30042017 / Kausar Cafe

It was Jennifer’s birthday last Friday. So, I let her choose a venue for her birthday lunch. She could not decide where to at first (within my expectation) and we agreed to only decide when the time is near based on her craving at the time.

She was craving for Garlic Naan when I texted for her decision yesterday evening. Her brother highly recommended Kausar Cafe. I had been to Kausar Cafe once and it was with Jia and Stephen many years ago. The restaurant was not extremely packed at the time when we arrived as it was nearing 1PM. I guess lunch crowd had subsided by then?

Garlic Naan | B$1.40

Chicken Jalfrezi | B$6.50

served dry fried, julienne chicken pieces with tomatoes and onion in an exotic blend of ginger, green peppers and mild spices

Jennifer chose this as she was craving for a spicy curry but this came out not meeting her expectation. It was rather different from what she had back in the UK. I never had Chicken Jalfrezi before so I had nothing to compare of but this was definitely not spicy for Indian standard. It tasted creamy and buttery to me.

Vegetable Briyani | B$4.20

rice cooked in thick gravy, layered with your choice from three great options and served with vegetable curry or raita

We ordered Vegetable Briyani since we had ordered Chicken Jalfrezi as well. We were not keen of having a heavy and meaty lunch since we will be heading for coffee and cake at Flour & Butter Cafe after lunch. Their Vegetable Briyani was good in my opinion, served with potato chunks, canned mushroom, broccoli and cauliflowers. The rice was not as dry as what I had previously on my first visit. Instead of being served raita, we were being served pickled cucumbers and carrots.

Kausar Cafe
Unit D10, Block D,
Shakirin Complex,
Simpang: 88, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8829495

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