29042018 / COCO Cafe

San Diann and I met for lunch yesterday afternoon around 1PM. We text messaged the rest of the members in our Whatsapp group chat but none could make it. Shew Hiang has a newborn baby to look after. Chen Wei and Chee Fun couldn’t make it while Clara had obligatory meeting with the future in-laws to discuss of the wedding.

Having viewed the new food items from COCO Cafe Instagram profile, I suggested to San Diann that we should visit COCO Cafe again  for the new menu. San Diann on the other hand preferred to try out new cafes. The latest cafe that we haven’t tried was I’m Here For You Boutique Cafe located at Setia Kenangan 2.

I personally thought the said cafe might be too girly for San Diann. He on the other hand didn’t mind as long as he could take pictures for his Instagram profile. LOL! The food posted on their social media platforms didn’t entice me so I insisted on COCO Cafe and forwarded him the food pictures for his references.

Without further ado, let us get started with today’s business rollin’!

Tropical Treat | B$6.00

banana, strawberries, mango

Matcha Latte (Iced) | B$6.90

I wanted something cold as we were seated outside in the first place despite there were vacant tables in the air conditioned indoor dining area of the cafe. It’s not that we wanted privacy but we wanted good lighting for our food pictures. In the end, we moved into the indoor dining area as the outdoor dining was getting humid. Thankfully, the table that we got had good lighting at specific angles. The Matcha Latte was good in my opinion. It would be nicer if it had more bittersweet after taste.

Tuna Kimbap | B$5.50

We wanted to order their Shrimp Tacos but it was steeply priced at B$11.90 for three pieces. So, we went for Tuna Kimbap as appetizer. The Tuna Kimbap looked healthy as they were served with purple grain rice. However, the Tuna Kimbap were tad dry in my opinion. It could be the grains that they were using or lacked of mayonnaise in the tuna fillings.

Sicilian Pasta with Oyster Mushroom | B$12.00

Sicilian Pasta with Oyster Mushroom is one of their newest items on their menu. It could be considered as the vegan alternative of Sicilian Pasta with Scallops. However, this dish is not truly vegetarian if you don’t consume garlic or onion as part of your vegetarian diet. Instead of dried parsley as toppings, they sprinkled some coriander leaves. Honestly speaking, this is good if you love mushroom but slightly spicy!

Unit 1, Block E,
Sempurna Complex,
Batu Bersurat,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2424566

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