Of Random Things #154

I had topped up for unlimited data last Tuesday evening and managed to download up to the latest episode of Busted!. I had watched the first episode of Busted! and the plot of the show seems to be almost similar to Who’s the Keyman from Mainland.

Another new Korean drama series had started airing yesterday evening. I’m not a big fan of both the male and female leads but I would just download in case Sister might be interested with the drama. Her interests surprised me at times. LOL!

Handsome Guy and Jung-eum

Also known as The Undateables. The storyline is about a relationship expert who doesn’t believe in love and a diving athlete turned into “relationship helper” who dreams of love and marriage but has given up in the face of reality. This kind of storyline is quite common in K-dramas to be honest.




Thankfully I managed to find seeds in HD format for the above three Taiwanese drama series. My most anticipated one from the above three is 三明治女孩的逆襲 as I quite like the previous works of the male lead in this drama.

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