Review: Jazz Bar & Grill

Jazz Bar & Grill has been around for quite a few months but I only got to know about it less than a month ago when Jia showed me their Instagram profile over Whatsapp. Jennifer and I were contemplating between a few new eateries in town and we settled with Jazz Bar & Grill in the end as we both suspected that the queue at O’Tacos and Baotime might still be overwhelming at this time.

We met up for lunch at around 1PM and to find the restaurant completely empty given that it was still lunch hour. But it is okay, I like quiet time during meals. We were being given an A4 sized menu paper. Menu was not designed to be exactly “user-friendly” as we find that all menu information were packed into one single piece of paper. It took us quite some time before we decide what we wanted to eat.

I heard mixed reviews from Jia after her visit and she told me to avoid fried food as they were not that great. So, I lowered down my expectation since I was being told of what to expect. Albeit the heads up, I still went ahead with fried food as I craved heavily for fries yesterday.


Mint Mojito | B$4


Coke Light | B$2

I had Coke Light since I wanted something fizzy to go with my main course. Decided to go for Coke Light instead of regular Coke to reduce my guilt for having carbonated drink. LOL!



Fish & Chips | B$15

hand battered fresh fish fillet, chips, salad and homemade tartar sauce

Before placing my order for this, I asked the waitress if they are using dory fish for the fillet. The waitress informed me that they were using snapper instead for their fish fillet. The fish fillet was deep fried and I liked the texture of the fish. It was juicy and tender. The batter was crunchy but there were some parts which were bit soggy.

Chips were hit and miss though. I preferred the chips from Jennifer’s platter though. I think her’s were fried better than mine. Homemade tartar sauce was nice and the salad was fresh. For salad, you can choose in between dressings and they have sesame, vinaigrette and thousand island. I had sesame dressing.


Roast Herb Chicken | B$16

fresh herb roast 1/2 chicken, apple sauce & gravy

Portion was big as they serve with 1/2 whole chicken. However, the texture of the chicken flesh was a bit off. They were rather overcooked in my opinion and the chicken was not exactly the freshest. The apple sauce goes pretty well with the chicken. As for the sides, you can choose between chips or mashed potatoes and green salad or coleslaw.



Verdict: Food wise, I can’t say much as I only had what I wanted. I see that they have quite a selection with oysters. I am not a seafood person so I gave those a miss. However, if you are a seafood person, perhaps you might be interested to try their oyster. Price is a bit steep but still acceptable given the portion.

I do not mind returning again next time for their Dessert Tasting Plate. It comes in a plate with three types of mini sized desserts and a cup of Cappuccino for B$9. If you are wondering where Jazz Bar & Grill is located, it is located at where Caliente Tapas Bar used to be. However, I think Caliente Tapas Bar was much bigger in size than what Jazz Bar & Grill is having now.

Jazz Bar & Grill
No: 7, 1st Floor, Block B, Regent Square,
Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2234549


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