08082017 / Cake Rush, Miri

After breakfast at Chua Café around Marina ParkCity, we headed to Bintang Megamall for some window shopping to kill time before heading to the next destination. It was still early in the morning and some of the shops were not open yet. 淡水缘味古早味蛋糕 hailed from Taiwan had opened up an outlet on the ground floor of Bintang Megamall. It was still early but the queue was long.

My colleague was tempted to try their cakes so I told her that if you really wanted it, you have to queue for it. She queued for it. I was not interested but Mom was. So, she got my colleague to help her buy a slice without queuing. Mom and I window shopped on the first floor until my colleague called when she got the cakes. The average queuing time was 45 minutes to 1 hour.

I cannot tell what flavors they have altogether as I did not queue for it. I knew that they have Original and Cheese flavors. But of course, the choices are definitely more than the two which I mentioned. Original flavor is priced at RM18 while RM25 for Cheese. I liked the soft and fluffy texture of the sponge cake and the sweetness level was just right. However, it is not something that would leave me craving for more.

After we were done window shopping at Bintang Megamall, Mom suggested that we exit the building early before lunch traffic hits in. Mom wanted to get some Steamed Yam Bun from 烧包. I parked my car across Cake Rush and we walked to 烧包 only to find that they were not selling Steamed Yam Bun for the day.

We then walked back to Cake Rush and got ourselves some coffees and desserts to munch on. As I am on a strictly no coffee diet, I made do with their Uji Matcha Latte.

Uji Matcha Latte

Cafe Mocha

Matcha Adzuki Bean Chocolate Cake

This is one of their latest creations. I am a huge of fan of matcha and chocolate combination. The chocolate layer at the bottom was absolutely delicious sandwiched with cooked adzuki beans. The sweetness level was just perfect and it paired even better with Uji Matcha Latte!

P/S: If you are wondering why there were no pricing in this blog entry, I had forgotten the pricing and I do not want to input them based on my vague memory.

Cake Rush
Lot 862, Ground Floor,
Jalan Helenium,
Miri, Sarawak,
East Malaysia


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