Of Random Things #144

Jennifer and I had dinner together at Le Keris last Tuesday evening and she brought me a freebie from innisfree. It’s one of the freebies from our purchases back in January when she was in KL to pick up her wedding gowns.

innisfree came up with this promotion in conjunction of New Year 2018. The bags came in three different colored theme Snoopy – purple, blue and gold. Mine’s gold.

This bag came at the very right timing. I might be traveling on a long weekend holiday next week and I don’t have a bag that I could use. I don’t intend to bring my usual handbag as it can be extremely heavy for whole day usage.



I had been downloading this Taiwanese series since it started airing. The storyline is about time traveling which I find interesting. I had watched one of the episodes and it was pretty good in my opinion. Shall wait until it had completed airing but watching it for real.

Switch – Change the World

I had also started downloading this new Korean series. Not sure if it’s good but we shall see when it had completed airing. There is one Korean series which I am excited about but first airing would only start on April 25. It is a remake of American’s Suits but Korean.


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