04022019 / Happy Cream & Co. Cafe

After dinner at Padi-Mas Restaurant, we went for desserts at Happy Cream & Co. Cafe. In conjunction to Chinese New Year, Happy Cream & Co. had introduced Chocolate Orange as part of their limited edition flavor for the festive season.

Chocolate Orange & Earl Grey | B$8.00

We got the Belgian waffle with two scoops of their premium handcrafted ice-cream. We tried some of other flavors and found out not a lot of them would pair well with Chocolate Orange. Some of them tasted pretty much the same (at least the ones that we liked).

According to Sister, Chocolate Orange tasted just alike Jaffa. All I can say is that if you love the combination of chocolate and orange, I am pretty sure you would fall head over heels in love with their Chocolate Orange. Earl Grey tasted very apparent of Earl Grey which I liked but it was on the milky side. If you like milky Earl Grey, you would definitely like it.

In comparison between Chocolate Orange and Earl Grey, I personally find that the former melts relatively faster than the latter. It wasn’t able to hold the structure properly. Texture wise, it wasn’t as smooth as Earl Grey in appearance.

As a matter of fact, it looked icy and grainy at the same time. Having said so, you couldn’t feel the icy and grainy texture on the tongue though. It could be that they didn’t get the proportion right or chocolate in general melts faster than other flavors.

Happy Cream & Co. Cafe
Unit 1, First Floor,
Bangunan Majid Mohammad,
Jalan Pasar Baru,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8158587

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