08022016 / Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

This post is kinda way overdue but it is better late than never, right? Was supposed to draft a couple of blog entries for scheduled publication but I ended up catching up on some of the Korean drama series which I had downloaded all these while. I am currently addicted to Cheese In The Trap (捕鼠器裡的奶酪) and I had completed until the most up to date episode. Thankfully, it is airing on every Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, I do not have to wait long until the next episode is released. It is quite good if you need something for a laugh.

I had brunch at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe yesterday afternoon but no blog entry for it as I did not bring my camera with me. Sunday yesterday was spent baking Japanese Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake, meeting up a friend for belated birthday brunch, grocery shopping at Hua Ho Kiulap, ordering takeaways from restaurants and coming home to catch up with my Korean drama series.


Hot Chocolate | B$6

Sister ordered Hot Chocolate since Zest does not serve decaf coffees. Only had one since the price ain’t cheap. B$6 for a cup of Hot Chocolate is steep but it was good though. I am no Hot Chocolate lover but this made me wanting for more.


New York Cheesecake | B$4

To be honest, we purposely drove to EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club just for this piece of New York Cheesecake. I was craving for cheesecake at that time. This was one of the best cheesecakes which I had tried by far. But unfortunately, the texture was kinda coarse this time round. Taste wise, it was good.

EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club
Tel: +673-2418888 Ext. 75008


4 thoughts on “08022016 / Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

  1. I loooove cheesecake from Zest. I also agreed it is by far the best :3 Along with chocolate cake. Basically i love their desserts and pastries. They are just good ❤ I like their signature pineapple shake something, sandwiches and tiramisu. Btw did you get 10% charge of service?

    • If you like cheesecakes, I think the cheesecakes from Ximply Chriz are good too. Do give it a try if you are nearby.

      Yeah, they did charge me 10% service charge on top of the bill. I think I will try their sandwiches next time. They looked pretty appetizing to me last time.

      Their Hot Chocolate is good but EXPENSIVE. B$6!!!!

  2. Sure will do try Ximply Chriz someday. I only passed through the shop like three times lol. Maybe a bit tad sweet for you but i like cheesecake from GJC. Just nice ❤

    I thought the 10% service charge only applies when you're dining there. Only found out that it also applies for takeaway. Eeek. Yeah the sandwiches are really worthy to give a try. I like their croissant too. Oh speaking of croissant, Bake Culture just recently introduced their new menu of croissant chocolate. It's sooo good! Do you like croissant?

    Yeah for that price, it's kinda expensive for a hot chocolate lol. Good thing it came in a glass instead of a cup at least i guess, more quantity xD

    • I had never tried the cheesecakes from GJC but I do like the cheesecakes from Starbucks though.

      I do like croissants but I find them too buttery sometimes. I was at Mum’s Bakery yesterday and their croissants looked good and big in size too!

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