Review: Ah Tong

San Diann, Clara and I met up for an early breakfast last Sunday morning. San Diann invited both Clara and I to try out this newly opened Ah Tong couple of weeks ago on the day of soft opening but I could not make it as I got a last minute work call. So, we took a rain check and met up last Sunday instead.

We met at 9:00a.m. in the morning. Early, huh? I was surprised that both of them were okay with meeting so early as majority of my friends could not make it for breakfast before 10:00a.m. in the morning. I like going out early in the morning so that I can get things done earlier. There was once I met up with my colleagues for breakfast before 8:00a.m. on a Sunday morning couple of months ago.

Without further ado, let me show you what I had at Ah Tong last Sunday morning.


鱼滑 Efu | B$5

It took me a long time to decide what to have for breakfast. I wanted to try Salmon but I think it was kinda heavy and expensive for breakfast. So, I settled with the most basic one –  鱼滑. I was shocked when I saw the size of bowl presented in front of me during serving.

My bowl of 鱼滑 came with generous portion of deep fried homemade fish cakes, deep fried tofu, salted vegetables and tomatoes. As for the noodle, you could choose in between yellow noodle or rice vermicelli. I chose the latter. As for the soup, you could choose between clear or milky base. The waitress highly recommended us the milky base as it was their chef’s specialty.

The soup was good in my opinion but I’ll like it more if it is more sour than it is now. The homemade fish cakes were good! It was soft, smooth and silky. Deep fried tofu was good too but tasted a bit sourish to me, probably due to the soup base. Rice vermicelli portion was more than generous, which I only managed to finish half.

All in all, I think this was a good bowl of 鱼滑 and I do not mind returning next time. I think I will bring my family to try next time. Additionally, Ah Tong also serves freshly baked buns like Buttermilk, Red Bean, Sausage Rolls and Egg Tarts in the morning. Buns are sold at B$0.50 while egg tarts are B$0.80 each.

Have you tried Ah Tong and what do you think?

15 thoughts on “Review: Ah Tong

    • Really? But you looked so slim. =D

      I used to be able to finish a big bowl of noodle but I am trying to cut down on my food portion nowadays. Don’t want my diet effort to die in vain. LOL!

      • Oh no!! I am really not slim at all. xD;; I have a very chubby belly. I have tried to diet before, but have no self-restraint. I especially love sweets and eat desserts everyday… If I cut out desserts, I’ll be so sad.

    • I like sweets too but not as much as before. Trying to cut down as much as I could. I still have cravings once in a while, especially when it is near the time of the month.

      • I thought there is at least a kitchen in each dorm.

        When I was living in university dorm previously, each apartment comes with a kitchen, equipped with microwave and oven too. But that was in UK. But it’s weird that your university doesn’t have kitchen in dorms!

        Yeah … Do try to bake when you have access to a kitchen. Baking could be extremely therapeutic when you are in a stress. At least, that’s what I think baking of. =D

      • When I studied abroad in Europe, I had access to a kitchen so I cooked for myself on a daily basis. But at my college in the USA, we’re required to be on a meal plan (so we eat all our meals in dining halls and don’t need to cook).

      • Indirectly it means that university do not have to spend in providing kitchen appliances and at the same time also earn money from students for food. But does your dorm provide at least a microwave to heat up food or drinks?

        But sometimes, don’t you get bored with university food? Like myself before, university does prepare lunch which we students have to pay for. I do get bored with the food and went home during lunch break to cook my own lunch instead or just head into town for Burger King instead. LOL!

      • Yeah, they have a hot water machine and a microwave. XD We don’t pay for individual meals here. It’s a yearly fee for room + board (so dorm room rent and food is all together in one price). It’s unlimited meals, so you can eat as much as you want. I used to love the food when I started out, but now, the food has gotten worse. The desserts are always yummy though. ❤ (Which is why I eat too much dessert. XD) I feel like my college caters to vegetarians, so there's hardly ever any good meat. 😦 And I love meat.

    • Ah Tong is located above SCR Fusion at Abdul Razak Complex, nearby CY Lim Clinic.

      I am not sure if the restaurant is Halal certified but it doesn’t sell pork, only seafood products.

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