Of Random Things #203

I wanted to make Doenjang Jigae this morning but Mom told me not to as she wanted to use up the lotus roots for soup. I have got all the ingredients needed last Friday evening. I had previously tried the Doenjang Jigae from Korean Restaurant, Miri and it was spicy but nonetheless good.

After Doenjang Jigae, I will be attempting Gamjatang soon. Not sure if it was due to the K-drama series which I had been watching recently, I had been interested to attempt Korean cuisine at home. I had been tempted to make Bibimbap at home but the process could be tedious for all I know as you need to stir fry each and every ingredients individually.

Late November and early December are the airing months for a few highly anticipated Korean drama series of the year. I managed to download them up to date. I think there is another series airing on this coming Monday but I had forgotten the title of the said drama series.

Memories of Alhambra

Memories of Alhambra is one of my highly anticipated Korean drama series of the year. Reason being, I am quite a fan of both the leads. I had watched a small part of the first episode and stopped. I’ll wait until it had completed airing before I start watching it for real.


Top Star U-back


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I came to know of the combo for the leads. Surprisingly, Sister said that the drama series started off pretty good. I took her words for it and watched a small part of the drama series. It was better than what I anticipated in the first place. Park Bogum definitely has his charm on screen.

Clean with Passion for Now

The Hymn of Death

Fates & Furies

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