Baking #135: Charcoal Bread Loaf

Sister came home from Shanghai and brought with her my Taobao hauls. One of them was the baking charcoal powder which I could not find here in Brunei. The first thing which I did after ransacking through her luggage finding my hauls was to bake a bread loaf using the said powder. All I need to do is to dump in all the ingredients required into the baking pan and let the bread machine works it’s magic!

The three of us, excluding Dad went out for grocery shopping and desserts after dinner. By the time we got home, the bread loaf was already baking inside the bread machine with 15 minutes of baking time left. It rose beautifully with a dome shaped top. Despite the dark shade from the charcoal powder, the bread did not come out with a burnt dark shade. Thank goodness! It was slightly brownish in color though.

Without further ado, let’s me show you how my Charcoal Bread Loaf turned out to be!

Charcoal Bread Loaf (adapted from Baking Mom)


  • 150g water *Dutch Lady full cream milk, cold from fridge*
  • 42g unsalted butter, cold
  • 30g egg
  • 42g sugar *raw sugar*
  • 4.5g salt *roughly 1/2 tsp*
  • 300g bread flour
  • 2 tsp charcoal powder
  • 18g milk powder *Fernleaf full cream milk powder*
  • 4.5g instant yeast


  1. Measure all ingredients in advance with measuring cups and spoons.
  2. Remove bread pan from bread machine and install collapsible paddle.
  3. Pour in ingredients in the following sequence – milk, butter, egg, sugar, salt, bread flour, charcoal powder, milk powder and instant yeast.
  4. Wipe spillage outside the bread pan, if any.
  5. Return bread pan into the bread machine and close the lid.
  6. Choose setting (Basic – Normal) and press START.
  7. Wait for bread machine to finish all cycles before removing the bread pan from the bread machine.
  8. Leave bread loaf to cool on a cooling rack prior to slicing.

The reason for the uneven coloring on the bread loaf was probably due to uneven mixing. I hand whisked the bread flour and charcoal powder together fearing that they will not combine well during the kneading process. It turned out that my concern was rather unnecessary as the outcome was the same even with hand whisking.

Apart from the uneven coloring, this was a good loaf of bread. It was soft and fluffy. I had it with a sunny side up this morning and it was great. It did not taste any different than your regular white bread despite there was charcoal powder in it. If you are worrying that there will be charcoal taste or what not, I can assure you that there is none. LOL!

If you do have charcoal powder sitting in your kitchen, do try this recipe.


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