Of Random Things #112

I slept earlier yesterday evening than usual and got my much needed rest. I slept pretty late the night before and ended up feeling like a zombie at work. Mom wanted to get a haircut before she is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning. So, I drove her downtown and got myself some pampering session at the salon too.

We went to Hua Ho Manggis on the way home as I needed to get a new external hard disk as the current one is running out of space. I intended to redeem a portion of my SCB reward points but both eKiosk which I visited today were under service maintenance.

I purchased the cheapest one available since they were all of the same capacity. They are the same thing to be honest but only different with branding. I got this for B$89 only when Transcend costs B$99.

I had finally completed watching Suspicious Partner. It took me quite long to finish this series as compared to the others from before. I am downloading some new series as I am drafting this blog entry. As I mentioned earlier, Mom is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning to visit Sister. So, I am now downloading some of the drama series which she missed.

Did I mention that I broke my Sandisk iXpand on the plane when returning from Singapore to Brunei? Despite the gadget is still under warranty period, I doubt I would be able to get a replacement since it broke due to negligence? So, I got Sister to get a new one for me from Taobao but with a bigger capacity.

Now that I do not have my Sandisk iXpand anymore, I have to make do with transferring the drama series into my iPad via iTunes and these are what I am currently having in my iPad …

My Sassy Girl 2017

The Bride of Habaek

The Unlawful Justice Squad

I started downloading this drama series this morning and it is still airing as we speak. However, it is weird that my TV was unable to play this drama series so I had to transfer them to my iPad instead. There must be a reason why the TV was unable to support but my iPad could.

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