17022018 / Khao Yai Day 2 (Part 1)

We started our second day in Khao Yai early and arranged our driver to pick us from Hotel Khao Yai Terrazzo at 8:30AM. Breakfast was served complimentary by the hotel. They served both minced pork porridge and American Breakfast with egg of your choice.

Our first attraction of the day was Baan Suan Noi also known as Hobbit House. Baan Suan Noi is the imitation of Hobbit House in New Zealand. According to Sister, there were some comments on TripAdvisor that Khao Yai’s version of Hobbit House was better than the original one in New Zealand.

Entrance fee for Hobbit House was ฿100 per person and an additional ฿50 per person for costume rental if you’re interested. We weren’t interested in costume change so we only paid for entrance fee. We were early that day with not much tourists in the area. Shortly after we arrived, two hired vans arrived carrying two large groups of tourists.

Local fruit seller outside Little Santorini. LOL! For your information, there was a Little Santorini at Hobbit House. According to Sister, there is another Santorini inspired theme park in Thailand which was a lot bigger than the Little Santorini we had at Hobbit House.

We ended our Hobbit House tour at Little Santorini and proceeded to our next destination of the day – The Bloom. Entrance fee for The Bloom was ฿100 per person.

As the weather was hot, they even provided complimentary umbrellas for rental while you toured around The Bloom. The three of us brought our own umbrellas from home as we didn’t want to get sunburnt. There wasn’t much pictures of myself at The Bloom as it was too hot to properly enjoy the scenery and position myself for a nice picture.

We exited The Bloom as soon as we were done touring the area and headed to PB Valley Winery. Anthony had pre-booked us for a 70 minutes PB Valley Winery tour at ฿320 per person. The tour fee includes hands on information of the process of wine brewing and wine tasting.

After the explanation of how these wines were brewed, we were led to a room for wine sampling. We were required to present our entrance tickets for the wine sampling. I am allergic to wines so I passed the chance and went for non-alcoholic drink provided for the kids. LOL!

One ticket entitles you to three wines’ sampling – one white and two reds. I had a sip of the white wine from Sister’s and found it too dry for my liking.

On the way back to the lobby of PB Valley Winery, the driver stopped for us to take pictures of the grapes. As it was past harvest season, the numbers of grapes on the vines were limited. According to one of the tourists from our bus, the grapes were too sour despite being told not to pick the grapes earlier on. LOL!

It was almost 3PM by the time we were done with the tour. We were starving by then as we didn’t get to have lunch before the tour. We settled for lunch at The Great Hornbill located at the lobby of PB Valley Winery. Food review will come in the next blog entry. Do stay tune if you are interested!


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