons. And there is also another counter table which could accommodate like 4 persons at the same time.


Additionally, they also have some coffee related merchandises which patrons can buy if they wished to.

Verdict: All in all, I liked the ambiance of the place. Menu is pretty restricted as as they intended to focus on coffees among others. I do not mind returning to Kapra Coffee next time as I intended to try out their Iced Americano. Gonna bring Sister and Jennifer over the weekend if time permits.

Kapra Coffee
Unit 26, Ground Floor,
Block C,
Simpang: 440,
Jalan Muara,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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