05042016 / Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe

Had dinner at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe yesterday evening as I wanted to buy a pair of sandals for my upcoming Singapore holiday trip this weekend. As I mentioned earlier, Sister will be joining me this time round.

We will be flying to Singapore separately. I will fly from Brunei while Sister will fly from Shanghai. A friend will be joining us too but he is arriving one day later and we will only be meeting up with Andrea and Patrick for supper after he lands.

As my upcoming trip to Singapore consisted of many cafes’ hopping, I had decided to eat lighter for dinner in preparation for the coming holiday food trip. Hence, I ordered myself a salad at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe.


Breaded Chicken Salad | B$7.90

I had wanted to try their Satay Pasta but then decided that it is best to go for something healthier and lighter before my food trip this weekend.

I was shocked at the portion when this was being served in front of me. But as you dug in, you will realize that the portion is not as big as you think it is. It is just that the bowl is big in size. My Breaded Chicken comes with multiple greens, served with their homemade salad dressing and topped with some raisins and deep fried breaded chicken.

Salad was never in my food option back when I was still large in size. But ever since I started losing weight, I will go for salad when I wanted to have something light, less sinful and guilt free food. LOL!

Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe
Unit 8, Block H, 1ST & 2ND Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457886

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