05032017 / Da Paolo Gastromania, Singapore

Our dinner in Singapore last weekend was a relatively simple one. Both Sister and I were knackered and we need a place to rest our legs. We were in Raffles City at the time and there were so many options to choose from. It took us approximately two rounding of the entire floor before we settled with Da Paolo Gastromania as Sister mentioned she needed her caffeine fix. For your information, Da Paolo Gastromania also serves gluten free pasta.

We took up the large table with a relative big plant in the middle that separates between two groups of patrons. One unique dessert which caught our attention was their meringue. We wondered how it was like to eat something so full of sugar. Another group of four sitting nearby us ordered a Strawberry Meringue to share. If you have a huge sugar craving, perhaps that is the time when you would consider Meringue?

Mint Mocha | S$6.50

Both Sister and I ordered the same hot drink – Mint Mocha. I had mine with skim milk while she had soy milk for hers for an additional S$1. The taste of mint was distinctive which I like and yet sweet at the same time. It was good to be honest. A ideal option if you need a sugar boost in your body system.

Blueberry White Chocolate Scone | S$4.60

Smoked Salmon & Salad Sandwich | B$10.50

I had this and it was good. I think I was too hungry and tired to be fussy. The sandwich was only hot pressed when ordered. So, you will be served a warm sandwich. The combination of smoked salmon with spinach was nice but some of the spinach were rather soggy when served.

Da Paolo Gastromania
Raffles City, #B1-45,
252 North Bridge Road,

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