17092016 / Shanghai 2016 (Part 2)

Sister and I will be headed to Tokyo tomorrow midnight for a 4D3N holiday getaway. So, I will be drafting all my blog entries by today (hopefully) and scheduling them for posting while I am away in Tokyo. The reason why I chose not to wait till I am back to Brunei was because I wanted to make sure that the I blog the full details instead of missing here and there as I tend to forget things after days. LOL!

After having done with our aromatherapy massage at Green Massage, Sister and I headed for complimentary manicure sessions at one of the nail salons in K11 Art Mall with the vouchers which she redeemed out of her K11 redemption points from the Customer Service Counter.


Kinda regretted having this nail color. I had always wanted to go for bold color like red but chickened out in the end as I am afraid that it is not going to look nice on my fingers. LOL!

After our manicure session, Sister and I walked from K11 Art Mall to People’s Square, which was approximately 20 to 30 minutes on foot. We could have chosen the Metro but I do not feel like going into the crowded Metro station. So, might as well walk to burn some calories off my body. It may not be much but it somehow made me feel tad bit better. LOL!


On the way to People’s Square, Sister asked if I wanted to try the homemade silken beancurd nearby her office. On the way to this homemade silken beancurd vendor, we passed by a seafood street which was pretty well known by the expatriates in Shanghai too. We could not find the vendor at first. It turned out that the vendor had moved her location a bit but it was still within the vincinity nearby to her previous location.


Silken Beancurd | ¥2.50 (~B$0.50)

The soup was tasteless. Hence, the vendor will add in a spoonful of white sugar on top of the beancurd if you wanted yours sweet. Majority of the locals have their beancurd in spicy version. It came as a surprise to me but local Chinese like their food to be spicy.

The beancurd was silky on the inside though the top may not look as shiny as compared to the one we had at 桃园眷村 the other day. But this was definitely preservative and additive free. Best of all, it was cheap given the portion and quality!


The sky on that particular evening. The time for sunset was earlier than usual for a summer evening due to the weather. It was forecasted that Typhoon Meranti will hit Shanghai last weekend but the wind direction had diverted and moved to Tokyo instead.


黄浦区南京东路766号泰康食品店2楼 (近西藏中路)

After walking for a bit, the both of us felt hungry and decided to look for a dinner place and we ended up at 泰康汤包馆 located on Nanjing East Road. My favorite 苏州汤包 around People’s Square had relocated two years ago due to renovation. So, Sister brought me to try out a new one instead. The food was average in my opinion as I had better.




Steamed Bun Stuffed with Juicy Crab Roe | ¥15 (~B$3.00)



Fresh Meat Dumplings (10 pcs) | ¥30 (~B$6.00)


Pan Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork (4 pcs) | ¥16 (~B$3.20)

We headed for karaoke session at New World after dinner. And that was pretty much how we spent my second day in Shanghai. Do stay tune for day 3 if you are interested!

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