Of Random Things #123

I had finally finished watching Hospital Ship last Friday when it had completed airing. It’s one of the best Korean medical dramas which I had watched. I normally prefer American ones but this Korean one was good with equally gross scenes like what you would get from American ones.

While You Were Sleeping

This drama series has yet completed airing but there’s only two more weeks to that. By the time I’m on the last current episode, I guess the series would have completed airing. I haven’t check the rating of the drama series and I’m hoping that it would be good.

Refresh Man

I’m meeting Clara and Shew Hiang for coffee later. We thought that the coffee date has been cancelled as San Diann mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to make it and Shew Hiang mentioned that she isn’t available on Sunday. But she texted us this morning saying that the coffee date is still on we are available.

The coffee date is now down to Clara, Shew Hiang and I as San Diann couldn’t confirm if he could make it back on time from Miri and Chee Fun is missing in action as we didn’t receive any reply from him. LOL!


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