Cooking Diary #33

It has been a while since I last shared what I cooked as I did more baking than cooking recently. Mom usually does the cooking while I do the baking. But now that Mom is away until the mid of next month, I have to take care of my own meals.

I could always eat what was provided by the Company for lunch and dinner. But the food provided did not suit my taste bud most of the time. So, I might as well cook from home and bring to workplace unless I am being super lazy and just resort to eating what was provided.


Stir Fry Chicken Breast with Ginger & Spring Onions

I am not someone who like to eat chicken breast more than chicken thigh. But beggar can’t be chooser, right? I don’t feel like de-boning chicken thighs, so I got myself two pieces of chicken breast fillets from FRESHCO, Times Square yesterday afternoon. Did marination yesterday evening and left them in the fridge overnight so that they will be more flavorful the next day.

2 chicken breast fillets
oyster sauce
dark soy sauce
tapioca starch
white pepper powder
ginger, sliced into 7 or 8 thin slices
one stalk spring onions
brown sugar

Clean the chicken breast fillets with salt water.
Drain the water and cut the fillets into strips.
Marinate the chicken strips with oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, tapioca starch and white pepper powder. Leave them in the fridge overnight.
Heat up wok with adequate amount of cooking oil and fry sliced gingers until fragrant.
Add in chicken strips and stir well.
Pour in some hot water and let the chicken simmer.
Add some more seasonings if required.
Add spring onion, mix well and dish out.

So, this was how I cooked my version of Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onions. To be honest, I got the idea from one of my colleagues. She cooked some the other day and it was really good. Best to mix the broth with rice.

6 thoughts on “Cooking Diary #33

    • Thank you for the compliment!

      Well, my cooking is still average as I tend to overcook my food sometimes. LOL! But gradually getting a bit of improvement. I started to cook when I was in high school and then cooked more when studying overseas. I think I am better with pastas but of course, they come with ready made pasta sauces.

      Cooking can be learnt just like baking. Cooking is easier than baking though as the latter requires some sort of basics and skills. But with cooking, as long as you don’t burn the food or go excessive with seasonings, all is good.

      Do try with the simplest ones like maybe omelette. You start with the easy ones to build up your confidence. I am sure you will get the hang of cooking eventually.

      Good luck! xD

  1. Yes true! I tend too overcook most of the times, even like simple things such as frying the eggs >.< lol. Basically i need to practice my cooking especially when it comes to stir frying. It always turn either overcooked or much more worse undercooked lol. I have never bake anything in my entire life xD Not really into baking but im interested in trying out non-bake desserts ❤ Thanks for the luck!

    Maybe i can only cook foods which are related to boiling like hot pot and pasta,but im very sure everyone can do it because its kind of easy xD I feel like i'm better in boiling foods than frying lol,,.

    • Maybe you should try using a non-stick cooking pan. If I don’t use non-stick, I tend to overcook and burn my food too. But sometimes, it’s the heat level. LOL!

      I had tried non-bake desserts before but it wasn’t successful as I don’t think I used the gelatin well enough. I was watching YouTube the other day and I chanced upon this Japanese Baked Cheesecake by Ochikeron. And she also made this video tutorial of 3 ingredients Japanese Souffle Cheesecake. They looked easy and I think I am gonna try them out soon.

  2. Yup i’ve used the non-stick cooking pan and still 😥 Plus even when i switched to low heat, the foods i cooked still became overcook lol. Maybe i’m just very bad at cooking xD Don’t worry i gotta keep practice more. Practice makes perfect!

    Ive always watching cooking videos by Ochikeron. I subscribed to her channel few months ago. She makes the cooking look easy and doable :3 I also follow JapaneseCooking101 and Cooking With The Dog channels. Tbh im just enjoying myself watching them cooking lol..

    • Yeah … Ochikeron made her recipes’ videos looked easy.

      I tried her Japanese Baked Cheesecake yesterday evening. Surprisingly, mine doesn’t even brown at all on the top. I had seen other bakers attempting her recipe, and they all got a browned top but mine was all white and slightly yellowish in color due to the cream cheese.

      Texture wise, it was the same as shown on her YouTube video. I am thinking of trying her 3 ingredients Souffle Cheesecake tomorrow. But wanna look for good white chocolate. I wonder if Guan Hock Lee has Meiji White Chocolate. I remembered that they have Milk or Dark Chocolate ones from Meiji.

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