Of Random Things #214

I had finally finished What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?. I think it took me the shortest to finish a Korean drama series this time round. A lot said that it was one of the best Korean productions of 2018. It was a good production but not the best in my opinion.

In comparison between Are You Human? with What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, I honestly preferred the former. I wouldn’t say the latter wasn’t good but I preferred the former over it. Just different preference, I guess?


According to Wikipedia, Encounter is one of the highest rated Korean drama series in cable television history. Honestly speaking, I find the combination weird but their chemistry was great. I am currently on the fifth episode.

I loved the way Park Bo-gum smiled. I wasn’t a fan when he acted in Hello Monster as he was the bad guy. However, his character in Love in the Moonlight changed my perception towards him. Sister commented that the ending was kind of abrupt and short. I shall see for myself.

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