14072017 / Singapore 2017 Day 2

By the end of this series of blog entries, I am pretty sure you would have noticed that most of my itineraries consisted of food only. LOL! Well, I was on my own on the first day apart from meeting with Andrea later in the evening for dinner and supper. I had my breakfast in the hotel the next morning while waiting for Sister to arrive from Shanghai.

She was supposed to land early in the morning. But due to the bad weather condition in the neighboring country, the flight from Singapore to Shanghai got further delayed until later in the evening and it was already 4:20AM when the flight took off from Shanghai to Singapore. Sister arrived at my hotel around 11:00AM and she unpacked a bit before we checked out from Carlton Hotel.

It was pouring cats and dogs after checking out from Carlton Hotel. We intended to walk over to Fairmont Hotel as it was extremely close from Carlton Hotel. But after witnessing the rainy weather condition, we had second thoughts. We asked the butler if there is any underground walkway which connects to Raffles City. Sad to say, there was none and I suggested that maybe we could take a cab over? It was funny but that was the best alternative that we had at the time.

If you fairly know the location of both Carlton and Fairmont Hotel, you would know how close they both are located to each other. They are both a stone throw away from each other. We managed to get a cab with the help of the butler and we arrived Fairmont Hotel all dry. LOL! The cab driver even teased us that it was his “furthest” journey of the day.

Checking into Fairmont Hotel took a while as the receptionist needed some verification from Sister since the reservation was made through her Company’s travel portal. Our room was in the South Tower and it was readily available at the time of our check in. We brought our luggage up and unpacked a bit before venturing out for lunch.

B1-14/15 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103

I wanted to try Menya Musashi again since they have quite a pretty good lunch deal during the day but the queue was horrendous. So, we decided to find a restaurant with the shortest queue and that was how we came across Streats Hong Kong Cafe. We were instantly led to a table the moment we stood at the entrance waiting to be served.

Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin Fries | S$7.80

I had tried Sweet Potato Fries before but never Pumpkin Fries. And furthermore, they were salted egg yolk coated Pumpkin Fries. Sister agreed to share this. I think she loves snacks coated with salted egg yolk. The Pumpkin Fries were good and it was coated with generous amount of salted egg yolk. The coating tasted powdery but sinfully good.

Carrot Cake with Sweet Sauce, Beansprouts & Egg | S$8.80

We loved this. However, it was tad bit too spicy for Sister. It was spicy for me too but my spicy threshold was a lot higher than Sister to begin with. It was spicy to be eaten on its own but extremely appetizing when eaten with the Claypot Porridge.

Claypot Porridge with Chicken, Prawn & Century Egg | S$9.80

After lunch, we took the bus to Suntec City as Sister needed to get her bank stuff sorted out at that particular branch. And guess what? The waiting time was approximately three hours and by the time we were done, it was nearing 5:30PM. We walked back to Fairmont Hotel to freshen up before we meet our respective friends for dinner.

Andrea, Patrick and I met at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station before we head towards the direction of Aloha Poké for dinner. It was Andrea’s idea to try out Aloha Poké as she loves Poké Bowl. Poké Bowl is a trend in Singapore nowadays.

92 Amoy Street, Singapore 069911

We did not make any reservation prior to arriving but we managed to secure a table for four at the back of the restaurant immediately when as we entered the restaurant. The three of us decided to choose an item off the menu each so that we could have a fair share of everything.

Ultimate Poké Bowl | S$18

our signature bowl, 2 flavors of Poké heaped over salad, seasoned white/brown rice with generous toppings and superfoods

We had both Salmon and Tuna for our Ultimate Poké Bowl. You can choose the flavors for both Salmon and Tuna. We had both in original flavor as Patrick is not a spicy eating person. It was good and yet refreshing at the same time. We chose salad over white/brown rice for a healthier touch. The salad was topped with generous portions of edamame, raisins and walnuts.

Lomi-Lomi Salmon | S$12

a traditional favorite, diced salmon, tossed with avocados, spices and salad topped with an onsen egg

This was pretty much similar to the Ultimate Poké Bowl that we had but the highlights of this Lomi-Lomi Salmon were the onsen egg and ikura. The diced salmon was marinated with wasabi. It was pretty choking at first as I am not used to eating wasabi to begin with.

Kalua Pig Burrito | S$18

a Hawaiian classic. smoky, tender pulled pork shoulder rolled in a lightly toasted burrito with tropical condiments and Aloha’s special sauce

We told Patrick to choose something off the menu. He was intrigued to get the Aloha Wings but ended up ordering this one instead. This is like a wrap filled with salad and tender pull pork shoulder. It came with a dipping sauce which was hot and spicy. Despite being all hot and spicy, it complimented the burrito extremely well.

After dinner, we decided to go for desserts nearby as Patrick did not seem to be full for having salad as dinner. We searched over the Internet for the nearest dessert place based on where we were at the time and Andrea came up with Non Entrée Dessert Cafe which is located along Rangoon Road. We walked to the nearest bus stop from Aloha Poké and took a bus to the cafe. Non Entrée Dessert Cafe is also accessible via the MRT and the nearest station is Farrer Park.

204 Rangoon Road, Hong Building, Singapore 218451

Waffles | S$9.50

….with a scoop of homemade gelato / sorbet of choice, crispy fluffiness, drizzled with maple syrup

We handed the task of ordering over the counter to Patrick and he got us two scoops of gelato on top of the waffle. So, that was an additional S$3 for the extra scoop. We had Pandan Kaya and Hazelnut flavor. The Pandan Kaya flavor was nice but gradually gotten sweeter the more you ate. The Hazelnut flavor was more or less tasted like Nutella to me but less sweeter.

Their gelato had an extremely smooth texture to which I thought gelato was supposed to have slightly rougher texture? I could be wrong but the flavors of the gelato which we had were good. The waffle was as good as their gelato. It tasted great and it came with a crispy edge but soft in the batter.

Matcha Avalanche | S$13.90

matcha white chocolate warm lava with azuki beans flowing onto the chocolate soil, crunchy almond nougatine & roasted green tea gelato

Andrea remembered me saying that I wanted to try Matcha flavored desserts while in Singapore. So, she suggested that we order this Matcha Avalanche to try.

This image may look obscene to some but this was how this dessert should be like. Make a poke in the centre of the lava cake so that the lava with oozes down onto the chocolate soil. The matcha lava was sweet and there were azuki beans inside as well. The roasted green tea gelato was really good. The level of sweetness was just perfect for me.

I will consider bringing Sister to try out this cafe the next time I am visiting her in Singapore. So, this basically summed up my second day in Singapore the other day. Do stay tune if you wish to know more! See ya …

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