Of Random Things #99

This will be the last entry before reaching the hundredth post for the topic of “Of Random Things”. There is nothing much to worry about as I am not stopping with this one. You will know of which drama series that I had been watching or miscellaneous stuffs which I do not see the point of having an individual blog entry categorized under this topic.

Anyways, I had been watching a few episodes of The Introverted Boss since few days ago. Surprisingly, this drama series is one of those which I started to find the storyline a bit boring. I think I will put it on hold first and start with something else in the mean time.

The Perfect Match

This is the current drama series which I had been watching. Instead of a Korean drama series, I decided to make a change this time round and went for a Taiwanese one instead. It is still airing at the moment. One episode per week.

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