Review: Happy Cream & Co.

I had finally tried out Happy Cream & Co. last Tuesday evening after work. I went to The Mall as I needed to stock up on my regular hair serum from Winmark. I had been hearing good things about the handcrafted ice-creams from Happy Cream & Co. . I’m even considering getting a pint of one of their flavors from Supa Save Mata-Mata but haven’t come around on deciding which flavor to get though.

Chee Fun, San Diann, Shew Hiang and I had tried three of their handcrafted ice-cream flavors from Games & Lattes last Sunday evening. We had Vanilla Bean, Matcha and Teh Tarik. We loved the Teh Tarik flavor the most. Having found out that Happy Cream & Co. is also serving Earl Grey flavor from their website, I decided to try it out.

Earl Grey | B$3.50

I’m not an Earl Grey person before. Having tried Earl Grey Lavender flavor from Creamier Gilman Barracks from Singapore earlier this month , I fell in love with the flavor. The Earl Grey flavor from Happy Cream & Co. is good in my opinion but I think I’d like it better if the flavor has been stronger. Honestly speaking, this is entirely subjective to personal preference.

They are serving in either single or double scoops. B$3.50 for single scoop and B$6 for double scoops. You can have the scoop(s) served in either cone or cup. Apparently, I had mine served on a cone for photography purpose and I didn’t eat the cone by the time I am done with the ice-cream. I like that scoop served comes pretty compacted if you know what I mean and it doesn’t melt as easily as soft-serve ice-cream does. I don’t mind returning again to try out their other flavors.

Happy Cream & Co.
Unit 1.35A,
The Mall Abdul Razak Complex,
Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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