09012019 / Yang Seng Restaurant & Catering

When I am feeling bored of the gluten free food at home, I would head out for breakfast with my colleagues. One of my favorite breakfast places in town is Yang Seng Restaurant & Catering as it serves one of the best Kolo Mee Hoon(s) in my opinion.

The bonus is that you can top your noodles with your favorite meats other than the standard minced pork and few slices of Char Siu. They were of course at an additional charge.

Kolo Mee Hoon | B$4.00

I went luxury with my breakfast the other day and had extra Char Siu with Siu Yoke on my Kolo Mee Hoon. This is not entirely a GF breakfast as the Mee Hoon was tossed with soy sauce. For your information, Mee Hoon is rice vermicelli. As long as I am not eating a whole bowl of wheat noodle, I am all okay.

As you can see in the above picture, they were extremely generous with the meats. I could not finish all the meats and had my colleague helped me with some. I liked that their Mee Hoon was well soaked to the level of softness that I love and well tossed with the right amount of seasoning. If you like Kolo Mee Hoon too, try the ones from Yang Seng Restaurant & Catering.

Yang Seng Restaurant & Catering
No: 34, Simpang: 5,
Jalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8929339


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