07072018 / Guksu, Singapore

You might have noticed that my blog entries were not consistent with the timeline but I am trying to make them consistent from now onward. Home bound flight is tonight so Sister and I are staying home until I am due to go the airport.

I will be leaving for the airport earlier as I needed to do VAT refund for my purchases. I am not sure if I would have the extra time to do some duty free shopping though.

Anyways, I will be blogging about our satisfying lunch at Guksu last Saturday afternoon. I wanted to get some Korean food around Tanjong Pagar but timing wasn’t in our favor as we wanted to have dinner before 5:30PM. Majority Korean restaurants around the area only open at 5:30PM. Sister had been craving for Korean fried chicken and her trainer highly recommended Guksu.

Guksu is located an extremely short walk away from Dr. Stretch. It was quite late at the time we were there hence no queue. I was already starving at that point of time despite Sister and I had a filling breakfast at PS.Cafe earlier on.

Sister and I ordered their Guksu Weekend Set Lunch and it came with complimentary bottomless refills of drinks and Banchan. Each set lunch comes with a piece of their Korean fried drumsticks with flavor of your choice – Original, Soy, Wasabi and Spicy.

Guksu offers four different Banchan(s). They have two versions of preserved Kimchi – fermented and fresh. I preferred fresh the most. Instead of salty, their preserved Kimchi was on the sweeter side but appetizing.

Sparkling Rice Makgeolli (6% Alcohol) | S$19

If you are a hardcore Korean drama series fan like I am, you would definitely know what a Makgeolli is. But if you don’t, it is a Korean version of rice wine. I am not sure how the real deal tasted like but the one that we had was carbonated. According to Sister, it tasted like Shandy with milk?

Gamja Tang (Pork Rib Stew) | S$17.90

I was tempted to order their Mini Budae Jigae in the beginning but decided not to when we realized that the broth was a beef stew. Gamja Tang was a less spicy alternative for Sister.

We were so glad that we went for it because it was really good! The broth was extremely addictive despite being tad spicy. The spiciness level was acceptable for me but tad spicy for Sister’s threshold. It came with three pieces of pork ribs and the meat were quite tender to be honest.

Korean Fried Chicken | S$3.90

Sister had her Korean fried drumstick with Wasabi flavor while I ordered one individually since each Weekend Set Lunch only came with a complimentary piece of Korean fried drumstick.

I ordered mine spicy as I didn’t feel quite like having the Original flavor. It was sweeter than I anticipated. The size of the drumstick was big and definitely worth the money paid. The skin had a crunchy texture from the batter.

Verdict: Despite the mini portion in their Weekend Set Lunch, it was more than enough to feed two for small eaters. Both Sister and I were extremely full after our late lunch. In the end, we had it as early dinner and went for desserts later on.

Customer service was good in my opinion. Food were served shortly after we placed our orders through the iPad. We thought that the food service might be slow since Korean fried chicken might take time to cook. However, it was the case and they were served very shortly after our Gamja Tang was served.

#02-385, Suntec City Convention Mall,
3 Temasek Boulevard,
Tel: +65-63347950

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